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We've been up and running for about a week now. Our solar system has a monitoring system so that we can see how much each panel is producing. It will be tracked on the web, but for now, I have manual access. Looking at the data, there is one panel / inverter missing. Either the panel isn't outputting any juice, or the inverter is not working.

How do I know this? Because the envoy management system reports 10 inverters. We have 11. So IPS solar will be out this week to investigate which module isn't working and fix whatever is wrong. It's cool to be able to know how much each panel is generating.

So far in a week, we've generated about 7KWh. That isn't much, but remember we did get 17" of snow and it hasn't all cleared off the panels yet. When IPS goes on the roof, I may have them broom all the panels off so that we can get an idea of how much we can produce in a day. This "once in 20 year snow" is affecting performance.

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