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Linden Hills is one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Minneapolis for many reasons. It is well known as a more prestigious neighborhood just outside the downtown area. From its beginning it was seen as a retreat by the lakes. Many of the homes in the neighborhood are within walking distance of either Lake Harriet or Lake Calhoun. Because of its proximity to the lakes there are countless events in Linden Hills for people of all ages. There are a large number of older, more established homeowners in the area as well as families. Although it is considered part of the city of Minneapolis, Linden Hills, with a population of just over seven and a half thousand, feels much like a small town. It has many small businesses that have been around for quite a long time, which are very involved in the community. This tight knit community comes together many times throughout the year to celebrate and have fun. So whether you are looking to live in the neighborhood or just stop by for the events, Linden Hills is a must see. You can visit the neighborhood website at

Then and Now:

Linden Hills was given its name because it is very hilly and there were many linden trees in the area. It started out in the 1880s as a suburb of the city of Minneapolis and was mainly made up of small lake cottages surrounding Lake Harriet and Lake Calhoun. By the early 1900s it had pretty easy access to downtown because of the streetcar line running through it and was known as a recreational get-away. As time went on, the city grew and Linden Hills became a part of Minneapolis, but due to the lakes, it has never quite felt like you’re in the city. Because of it’s beauty and location, Linden Hills has always been a very sought after neighborhood and has always been known to house a wealthier, higher class community. Linden Hills has grown and developed over time but it is still seen as a small town community and that is what people like about it most.
Linden Hills is home to over fifty miles of public pathways which connects creeks, lakes, and parks. The infamous (at least locally) Lake Harriet Bandshell, the fifth incantation of this gem, provides great music in the summertime as you are taking a stroll by the lake.
The Lake Harriet-Como Streetcar (or trolley) line that runs through the neighborhood was built in the late 1800s to connect downtown Minneapolis with the lakes, but it now only runs between Lake Harriet and Lake Calhoun. The commercial area of this neighborhood was built along the trolley line in the 1920s. If you are up for more walking, there is a Linden-Hills History Walking Tour that you might enjoy as well. This tour showcases various architectural styles reaching back to the turn of the century. It’s a great way to learn more about the neighborhood.


36th Street W to the North, Lake Harriet Parkway to the East, 47th Street W to the South, and France Avenue S to the West.
South of Lake Calhoun, West of Lake Harriet

Bordering Neighborhoods:

West Calhoun, East Harriet, Fulton, (Lynnhurst on the other side of Lake Harriet)

Crime Stats:

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Home Sale Stats / Real Estate:

As of 2015, the average home sales price $519,815 with an average days on market of 46 days. The average year built was 1944 with 3.0 bedrooms, and 2.4 baths with a total finished sqft of 2142. For more up to date information on Linden Hills Real Estate, please contact Steven Hong with RE/MAX Results.


There are six parks in the Linden Hills neighborhood, almost all of which are historic. Linden Hills Park (3100 W 43rd St., 612-370-4913), suitably named for the neighborhood, has much to offer including playgrounds, sports fields and courts, a pool in the summer and an ice rink in the winter. Tennis is a large draw here. It also has a rec center that has many activities to offer and for both adults and children that stretch the body and the mind.
Another park, Beard’s Plaisance (4525 Upton Ave. S, 612-230-6400), is one of the most historic parks and lines the shores of Lake Harriet. It was named after Henry Beard who donated his land to the city for a park to be built in 1884. This park offers a playground and tennis courts, but is best known as a picnic spot. It has a great picnic shelter and wonderful view of the lake. Chowen Ave S and Glendale Terrace) and Dell Park (4401 Thomas Ave S, 612-230-6400) are much smaller parks in the neighborhood and nothing compared to Lake Calhoun Park (3000 Calhoun Parkway, 612-230-6400), Lake Harriet Park (4135 W Lake Harriet Parkway, 612-230-6400), and even William Berry Park (3810 Richfield Road, 612-230-6400). Each of the latter three parks has biking and walking trails, which are a huge draw for the Linden Hills neighborhood. They also have many sporting courts and fields, several beaches, playgrounds, picnic areas, gardens, and more. Also because of their location on the lakes, these parks can offer activities in both the summer and winter, such as fishing and ice fishing, skating, boating, and swimming. These parks are a main draw both for those who live in Linden Hills and for others simply planning a day out.

