Welcome to Longfellow

The neighborhoods in Longfellow are unique for many reasons. One of those reasons is their diversity. It is one of the more diverse areas in Minneapolis, which can be clearly seen throughout the schools in the area. The schools have embraced this and encourage differences as a good thing. The restaurants in the neighborhood also reflect this diversity. The entire community recognizes the differences that make them unique and embraces these qualities, learning from one another and making each other better. This diversity is not only limited to race and culture, but to old and new as well. There are many different businesses and organizations in Longfellow and some are very new and common, while others have been around almost since the neighborhood was given its name. Once again, this is what the community loves about these neighborhoods.
The various neighborhoods are Longfellow, Hiawatha, Cooper, and Howe, which all share a neighborhood organization, the Longfellow Community Council.

Then and Now:

The neighborhoods in Longfellow did not become a part of the city of Minneapolis until the early twentieth century. It was named after the poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. He wrote a poem called The Song of Hiawatha, which talks about Minnehaha Falls, which are in close proximity to this neighborhood. The area was most developed between 1906 and 1920 due to the streetcar and it became known as a “streetcar suburb”. It made homes in the area more accessible and therefore more affordable. This brought many foreigners into the neighborhood, especially Scandinavians. The affordability contributes to it being a more diverse neighborhood, even still today. At that time most of the homes that were built in this suburb were bungalows, homes that have no upper floor or if they do it is set into the roof. Many lots were available for $300 and only $5 down, making family homes with a yard affordable for those in the working class. Still today many homes in Longfellow are bungalows that have been redone. Cooper was named after a popular writer at the time named James Fenimore Cooper who wrote books about the frontier and Indian life. Howe was named after Julia Ward Howe, an abolitionist, social activist, author and poet. She fought for the rights of African Americans, foreigners, women and more. Hiawatha was named after the main character in Longfellow’s poem The Song of Hiawatha, a Native American warrior who falls in love with Minnehaha a princess from another tribe. The story ends much like that of Romeo and Juliet. These neighborhoods that make up the Longfellow as a whole are still very diverse and affordable today, much like they were when they developed in the early 1900’s.


Midtown Greenway Trail to the North, W River Parkway/Mississippi River to the East, E 54th Street to the South, and Highway 55 to the West.

Bordering Neighborhoods:

Seward, Corcoran, Standish, Ericsson, Minnehaha, and East Phillips in Minneapolis. Highland, Macalester-Groveland and Union Park in St. Paul.

Crime Stats:

We cannot guarantee the safety of any neighborhood but here are some online sources that speak to the crime levels and statistics:

Raids Online

Trulia Crime Stats

Home Sale Stats / Real Estate:

longfellow houses 3The main housing type in Longfellow is the standard bungalow. There are so many that the Longfellow Community Council came up with a Longfellow Planbook as a resource for homeowners to expand their bungalows to gain the needed space for today's lifestyle without having to move out of the neighborhood. These bungalows line many of the streets in Longfellow. There are, of course, other styles as well, such as the Craftsman, some Tudors, and some Colonials along the river.

As of 2015, the average home sales price $229,748 with an average days on market of 57 days. The average year built was 1926 with 2.7 bedrooms, and 1.7 baths with a total finished sqft of 1456. For more up to date information on Longfellow Real Estate, please contact Steven Hong with RE/MAX Results.


brackett parkThere is many parks in the Longfellow Neighborhood Association and each is very unique. Brackett Field Park (2728 S. 39th Ave, 612-370-4924) is a pretty large park with a rec center, a skate park, pool, grill and picnic area, sporting fields and courts, paths, and a playground. What makes this park unique is that it originally had a rocket ship as a piece of art that has now been converted into a part of the playground. A symbol that the community worked hard to keep in the park, it represents the American role in the ‘Space Race’. The park that borders the neighborhood is Longfellow Park (3435 36th Ave S, 612-370-4957). It also has a rec center, a grill and picnic area, sporting courts and fields, a pool, and paths, in addition to a hockey and ice-skating rink in the winter. Much of the park is new, being that it was updated in the early 2000s. Both of these parks are community hubs that are buzzing with excitement throughout the year. The Mississippi Gorge Regional Park (5114 Mississippi River Blvd S, 612-230-6400) is located right along the Mississippi River and has trails and picnic shelters, but that is about it. This is actually what most people love about it. It is land that was set aside and seems almost untouched by the outside world. The park is a great escape from the city. Hiawatha School Park (4305 E 42nd St, 612-370-4952) is part of the Hiawatha School property, but it also has a lot to offer for the community as well because it is open to the public. The park has an ice rink in the winter, a garden, sport courts and fields, a small pool, a playground, and a picnic area. It’s great for both the school and the community. Finally, Minnehaha Park (4801 S Minnehaha Park Dr, 612-230-6400), covering almost 170 acres, is a favorite for all of Minnesota. It is home to the 53-foot high Minnehaha Falls, which has a Native American background and many tales told about it. The well-known Hiawatha Statue is also located within this park. It is a representation of a poem called ‘The Song of Hiawatha’, which is written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the man this neighborhood association was named after. Aside from the falls, the park has many hiking and biking paths throughout, a dog run, and a wading pool. For city residents the park offers a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle and adventure out into nature.

