Birchwood Cafe is found at 3311 25th Street in Minneapolis, in the Seward neighborhood. There is plenty of free parking along 25th Street and neighboring blocks. It's also close to the Mississippi, so if you are out for a walk, run or bike, come land at Birchwood! It's open seven days a week.
Birchwood Cafe is owned by Tracy Singleton, who has a passion for serving delicious farm-to-table meals. Ingredients come from MN, WI and Iowa. A list of specific farms is located here. Call them at 612-722-4474.

Nepalese Cuisine

Italian food and Doughnut Shop

I have heard such great things about this restaurant from several people but haven't had the time to get over there myself. When I do, you'll bet that I'll take some photos and include my opinion on this restaurant.


The Copper Hen Cakery and Kitchen.

This restaurant is a Farm-to-Table place that tries to source locally as much as possible. But beyond that, it's fabulous! My wife and I went there on a noon-time date, not knowing what to expect as we were first-timers. The place was quite and mostly empty as we had gotten there around 11:45. I guess the lunch crowd doesn't normally start that early. The atmosphere inside is charming, in an old-world kind of way. You know those "edison" light bulbs that everyone loves so much nowadays, well, they have plenty to go around. Open rafters, tables that are made of planks of wood, exposed brick, it all lends to the charm. (more…)

IM_81489I have recently just heard about the Sassy Spoon restaurant in South Minneapolis. It is entirely gluten free and the owner is focusing on providing healthy foods with high quality ingredients. She got started in the restaurant by means of sharing nutrition information with people. From there she started a food truck to show people through food instead of via education. That then morphed into this restaurant. Check it out.

Sassy Spoon

5011 34th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55417


20140522_213744Radon is an important issue here in Minnesota. The EPA estimates that at least 1 in 5 homes have levels greater than the "Action Level" of 4 pCi/L.

There are a few different ways to mitigate radon. The most cost effective method involves cutting a hole in the basement (floor) slab and inserting a PVC vent pipe into the ground. This PVC pipe would then extend up through the house and attic and has a power fan that draws air through the pipe. This draws the radon with it and expels it out of the house.


Here are some Radon contractors.

Quality Radon Services
Brad Nyberg

The Radon Guys

Mateffy Engineering
Leslie H. Mateffy III


Please read more about it on this blog post.

IMG_0407Whoa. I'm a new fan. This place is awsome. I had the Khao Soi (Curried Chaing Mai egg noodle dish with beef, cilantro,pickled mustard greens, and shallots) and the only thing I would improve is more noodles. It was bursting with flavor, and althouh they say it is spicy, it isn't really spicy. Just a little bite to it.

My mother had  Pad Kee Ma, and I tried a bite or two. I love wide pan-fried noodles, and this dish was fantastic. I will get this one next time.

As far as the atmosphere goes, it is cozy and warm. I could do without the curtains aesthetically, but they serve a real purpose in the winters. Otherwise the atmosphere is very friendly.


IMG_04012422 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418


Bob Carlson
Pete's Hardwood Floors
651-248-5114 (cell)
651-698-5888 (shop)

Bob Carpenter
Plumbing Service

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