Winter Park Highlights Minneapolis

Summer Park Highlights Minneapolis


There are two community favorites located in the Linden Hills neighborhood. Trattoria Tosca (3415 W 44th St, 612-924-1900) is an Italian eatery best known for it’s many choices of wine and its outdoor seating. Stopping here for dinner makes for a restful night any time of year. Bread & Pickle (4135 W Lake Harriet Pkwy, 612-767-9009) is situated on the waterfront of Lake Harriet, serving an American style grill and seafood menu. Many people stop here for ice cream or a bite to eat on their stroll around the lake. It is right next to the Lake Harriet Bandshell where, throughout the summer, music and other shows are performed.

On a more sophisticated note, Tilia (2726 W 43rd St, 612-354-2806) is a bistro that offers many inventive dishes and always has something new, keeping its patrons always coming back for more. The Zumbro Café (2803 W 43rd St, 612-920-3606) is a quaint little nook that offers a great breakfast and lunch menu along with some good coffee. A more international draw is found at Naviya’s Thai Brasserie (2812 W 43rd St, 612-276-5061). For anyone that likes Thai food and large servings, this is the place to go. Each of these restaurants, located within a block or two of Lake Harriet, each have unique characteristics that add to the culture of Linden Hills.


Linden Hills is not your run of the mill neighborhood when it comes to shopping. It has few chain stores and instead is home to many independently owned shops that carry unique paraphernalia, which is a reflection of the artistic and entrepreneurial spirit that makes Linden Hills special.
The Linden Hills Farmer’s Market (2813 W 43rd St, 612-516-2163) is a Sunday morning must in Linden Hills. It is open every Sunday from 9am-1pm in rain, shine or even snow from the middle of May to the end of December. Locals love their farmer’s market so much that when the weather becomes unbearable they move it inside. They see this as an opportunity to strengthen the local musicians, growers, artisans and businesses and teach others the importance of community.
Hearfelt (4306 Upton Ave. S, 612-877-8090) is another community favorite for people of all ages. It offers a wide range of natural crafts and gifts. The store offers times every month that members of the community can come in and do crafts. You can also pay to create crafts of your own or celebrate a birthday here.
One of Linden Hill’s most unique stops is the Wild Rumpus Bookstore (2720 W 43rd St, 612-20-5005) and it not just your typical bookstore. Its most distinguishing feature is that it is home to many different animals, including cats, chinchillas, spiders and more. Parents can bring their children, not only to read and learn, but for an eye-opening and heart-warming experience involving both the loving animals and the kind employees. The Linden Hills Co-op (3815 Sunnyside Ave, 612-922-1159) is a grocery store that sells all natural foods. It is the primary grocery provider in Linden Hills and to community members it is more than a grocery store, it is a gathering place.

Night Life:

While downtown Minneapolis is still the main draw for nightlife, Linden Hills has a few of it’s own spots for those that want to have a good time. The Harriet Brasserie (2724 W 43rd St, 612-354-2197) is well known for its selection of beer and wine. During the week, most people stop by for lunch, dinner, or happy hour, but on the weekend the place is open later and available for those night owls. Even more enticing though, is the Chatterbox Pub (4501 France Ave S, 612-729-1800) when it comes to nightlife in Linden Hills. The place always seems to be buzzing whether on the weekend or a weeknight. One of the most unique aspects of this pub is that there are both board games and video games available for customers to play, making for non-stop action. When it comes to good food, drink, and atmosphere the Chatterbox is top of the line.

Community Arts & Music:

When it comes to arts and music, Linden Hills is the place to go. Throughout the summer there are countless free concerts and performances. From Memorial Day to Labor Day there are free concerts every night at the (4135 E Lake Harriet Blvd). Bring a blanket and a picnic meal and you’re in for a fun evening. Sometimes later at night they will show movies as well. The neighborhood really comes out for a good time on every third Thursday evening of the month in the summer. Every month there is live music and a chance to chat with neighbors in the parking lot on the corner of 43rd St and Upton Ave. It doesn’t stop there, once every July the Christopher Watson Dance Company performs what is called the Dances at the Lakes Festival. It is a free performance. Visit their website for the location. In addition to that, every September the Minnesota Orchestra also performs a free concert at the Bandshell as a thank you to the Linden Hills community for its support. Finally, Linden Hills is involved in what is called Creative Citymaking. It is a partnership between the city of Minneapolis and Intermedia Arts where artists and city planners come together on different projects involving issues such as the environment, economy, transportation, land use, and other social issues as well. Each of these art and music outlets speaks volumes about the heart of the Linden Hills community, which is passionate making bringing arts and music available to the general public and working for change in their city.