Adam’s Triangle - 4100 37th Ave S
Minnehaha Falls Pergola Garden - 4801 Minnehaha Ave (612-370-4940)

Winter Park Highlights Minneapolis

Summer Park Highlights Minneapolis


Longfellow is a very fun neighborhood for eating out! Numerous different countries are represented within the restaurants in the Longfellow neighborhood association. There is Ethiopian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Nepalese, Tibetan, French, British, and of course American fare, making it one of the most diverse neighborhoods when it comes to food. In the Asian food category, Midori’s Floating World Café (E Lake St, 612-721-3011) seems to be the community favorite. It is a casual spot that serves traditional Japanese food such as sushi, donburi, and even sake cocktails. Le Town Talk (2707 E Lake St, 612-353-5398) is a French styled late night diner. It has lots of good deals for happy hour and is known for it’s wine list and cocktails. This is a fun spot for an evening out on the town, with lots of community nights with specials. Many people claim that Gandhi Mahal Restaurants (3009 27th Ave S, 612-729-5222) has some of the best Indian food in Minneapolis. The restaurant offers a lunch buffet. It is well liked for its tasty food, live music, and commitment to ethics. Gandhi Mahal Restaurant grows much of its own food and what it doesn’t grow it buys locally. This past April the owner and some other people involved started a bee project raising honey on the roof of the restaurant. Lake Coffee House (3223 E Lake St, 612-870-8899) is a cute little coffee shop in the area that seems to be a quiet oasis in the midst of a busy city. This spot is growing in popularity and just this summer hosted its first open mic night. Now it is beginning to have more live music and it is expanding its menu. Craftsman RestaurantThe Craftsman (4300 E Lake St, 612-722-0175) is unique not so much because of any ties to a certain region of the world, but more so because of it’s artistic feel. The restaurant’s organic dishes are served in an arts and crafts dining room and in the summer there is a patio for guests to enjoy the outdoors as they eat. The Riverview Café and Wine Bar (3753 42nd Ave S, 612-722-7234) is a particular favorite as well. It offers a food and drink menu for whatever your mood may be. The café side is open all day and serves coffee drinks, pastries and sandwiches. The wine bar is only open in the evenings and has a range of wines that can only be found at this spot as well as all kinds of meals. The heart of the Café and Wine Bar is to be a gathering place for the neighborhood and since it’s beginning in 1998 it has done so. The Sea Salt Eatery (4825 Minnehaha Ave, 612-721-8990) is a seafood restaurant located in Minnehaha Park right near Minnehaha Falls. It is only open seasonally from April to October and serves many different styles of seafood, making it a seafood lover’s dream. Each restaurant in the Longfellow neighborhood association seems to come with its own culture and feel, which is what the community loves most!

