Welcome to Seward

Seward is one of the most unique neighborhoods in Minneapolis, as well as one of the oldest. It is very historic but also very modern. The restaurants and shopping have a wide variety of options from all over the world, as well as offering a unique set of goods and services that not every neighborhood has. There are a lot of events and a lot that has to do with arts and music, which the members of the community can involve themselves with. This is largely due to the Seward Neighborhood group that was started in the mid 1950’s and is still very strong. The Seward neighborhood also has an exciting nightlife and a very good schooling system, which offers many options for parents as they choose the right school for their children. Overall, Seward is a great place to live and work and be part of a community. You can visit the neighborhood website at

Then and Now:

IMG_20160329_144507Seward is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Minneapolis, starting around 1856. Growth in the Seward neighborhood started when Franklin Ave was created because of the extension of the Milwaukee railroad to Minnesota. By 1930, Seward was a fully developed part of the city. But by 1960 the neighborhood was falling apart until the Seward Neighborhood Group, which still functions today, was started and made residents more intentional. There are still houses in Seward, specifically on Milwaukee Avenue, that are from 1880 and have been restored instead of demolished, due to the activism of the community members. The neighborhood has always been a home to many immigrants, which is still true today and can be seen by the diversity in the neighborhood. Seward is also very politically liberal and the community is very invested in their neighborhood.


Hwy 94 to the North, Mississippi River to the East, E 27th St to the South, Hwy 55/Hiawatha Ave to the West

Bordering Neighborhoods:

Cedar Riverside, Prospect Park East River Rd, Cooper, Longfellow, East Philips and Ventura Village

Crime Stats:

Here are some online sources that speak to the crime levels and statistics:

Raids Online

Trulia Crime Stats

Home Sale Stats / Real Estate:

As of 2015, the average home sales price $227,782 with an average days on market of 42 days. The average year built was 1929 with 2.8 bedrooms, and 1.8 baths with a total finished sqft of 1473. For more up to date information on Seward Real Estate, please contact Steven Hong with RE/MAX Results.


There are two parks in the Seward neighborhood. One of these parks, the Franklin Terrace Off-Leash Dog Park (925 Franklin Terrace, 612-230-6400) is a completely fenced in area for dogs to run around within the Seward neighborhood in Minneapolis. In order to bring your dog to an off-leash dog park you must get vaccinations, a pet license and a permit for the parks. This is a great way to get your dog out to get some exercise within the city. Matthews Park (2318 29th Ave S, 612-370-4950) has many different amenities including sport courts and fields, a garden and grill, an ice rink as well as a broomball rink, a biking and walking path, a sand volleyball court, a pool, a playground and a picnic area. The park also has many different kinds of trees and one is known for how large it is because people cannot wrap their arms around it.

Winter Park Highlights Minneapolis

Summer Park Highlights Minneapolis


The Seward neighborhood has a lot of variety when it comes to restaurants. One favorite is the Birchwood Café (3311 E 25th St, 612-722-4474), which is very involved in the community. The food is all fresh from local farmers and very unique with an at home feel. The menu is full of organic and vegetarian options as well, serving breakfast lunch and dinner. The café supports the work of local artists and puts on many events with the desire to bring the community together. The Chef Shack Ranch (3025 E Franklin Ave, 612-354-2575) is a fine dining organic restaurant that has a menu at an affordable price. The chefs have traveled all over the world and were trained in New York, which brings great diversity to the menu. There is also a sushi restaurant in Seward called Sober Fish (2627 E Franklin Ave, 612-354-2544) that all sushi lovers must check out. It serves Thai and Japanese food and has a sushi bar. The Café Racer Kitchen (2929 E 25th St, 612-208-1695) is quite a unique spot in the neighborhood. It serves American international fare and even has a food truck in the area. The restaurant is a member of the Bicycle Benefits program and is a big supporter of the biking community in Minneapolis. Mon Petit Cheri (2401 E Franklin Ave, 612-236-4831) is a locally owned bakery in Seward that started out as a stand at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market and grew because of it’s popularity. Everything is fresh and ingredients and other product is purchased locally as much as possible. The Co-op Creamery Café (2601 E Franklin Ave, 612-230-5575) is connected to the Seward Co-op grocery store through the community co-op. The goal of the restaurant is to sustain a community that is healthy as well as to create beneficial relationships between farmers, workers, stores and producers. All of these partners work toward the same goal, to minimize resource consumption, make the food systems more sustainable and to give back to the community. The restaurants in Seward are unique from most other neighborhoods because many of them represent or work towards a cause. Not only is the food great but the environment is too!