Linden Hills is bustling with fun things to do, all year round for young and old alike!
What better way to start the year than with the Lake Harriet Winter Kite Festival (4135 W Lake Harriet Parkway). This will be the 13th year of the festival and it is definitely a community favorite. Kites of all different shapes, sizes and colors are flown over the lake while there is ice fishing, wagon rides, snacks, snowshoeing and even more to keep people busy. All this is free fun for the whole family! The whole neighborhood is sure to mark their calendars for WinterFest (Linden Hills Park, 3100 W 43rd St.) every year in late January. It is an evening full of winter favorites including ice skating, sledding, and music; PLUS hot drinks and a fire to keep warm! While there is lots to do in Linden Hills on a regular basis, the next major community event does not take place until May. This is the Linden Hills Festival (Linden Hills Park, 3100 W 43rd St.), and one of the highlights of this spring get together is the parade. The rest of the day is full of all kinds of fun including live music, silent auction, games and tournaments, pony rides, food, art and face painting! The Corn Feed (Linden Hills Park, 3100 W 43rd St.) takes place in the beginning of August and is full of fun, food, entertainment and most importantly, corn! Later in August, the restaurant Tilia puts on Augtoberfest (43rd St), which is a block party that appeals to kids and adults alike with music, food and fun! To show their appreciation for puppies, the Linden Hills community puts on Woofstock (Linden Hills Park, 3100 W 43rd St.), a day in September where the neighborhood brings out their dogs for tricks, shows, costumes, and more! In early October, Linden Hills Park fills up for what they call Fall Fest. It is put on by the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council, as a way to get to know board members and see what projects they are working on. The last week in October the Business Association puts on Hay Day. It is a fall celebration full of trick-or-treating, face-painting, great sales and more! The year always closes out with Reindeer Day (44th & France, 43rd & Upton) when Santa Claus and his reindeer make their stop in Linden Hills. There is shopping, music, games, wagon rides, and a chance to meet Old Saint Nick!


In the area of public transportation, Linden Hills relies mostly on bus transportation by Metro Transit. Bus #6 stops every few blocks along the bordering roads of Linden Hills, such as France Ave, W 47th St, Xerxes Ave, and Sheridan Ave. This helps community members get around the neighborhood without using cars! It also connects to other bus lines that so the community members can go almost anywhere in the city of Minneapolis and beyond using just the bus system. As of 2015, Current bus fare is $2.25 during rush hour and $1.75 at all other times. You can pay your bus fare in the farebox next to the driver as you board the bus.


There are two public schools and one private school in the Linden Hills neighborhood, along with several other childcare centers. The Lake Harriet Community School has two campuses. The lower campus is K-3 and is located at 4030 Chowen Ave S, (612-668-3210) and the upper campus, which is 4-8 is located at 4912 Vincent Ave S (612-668-3310). The school has earned the "School of Excellence Award" given by the Minnesota Elementary School Principals’ Association. Southwest High School (3414 W 47th St, 612-668-3030) is the public high school in the neighborhood and is certified as an IB World School, which prepares students to further their education not only in the United States but also in other countries if they so choose. Southwest has around forty-two clubs and programs that expose students toward arts, music, and culture; with athletics on top of that. Carondelet Catholic School (Lower campus – 2900 W 44th St, 612-920-9075, Upper Campus – 3210 W 51st St, 612-927-8673) is a private K-8 school in Linden Hills. St. Thomas the Apostle and Christ the King, two Catholic Churches in the area, sponsor it. The goal of the school is to give a well-rounded education taught with Christian values in hopes to create life-long servants and learners. Carondelet offers over twenty clubs and sports programs to students.

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