Katar River Restaurant & Bakery - 2751 Minnehaha Ave (612-245-0556)
MN Super Grand Buffet - 2852 26th Ave S (612-276-1399)
Domino’s Pizza - 2801 26th Ave S (612-722-8200)
China Wok - 2800 27th Ave S (612-722-3151)
White Castle - 3600 E Lake St (612-724-0155)
Sonora Grill - 3300 E Lake St (612-722-2500)
McDonald’s - 3110 E Lake St (612-729-9005)
Himalayan Restaurant - 2910 E Lake St (612-332-0880)
Hop Wong - 2913 27th Ave S (612-455-0888)
Wendy’s - 2931 26th Ave S (612-722-6403)
Denny’s - 2700 E Lake St (612-728-0975)
Arby’ - 3000 Snelling Ave (612-724-8612)
Midori’s Floating World Café - 2629 E Lake St (612-721-3011)
Gandhi Mahal Restaurant - 3009 27th Ave S (612-729-5222)
Le Town Talk - 2707 E Lake St (612-353-5398)
El Nuevo Rodeo - 2709 E Lake St (612-728-0101)
Addis Ababa Ethiopian Restaurant & Bar - 2713 E Lake St (612-545-5686)
Lake Coffee House - 3223 E Lake St (612-870-8899)
Subway - 3425 E Lake St (612-721-3044)
Merlins Rest Pub - 3601 E Lake St (612-216-2419)
Harriet Brewing - 3036 Minnehaha Ave (612-315-4633)
Peace Coffee - 3262 Minnehaha Ave (612-877-7760)
Starbucks - 2500 E Lake St (612-721-5701)
Family and Friends Coffee Company - 2821 30th Ave S (612-532-3436)
Big Bell Ice Cream Inc - 3218 Snelling Ave (612-729-5209)
White Castle - 3600 E Lake St (612-724-0155)
Blue Moon Coffee Café - 3822 E Lake St (612-721-9230)
Pepper’s & Fries - 3900 E Lake St (612-353-6730)
El Norteno Authentic Mexican - 4000 E Lake St (612-722-6888)
Dogwood Coffee Bar - 4021 E Lake St (612-886-1585)
The Craftsman - 4300 E Lake St (612-722-0175)
Dragon City Café - 4301 E Lake St (612-721-6626)
Dairy Queen - 4400 E Lake St (612-721-2007
Papa Murphy’s - 4644 E Lake St (612-729-1500)
Longfellow Grill - 2990 W River Pkwy (612-721-2711)
The Blue Door - 3448 42nd Ave S (612-315-2470)
Rail Station Bar & Grill - 3675 Minnehaha Ave (612-729-3663)
Riverview Café - 3753 42nd Ave S (612-722-7234)
Riverview Wine Bar - 3747 42nd Ave S (612-729-4200)
Fireroast Café - 3800 37th Ave S (612-724-9895)
Selam Coffee - 3860 Minnehaha Ave (612-722-2768)
Ming’s Palace - 4004 Minnehaha Ave (612-724-8883)
McDonald’s - 4121 Hiawatha Ave (612-729-4417)
Di Noko’s Pizzeria - 4455 42nd Ave S (612-727-2424)
Parkway Pizza - 4359 Minnehaha Ave (612-729-9090)
Burger King - 4605 Hiawatha Ave (612-729-9559)
Crystal Garden - 4711 Hiawatha Ave (612-722-9358)
Domino’s Pizza - 4735 Hiawatha Ave (612-729-8388)
Subway - 4741 Hiawatha Ave (612-721-7534)
Dairy Queen - 4740 Minnehaha Ave (612-721-5400)
Sea Salt Eatery - 4825 Minnehaha Ave (612-721-8990)


Dogwood CoffeeThere is a lot of shopping in Longfellow, many shops being quite distinctive. The Repair Lair (3304 E Lake St, 612-729-9095) has only been around since 2014 but it has quickly become a community favorite. It is a repair and consignment shop. In the back they repair just about anything, and if they can’t fix it they can send you to someone who can. The consignment part of the store is for items that people would rather just get rid of. If you have a beloved item that needs fixing, this is where you should go! Nostalgia Zone Comic Books (3535 E Lake St, 612-822-2806) is a comic book store that has been around for over 30 years. It sells many classic and current comics along with toys in a pop culture environment. There are few stores quite like this in Minnesota, let alone Minneapolis. Longfellow Designs (3700 E 34th St, 612-644-5318) is a shop that is unique to the neighborhood, as you can tell by the name. It is a somewhat of an antique shop. It takes recycled vintage items and using chalk and other materials, it changes them, making them seem new or more unique. People in the community love the creativity that each piece of furniture or décor brings to the table. The Acme Foundry Co (3161 Hiawatha Ave, 612-721-6666) is not really a shop, instead it is more of a supplier but it is very special to the neighborhood. It is a supplier of iron casting that has been around since 1906. The foundry combines cutting edge technology with old-fashioned service and workmanship to provide customers with the best service around. There are several shops within these neighborhoods that are dedicated to the arts such as Corazon Inc. (4646 E Lake St, 612-276-0198) selling handmade jewelry and other local art, Foragethe Forage Modern Workshop (4023 E Lake St, 612-886-3603) which sells furniture created by artists in the Midwest, Dock 6 Pottery Gallery (4206 E 34th St, 612-327-0429) selling all kinds homemade pottery, and E’s Emporium (3911 Minnehaha Ave, 612-702-5355) which is a collection of all types of art and gifts. Each has a unique background and story but all are passionate about the importance of local artists and their work. Time Bomb Vintage (4008 Minnehaha Ave, 612-724-2662) is much more than a second hand store. It is a cute shop with collectibles from many past generations. If you’re looking for a memory from your childhood, your parents’ childhood or even your grandparents’ childhood, this is the place to go. The Longfellow Market (3815 E Lake St, 612-353-5078) is a great reflection of the Longfellow neighborhood association itself. It is a locally owned grocery store with high quality goods that are both local and that come from around the world. This, again, depicts the diversity in these neighborhoods. The Minnehaha Center Shopping Mall (E Lake St) is also in Longfellow and has more chain stores for the neighborhood.

