My Absolute Focus:You.

My commitment to you is simple: Learn about you and your interests, and help you figure out what home would be best for you. To see how I work, we can arrange a brief, no-strings-attached meeting and see if we are a good fit for each other.

e-PRO Certification

This designation is the first one that I pursued after getting my real estate license. It is a natural fit for me, the technology geek. This course has changed over the years, but it essentially covers: Advanced training in the use of technology The latest in social media Office technology strategies Paperless Agent and electronic… Continue Reading

What to Expect with Showings

As a seller, showings can be very inconvenient. They are disruptive and can cause major schedule headaches. Below you will find a few thoughts on showings and how to help minimize your impact: Have the home in show condition before you leave in the morning. That way if there is a showing during the daytime… Continue Reading

7 Signs of a Bad Showing

1. Bad Smells I have been in a number of houses that have big offensive odors. It is a huge turnoff for buyers. These smells can range from cooking odors (curry, or fish), to cat urine, to cigarettes. Sellers often can become immune to their own homes scents. To rid your house of smells may… Continue Reading

Buy Real Estate or Die Renting

Buying a home is expensive. You’ve got to have money for the down payment, closing costs, mortgage payment, and other ongoing expenses such as utilities, taxes and insurance. If owning a home is so expensive, shouldn’t you just keep on renting? Well, even with all these expenses, there are good reasons to buy vs keeping… Continue Reading

How to become homeowner ready

Have you been thinking about buying a home? Are you ready to become a homeowner? In this article, I’ve answered some questions that you should ask yourself before buying a home. I want you to honestly ask yourself these questions before moving further down the trail to homeownership. Becoming Homeowner Ready Are you financially ready? Home… Continue Reading

What happens when interest rates rise?

What happens when interest rates rise?

Interest rates /What is interest? Interest is the fee that you pay to borrow money. On a home mortgage you are borrowing money from a bank to buy a house. They charge interest in order to mitigate their risk, and to make money. Interest rates affect buying power. This is especially true on mortgages which are… Continue Reading

Money, Money, Money!

When purchasing a home, when should I expect to be writing checks? There are several stages in the home buying process where you will need to be writing checks. The first comes when you write an earnest money check. The second is when you hire inspectors to inspect a house. The third is the appraisal… Continue Reading

Seller’s Disclosure Alternative and why a seller would use one

Seller’s Disclosure Alternative and why a seller would use one

Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement In Minnesota, Sellers are required to disclose what they know about a home and the property to potential buyers. This is usually done using a Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement. This document is about 12 pages long (as of 2015) and covers a range of items. It is intended to “disclose material… Continue Reading

Fireplace Chimney Inspections

Phase 1: Thinking Figure out your needs Monthly cost of owning a home Ideal Neighborhood Financing Your Purchase The FHA Mortgage The Conventional Mortgage The Adjustable Rate Mortgage Department Of Veterans Affairs Mortgage Pre-Qualified vs Pre-Approval Phase 2: Looking Looking at homes Types of homes Single Family Homes Townhomes Condminium Twin Homes Multi-Family Homes Types of… Continue Reading