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General Information

Edina is a first-ring suburb of  Minneapolis, Minnesota and is part of Hennepin County.   It is situated directly southwest of Minneapolis, and in the 2010 census, it had 47,491 people.  Edina is a thriving suburb that is easily accessible by multiple highways to and from the metropolitan areas.  It's a very community-oriented neighborhood.

Fun fact#1:  Many of the streets are named for people who lived in the city in the past, such as Gorgas Avenue, named for George and Eleanor Gorgas, Wind, and Oliver, to name just a few.

Fun fact #2:  Southdale Center is the first fully-enclosed, climate-controlled mall in America.

The Naming

There has been a longstanding myth that accompanied the naming of Edina. The myth goes something like this: Back when the city was a town, western Richfield township, there were two factions - the Irish Cahill community and the Scottish Mill community. When the town became a village in 1888, the Irish wanted to name it Killarney Lakes and the Scottish wanted to name it Edina. In reality, there were no Scottish people in the area in 1860 and only a few in 1888. There were Irish immigrants and people from the East Coast. The former were a tight-knit community; the latter settled around the Mill and were better off economically. A Scottish immigrant, Andrew Craik, moved into the area in 1869 and bought the Mill, which he renamed the Edina Mill in honor of his hometown - Edinborough, Scotland.  When the area became a village in 1888,  it was to be called Hennepin Park, then Westfield.  A farmer named Henry Brown pushed for the village to be called Edina, and after a lot of heated debate, the motion passed.  There seemed to be no ethnic divide as to the name itself with Irish and Scots on both sides.

Important Locations/Facilities


Fairview Southdale Hospital, 6401 France Ave. S., Edina, MN,  55435-2199, (952) 924-000


Edina Library, 5280 Grandview Square, Edina, MN,  55436, (612) 543-6325

Southdale Library, 7001 York Ave. S., Edina, MN, 55435, (612) 543-5900

Post Offices

Edina, 3948 W. 491/2 St., Minneapolis, MN, 55424-9948, (952)-926-9659

West Edina, 7360 Bush Lake Rd., Minneapolis, MN, 55439-2062, (952) 921-9850

Public School

Edina High School, 6754 Valley View Road, Edina, MN, 55439, (952) 848-3800

Edina High School is a nationally-renowned public high school, and it ranked 76 on Newsweek's annual list of best high schools in America.  The rankings are based on internal data such as  graduation rate, college matriculation rate, SAT average, and AP/IB score. Click here to learn more about the  the K - 12 Edina school system.

Parks & Rec


Edina is well-known for its abundance of parks. One of those parks is Edinborough Park, an indoor public park that has more than 6,000 flowers, plants, and trees. The one-acre park is completely enclosed and has a Junior Olympic-sized swimming pool, a playground area for kids, and a 250-seat Greek-style ampitheatre. It has other amenities including a running track, a multi-purpose play area, and a fitness center - all of which are connected by trails. They also feature concerts in the park as well. They have a virtual tour on their website, so check it out!  In addition, Edina has an off-leash park in which dogs can romp, yes, off-leash,  to their hearts content.


On the recreation side, Edina has a little bit of something for everyone.  They have golf courses and an ice skating rink suited for both hockey and figure-skating for the athletically-inclined.  They have the Edina Art Center for those who enjoy two and three-dimensional visual arts - indeed, they offer many classes to help people explore their creative sides.  The Center also hosts touring exhibits, has a shop in which they sell many artist-created pieces, and other amenities as well.  Edina also is home to the Edina Aquatic Center, a water park that has everything from an Olympic-sized swimming pool to a water flume to a tree house-themed playground.

Well-known Commercial District

50th & France: An area in Edina known for it's restaurants, businesses, boutiques, and an assortment of other delightful shopping experiences.  It also has an annual art fair that is highly-ranked nationwide.

City Pages blog did a "Top 5 restaurants" list for the area in June, 2010, and Raku, a Japanese fusion restaurant  grabbed the number one spot.   City Pages also sang Raku's praises earlier the same month.

The area is a well-known destination for fashion-conscious shoppers as well.   The Mpls St. Paul Magazine highlights some of the best shopping places in a variety of styles.  There is Monique Lhuillier for those interested in haute couture; il Vistro Boutique for women who don't care if they know the brand name or not; Melly for reasonably-priced, stylish clothes; and Chico's for daily wear - among others.
Edina is one of the older suburbs of Minneapolis with plenty to offer. It has its fair share of parks, ice rinks and golf courses, ensuring that there is some kind of activity for everyone. One of the more unique parks is Edinborough Park, an indoor park that has more than 6000 trees, plants and flowers. Edina also supports a full range of businesses, including the Southdale Mall, the first climate-controlled totally-enclosed mall in the United States. It is an excellent place in which to raise a family, so why not start looking for your perfect Edina home right now?

Housing Market

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