Twin Cities Closet Company - 2634 Minnehaha Ave (612-623-0987)
Digigraphics Inc - 2639 Minnehaha Ave (612-721-2434)
Swanson Natural - 2700 26th Ave S (612-460-5458)
Swanson Meats Inc - 2700 26th Ave S (612-721-4411)
KC Fortune Cookie Factory - 2737 Minnehaha Ave (612-724-6116)
Hollywood Cycles - 2736 31st Ave (952-881-4707)
Black Ship Crafts - 3520 E 28th St,
Bolt-ON Lights (bicycle shop) - 2825 S 31st Ave (414-213-5853)
Cub Foods - 2850 26th Ave S (612-721-2787)
Redbox - 2850 26th Ave S (866-733-2693)
Sally Beauty Supply - 2740 Minnehaha Ave #120 (612-722-2071)
Minnehaha Center Shopping Mall - E Lake St
RadioShack - 2868 26th Ave S (612-729-7979)
Dollar Tree - 2858 26th Ave S (612-724-0014)
Target - 2500 E Lake St (612-721-5701)
Redbox - 2919 26th Ave S (866-773-2693)
GM Tobacco - 2927 27th Ave S (612-728-8085)
Max It Pawn - 2726 E Lake St (612-722-8232)
Northern Sun (t-shirt store) - 2916 E Lake St (612-729-2001)
Redbox - 2110 E Lake St (866-733-2693)
Repair Lair (consignment) - 3304 E Lake St (612-729-9095)
Elsa’s House of Sleep (furniture) - 3540 E Lake St (612-367-8941)
River Lake True Value Hardware - 3605 E Lake St (612-724-9202)
Nostalgia Zone Comic Books - 3535 E Lake St (612-822-2806)
Prairie Woodworking - 3535 E Lake St (612-724-6805)
Walgreens - 3207 E Lake St (612-721-4868)
Deals n’ Discounts (tobacco) - 2815 E Lake St (612-353-6862)
The Hub Bike Co-op - 3020 Minnehaha Ave (612-729-0437)
Minnehaha Lake Wine & Spirits - 2613 E Lake St (612-729-9371)
Acme Foundry Co - 3161 Hiawatha Ave (612-721-6666)
Adam’s Inline - 3112 38th Ave S (612-817-4930)
Form & Cutting Tool Inc - 3233 Snelling Ave (612-721-2591)
Moon Palace Books - 2820 E 33rd St (612-454-0455)
Longfellow Designs - 3700 E 34th St (612-644-5318)
Corazon Inc. - 4646 E Lake St (612-276-0198)
East Lake Liquor Store - 3916 E Lake St (612-724-5467)
Hymie’s Vintage Records - 3820 E Lake St (612-729-8890)
Time Motor Sales - 3800 E Lake St (612-724-3631)
Longfellow Market - 3815 E Lake St (612-353-5078)
Frattallone’s Ace Hardware - 3915 E Lake St (612-238-1100)
Forage Modern Workshop - 4023 E Lake St (612-886-3603)
Q Computers - 4103 E Lake St (612-455-1510)
Automart Used Cars - 4201 E Lake St (612-722-9374)
Honda Town - 4215 E Lake St (612-722-1110)
Dock 6 Pottery Gallery - 4206 E 34th St (612-327-0429)
Reidy’s Market - 3904 42nd Ave S (612-729-6111)
The Podium - 4151 Minnehaha Ave (612-767-2800)
Longfellow Family Foods - 3469 Minnehaha Ave (612-721-8899)
Tri-Planar Hardware - 3611 Snelling Ave (612-623-0922)
RLM Arts - 3745 Minnehaha Ave (612-455-2242)
This ‘N That LLC - 3869 Minnehaha Ave
TC Superstore (Discount Merchandise & Discount Retail Store) - 3860 Dight Ave (651-703-2336)
Sosa Foods - 3909 Minnehaha Ave (612-728-9644)
E’s Emporium - 3911 Minnehaha Ave (612-702-5355)
Resource Handling Inc. - 3950 Minnehaha Ave (612-721-5335)
Junket: Tossed & Found - 4049 Minnehaha Ave (612-293-6863)
Natural Built Home Hardware - 4020 Minnehaha Ave (612-605-7999)
Time Bomb Vintage - 4008 Minnehaha Ave (612-724-2662)
Elevated Beer Wine & Spirits - 4135 Hiawatha Ave (612-208-0973)
Tool Warehouse Inc - 3410 E 42nd St (612-722-4260)
MJ Heubach Fine Art & Design - 4145 Minnehaha Ave (651-340-4333)
Walgreens - 4547 Hiawatha Ave (612-722-4249)
Annex Baseball - 4527 Snelling Ave (612-216-5455)
Pink Closet - 4024 E 46th St (612-724-2468)
Falls Liquor - 4604 Minnehaha Ave (612-729-5958)
Dreamers Vault Games - 4702 Hiawatha Ave (612-724-4543)
Pet Supplies Plus - 4751 Hiawatha Ave (612-729-1121)