There many different stores in Seward, making it pretty easy to find just about anything you are looking for. There are several stores that cater to musical needs, such as Hoffman Guitars (2219 E Franklin Ave, 612-338-1079), which has been around since 1971 and not only sells guitars but accessories as well as doing repairs. Similary, Dead Media (3330 E 25th St, 612-222-1655) is a record store that buys and sells records, tapes and books. Barton Player Piano Co (1915 E 22nd St, 612-378-1102), as the name suggests, sells player pianos. There are also two book stores in the Seward neighborhood. Boneshaker Books (2002 23rd Ave S, 612-871-7110) specializes in radical and progressive reads, while Oleanna Books (2210 24th Ave S, 612-722-5861) is more geared toward children’s books. Seward is also a neighborhood that values bikes and the ability to use them for transportation throughout the city. This is reflected in the two bicycle shops in the neighborhood. Chris Kvale Cycles (2637 27th Ave S #108, 612-724-8843) is owned and operated by Chris Kvale who has 40 years of experience building and selling bikes. His expertise can be seen in his work, which is highly valued in the community. A-Train Custom Bicycles (2718 E 27th St, 651-295-1525) is also privately owned and operated, creating steel framed bicycles for purchase. There is also a grocery store in the neighborhood that is quite unique called Seward Community Co-op-Franklin Store (2823 E Franklin Ave, 612-338-2465). It is part of the community co-op that puts on events and classes, supports causes and more. The store buys and sells goods locally. Coastal Seafoods (2330 Minnehaha Ave, 612-724-7425) is a fish market that sells fish in bulk to both restaurants and general consumers. It also offers cooking classes throughout the week from 6-8:30pm. It is considered the best fish market in the Twin Cities. Right across the street from Coastal Seafoods is United Noodles (2025 E 24th St, 612-721-6677). United Noodle is probably one of the best known Asian grocery stores and has a wide selection as well as a lunch deli.Finally, Kokoon (2508 24th Ave S, 612-338-0476) is a clothing store in Seward that was started by a woman with an eye for women’s fashion. It originally sold to retailers such as Nordstrom and Saks, but now sells directly to women online. It is a definite favorite of women in the community. There are countless venues for shopping in the Seward neighborhood, which gives the community a wide variety to choose from to meet many different needs.

Night Life:

Although it is a smaller neighborhood, Seward has quite a bit to offer when it comes to nightlife. Whiskey Junction (901 Cedar Ave, 612-338-9550) was originally opened in 1886 and owned by local breweries in order to sell their beers. It is best known for the music and blues tradition that it carries on. There is some kind of live music performed several nights during the week and especially on weekends, which people love. The Joint Bar (913 Cedar Ave, 612-338-6425) is primarily a biker’s bar with the tag line ‘A Sunny Place for Shady People’. Hexagon Bar (2600 27th Ave S, 612-722-3454) is like a smaller version of Whiskey Junction. It is a bar that also plays lots of live music that the community really enjoys. There is also a nightclub in Seward called Cabooze (917 Cedar Ave, 612-338-6425). It brings in many different bands but does a lot of rock music. People come from all over Minneapolis to see shows here. The Flashback Café & Cocktail Lounge (2520 26th Ave S, 612-721-6211) is a bar that is located inside the Memory Lanes bowling alley. Most people come here for the bar as well as for bowling, which is often open just as late as the bar. There are plenty of choices when it comes to nightlife in the Seward neighborhood.

Community Arts & Music:

There is a definite bent toward music and arts in Seward and there are a lot of ways to participate in those areas in the neighborhood. The Ivy Building (2637 27th Ave S, 612-419-2814) is dedicated to the arts, housing different art businesses such as instrument repair and graphic design. The Vine Arts Center is also in this building and is a co-op that is geared toward helping the community grow in arts and creativity. There are also several theatre companies within the community. Bedlam Theatre (2712 E 27th St, 612-341-1038) is a theatre company based out of Seward that performs all over and has a goal to combine professional theatre with local community arts. The Imagination Theatre (1819 Minnehaha Ave, 612-339-2333) was started to inspire young children in theatre and creativity. It is a theatre that performs using life-sized puppets and teaches life-long lessons. Parents in the community love this. The Frank Theatre (2637 27th Ave S, 612-724-3760) is a theatre company that has a goal to stretch and grow their artists. They perform works that are more controversial and connect directly to the issues happen in our world today. The Anda Flamenco Company & School (2637 27th Ave S, 612-378-6065) is based out of Seward and teaches flamenco dance classes as well as putting on performances. There are other options geared more toward art than performance, such as the Northern Clay Center (2424 E Franklin Ave, 612-339-8007). It offers ceramics classes for all ages and competitions regionally, nationally and internationally for the work done. James O’Brien Illustration (2425 35th Ave S, 612-819-2837) is a studio that is based on the artistic work of James O’Brien. He does texture, vector, drawing and animation and has received many different awards from different art associations. Finally, the La Ink (2645 26th Ave S, 612-321-9000) is an organization that designs environmental displays, which honor scholars for their many types of work such as inventions and discoveries as well as athletics for their accolades. There is great diversity in the arts and music in Seward, one needs only to step out and explore.


