It may have been just last year that your youngest moved out of the home. Maybe they are off to college, or maybe they are renting an apartment. Either way if you are reading this page, you are considering downsizing and what that means to your life, your family, and your home.
In the most general terms, it usually involves selling your existing home, and purchasing a smaller home or condo or townhouse. But the results are similar: less space and less cost.
Choosing to live in less space is an idea that many people have thought of; just look at the tiny house movement. Maybe that small isn't for you, but choosing a smaller single family home, condo, or townhome might be. With less maintenance and cleaning, the extra time can go toward things you want to do.

Lifestyle considerations

What happens if an adult child moves back home? Can you accommodate that in a smaller home? Should you make sure you have enough space in case that happens?
What if elderly parents need full-time care? Can you bring them in your home?
What if a spouse has limited mobility?
What will I miss with a smaller home?

In the next few pages, I have gathered a collection of ideas that may help you along your journey. Read on and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or ideas to add to these pages.

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