Night Life:

There are several options for nightlife in the area. Merlins Rest Pub (3601 E Lake St, 612-216-2419) brings a whole different culture to the table. It is an Irish/Scottish styled pub and was voted the Best Neighborhood Bar in Minneapolis, most famous for its authentic fish and chips. The live music and great list of whiskeys easily make it a favorite. The community loves to come here for an exciting night on the town! Du Nord Craft Spirits (2610 E 32nd St, ) is the favorite spot in the Longfellow neighborhood when it comes to nightlife. It is a distillery but it has a cocktail room that serves local drinks and spirits. It is actually the first cocktail room in the Twin Cities. During the day the room serves local food and drink and people can take tours of the distillery, but on nights and weekends the cocktail bar really sparks up and the party gets going. It is open late, which is a draw for those who don’t want the party to stop. Schooner Tavern (2901 27th Ave S, 612-729-4365) is a veteran spot that has live music, billiards and a patio. But the real draw is the karaoke that is offered that keeps the night rolling and everyone laughing. The Riverview Wine Bar (3747 42nd Ave S, 612-729-4200) has a long list of wines and beers. But what makes it a favorite is that most of the drinks on that list can only be found at this spot, making it a must-try. There are other restaurants in the Longfellow neighborhood association that are bar and grills, but these four are the only ones that are mainly bars and therefore sustain the reputation of nightlife.

Community Arts & Music:

There is a variety of art, music and performing arts in the Longfellow neighborhood association. The Ten Thousand Things Theatre Company (3153 36th Ave S, 612-203-9502) is based out of Longfellow. This is a theatre company with an incredible mission. This group believes that everyone, no matter your wealth or social standing, should have access to theatre. Hence, they do not perform at nice theatres; instead they most commonly put on free performances at senior centers, after-school programs, women’s shelters, homeless shelters, reservations, and correctional facilities. They do not perform on stages, rather, in the center of a circle of chairs with lights on, where the audience can see each other. This makes the audience feel like they are a part of the performance as well. They also use very little for the set and props, causing the audience to use their imaginations more. The company’s main desire in all this to make the art of theatre available to anyone, whether that means viewing or performing it. IMG_9839Patrick’s Cabaret (3010 Minnehaha Ave, 612-724-6273) is a performing arts theatre with a somewhat different vision. It is a theatre where emerging artists can perform the works they have written or created. Tickets for performances are only $10 so most of the theatres income is through donations. This is a great spot to come and see local artists perform their own personal works! Glass Endeavors (2716 E 31st St, 612-721-9553) is an art gallery in the neighborhood. John and Zoi Sandy are two artists that make pieces of glass art here. They most commonly do stained glass windows, which can dress up any building. At the gallery there is a shop where people can buy the art, and there is also a studio where the pieces are made and classes are offered where they teach glass art. It is a truly beautiful part of the community. The Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre and School (3012 Minnehaha Ave, 612-234-1653) offers dance lessons in many different styles. There are also performances by very talented dancers on a consistent basis. On the other hand, the Jawaahir Dance Company (3010 Minnehaha Ave, 612-872-6050) is a dance school that performs and teaches Middle Eastern dance. The styles are both traditional and contemporary. The Ballare Teatro Dance Theatre (4259 Minnehaha Ave, 612-721-8619) is another dance school that teaches anything from tap to jazz to ballet and more. All three schools have many events and classes that anyone can join! Tapestry Folkdance Center (3748 Minnehaha Ave, 612-722-2914) also has to do with dance but this organization has a different vision. Their goal is to bring the community around them together through dance. They do this by providing dances, classes and workshops at a very affordable price. It has been around since 1983 and does a great job of bringing people from many different backgrounds together through dance. Finally, the Minneapolis Pops Orchestra (2712 41st Ave S, 612-724-6927) is a local orchestra made up of 45 members. This orchestra performs concerts throughout the Twin Cities free of charge and has been doing so since 1950. One of the main spots that they perform in the summer is at the Lake Harriet Bandshell. This is usually a packed event that many in the Longfellow neighborhood association look forward to. There is also live music at several restaurants and many community events in Longfellow throughout the year. Longfellow clearly has strong ties to arts and music.

Mother Earth Gardens - 3738 42nd Ave S (612-724-2296)
Mill City Music Record Distribution - 3820 E Lake St (612-722-6649)
Gold River Recording Studios - 3819 42nd Ave S (612-724-6579)


There are eight main events that take place in the Longfellow neighborhood every year. One of them is the Winter Warming Party (2727 26th Ave S). This is more of an open house for the community to come out and see what the Longfellow Community Council plans to do over the next year. At the end of July the community hosts the River George Ice Cream Social (36th St Oak Savanna Restoration Area). This is a chance to celebrate the Mississippi River and the River George along with the parkland around the rivers. There is always free ice cream, which makes it a favorite, as well as free tours and canoe rides. There is also the Annual Summer Celebration (Fireroast Café) taking place at the end of June. The event offers free appetizers, a silent auction and kids activities. It’s a fun party that gets the community connected! The community also organizes a specific day for the Neighborhood Garage Sales. They put together a map of all the homes that will be putting on a sale and hand them out at businesses in the community prior to the garage sale. The Longfellow Community Council likes to spice up their annual meetings by adding fun food and activities. The No Pie Charts! Only Pies Meeting (3100 W River Pkwy) takes place every year in April. This is the annual community meeting where committee and Board of Directors members are elected and other business is attended to. Before the meeting however, there is a Resource Fair where businesses and non-profits in the community have booths that attendees can visit to learn more about how to get involved. The name of the meeting is derived from the fact that everyone who comes is supposed to bring a pie to share. The Best. Meeting. Ever. (3100 W River Pkwy) has the same concept taking place in October with a meeting followed by a community meal provided by local restaurants, a resource fair and a raffle. The Longfellow Cornfeed (56th Ave S) takes place every August and has been doing so for 45 years. There is obviously corn, and pizza for those that do not like corn. There is entertainment and booths, as well as unlimited activities for kids. Finally, there is a Chili Cook Off Fundraiser (3009 27th Ave S) in November every year. There are three different categories of chilies: meat, spicy and vegetarian. Ticket costs range between $5-$15, and all proceeds go to the Longfellow Community Council for events they put on. This event involves the whole community and is a definite favorite! The Longfellow Community Council does a great job of putting on events that draw the neighborhood together on a consistent basis. The EDU Film Festival (2872 26th St S, 612-217-4513) is also based out of Longfellow. This is the only film festival for high school students in Minnesota and takes place every year in May. Participants may submit one five-minute video and a winner is selected by a panel of judges. This festival is a great opportunity for students who would like to go into film to make connections with others like them and to get connected to the film industry in Minnesota.


