Check / change batteries on smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors twice yearly

Batteries can die without you knowing it. It's best to check smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries at least twice a year. In fact, some recommend replacing these batteries twice per year. I find that overkill. The batteries in my detectors seem to last two to three years before I get that annoying beep every minute. But it is good to check the batteries anyway.

How do you check a battery?

The best way is to have one of these battery load testers. These testers actually put a load on the battery when they measure the battery capacity. That means the accuracy of the reading is much better than just measuring the volts with a standard VOM (volt-ohm meter).

I try to check my batteries at least once per year, and hopefully twice per year using a load tester. I replace them if they are at 20% or less.

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