There is mostly bus transportation in the Longfellow neighborhood although there is one light rail stop as well. The bus lines #7, 9, 21, 23, 27, 46, 53, 74, 84 and 446 have stops every few blocks throughout the neighborhood. These bus lines can connect to others that can get you pretty much anywhere in Minneapolis. When it comes to the light rail, the blue line goes through the Longfellow neighborhood association at the Lake Street Midtown Station and well as the Hiawatha 46th Street Station and the 50th Street Minnehaha Station. Current fare for both buses and the light rail is $2.25 during rush hour and $1.75 at all other times. On another note, the Midtown Greenway Trail used to be a railroad but has now been turned into a biking and walking trail that connects with other Minneapolis trails that go around the Chain of Lakes. This trail, that runs through Longfellow, is a great way to get around the city and is open for 24 hours a day with lighting at night.


The Longfellow Neighborhood Association has a very unique group of schools. The Aurora Charter School (2101 E 26th St, 612-870-3891) and Aurora Middle School (2103 E 26th St, 612-722-1999) are a charter school education that is geared toward Latino culture. It uses a dual language curriculum in both English and Spanish. The school goes from kindergarten through sixth grade, so it is both an elementary and middle school. Similarly, Jardin Spanish Immersion Academy (3836 Minnehaha Ave, 612-360-3196) is a preschool with a focus on Latin culture. The teachers are bilingual and the school is passionate about creating lifelong learners, while living a healthy lifestyle and caring for our planet. Anishinabe Academy (3100 E 28th St, 612-668-0880) is a public school that has a focus on Native American culture and language. It is just an elementary school, housing grades K-5. The school provides an excellence in education with a Native American background. MTS Leadership Academy (2872 26th Ave S, 612-728-8915) is a JROTC leadership academy, meaning it is a high school made up of students that have joined the army reserve. It is free and prepares students for not only the army but for work, college and life after. Longfellow Alternative High School (3017 E 31st St, 612-668-4700) is a school for pregnant or parenting teens. It works with students individually to find out how they learn best and how to work with their schedule in order to complete their high school education. The school even provides childcare though TAPP (Teen Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting Program). Minnehaha Academy (3100 W River Pkwy, 612-729-8321) is a private Christian school in the area with a lower and upper school. Their goal is to provide a high level of education that is Christ-centered. They also greatly value their community, which is very diverse. The other public schools in the area are Sanford Middle School (3524 42nd Ave S, 612-668-4900), Dowling Elementary School (3900 W River Pkwy, 612-668-4410) and Hiawatha Community School (4201 42nd Ave S, 612-668-4610). Each are great schools that are also very diverse. This district is growing so much that Hiawatha Community School recently opened a second campus to better serve the educational needs of the children in this area. Each of these schools are very unique and cater to areas of education that many public schools do not. There are other trade schools and educational facilities in the Longfellow neighborhood, as well as childcare.

Aurora Charter School - 2101 E 26th St (612-870-3891)
Aurora Middle School - 2103 E 26th St (612-722-1999)
Anishinabe Academy - 3100 E 28th St (612-668-0880)
Anne Sullivan Communication Center - 3100 E 28th St (612-668-5000)
Excellent Child Care - 2740 Minnehaha Ave #130 (612-721-1133)
MTS General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy - 2872 26th Ave S (612-728-8915)
MTS High School - 2872 26th Ave S (612-722-9013)
Open Door Learning Center - 2700 E Lake St (612-483-1763)
Minnesota School of Barbering - 3615 E Lake St (612-722-1996)
Longfellow Alternative High School - 3017 E 31st St (612-668-4700)
African Pre University of Mn - 3355 Hiawatha Ave (612-721-6541)
Minnehaha Academy - Upper School - 3100 W River Pkwy (612-729-8321)
Lower School - 4200 W River Pkwy (612-721-3359)
Bethlehem Childcare Center - 3141 43rd Ave S (612-721-2290)
Sanford Middle School - 3524 42nd Ave S (612-668-4900)
Beetle Day Care - 3541 43rd Ave S (612-284-6436)
Liban Daycare - 3504 Snelling Ave (612-224-9646)
Dowling Elementary School - 3900 W River Pkwy (612-668-4410)
Jardin Spanish Immersion Academy - 3836 Minnehaha Ave (612-360-3196)
Hiawatha Community School - Hiawatha Campus - 4201 42nd Ave S (612-668-4610)
Howe Campus - 3733 43rd Ave S (612-668-4640)

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