The Seward Neighborhood Group (SNG) puts on lots of events for the community each year. The community comes together each year in May for the Seward Garage Sale Daze. This is a weekend where over 100 homes register themselves to be on the garage sale route. The shopping and conversations make for a fun time. There is also a Garden Tour and Tea Party every year in July. At this event, attendees spend an evening strolling through different gardens in the neighborhood and getting gardening tips. The profit made from the tickets for this event goes towards SNG projects. Another favorite is the Summer Walks Across Seward, which takes place every Wednesday throughout July and August. Each week the group, guided by a committee member, walks to different areas of significance in Seward, learning and growing as a community. In August, the neighborhood always puts on individual parties for each block to celebrate National Night Out. There is always food, games and fun, which are organized by the block leader and community members. This event really helps each neighborhood get to know each other better and celebrates safety. The King’s Fair is the favorite community event in Seward by far, but it only takes place every other year in September. The festival takes place in Matthews Park and has local music and entertainment, food, artwork, pet judging, history and many other fun activities. This is a great event for the whole family. One event that is unique to Seward is the Seward Spread Joy Fund. It is an anonymously donated fund that is given to a community member to create a new lasting experience. Members of the Seward neighborhood must apply and, every November, the $1,000 prize is given to an applicant that desires to do something that they cannot afford. Finally, the Winter Frolic, takes place in December and is an art crawl, where the community can view the work of many different local artists, including music, dance, painting and more. The Seward Neighborhood Group does a very good job of putting on events that cover a wide variety of interests for the entire community to enjoy.


The bus transportation in the Seward goes throughout the neighborhood. The bus lines #2, 9, 22 and 67 have stops every few blocks that are very accessible. These bus lines can connect to others that can take you anywhere in Minneapolis. There is also one light rail station in Seward. It is the blue line and it is the Franklin Avenue Station. This also connects to other stops and other lines throughout the city. Current fare for both buses and the light rail is $2.25 during rush hour and $1.75 at all other times. Visit Metro Transit for more transportation info.


There are a wide variety of schools and care facilities available to choose from in the Seward neighborhood. There are several childcare centers in Seward, one specifically, CHILD Preschool (2511 E Franklin Ave, 612-672-2526), is a non-profit childcare service that was originally started for the employees of the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview. Now it has been opened up to the community, but many of the employees still use it. It is a great environment for children and is held in high regards by the community, receiving great reviews. Seward has two elementary and middle schools, Seward Montessori School (2309 S 28th Ave, 612-668-4950) and Minnesota Transitions Middle School (2526 27th Ave S, 612-724-4680). SMS is a K-8 school that is very diverse, reflecting the Seward neighborhood. MTMS is part of a charter district made up of four different schools. The charter schooling system gives families more of a say in the education of their children, and can launch them into more specific fields if they would like. There are three high schools in Seward and two of them have a great focus on international community and education. One of them, Lincoln International High School (2520 Minnehaha Ave, 612-872-8690), is grades 9-12 and has a goal to teach American education to global citizens living in the United States in order to prepare them for careers and life in the USA. The school reaches refugee and immigrant communities coming from many countries in Africa, the Middle East and Central and South America. Classes are taught in English but there is language support for students that need it. There are also several dance and music schools in Seward along with a couple adult education programs as well. Seward has education options available for anyone that is seeking to learn.

Other Schools / Child Care:

Places of Worship


Getting back to the basics, what everyone needs, at one point or another:



Home Services:

Getting back to the basics, what everyone needs, at one point or another:

Emergency Rooms
Children’s Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota – 2525 Chicago Ave S (612-813-6000)
University of Minnesota Medical Center – 2450 Riverside Ave (612-273-3000)
Abbott Northwestern Hospital – 800 E 28th St (612-863-4000)

Doctor/Dental Services
Mental Health Resources Inc – 2105 Minnehaha Ave (612-333-0331)
Create – 2200 E Franklin Ave #200a (612-874-9811)
Dr. Dave Walsh – 3221 E 24th St (612-722-0867)
Russell Dental – 2010 27th Ave S (612-336-8478)

Imagination Theatre – 1819 Minnehaha Ave (612-339-2333)
Whiskey Junction – 901 Cedar Ave (612-338-9550)
Encore Sushi Karaoke Bar – 2111 E Franklin Ave
Somali One TV – 2327 E Franklin Ave (612-294-2540)
Harar Travel & Tour – 2411 E Franklin Ave (612-338-5511)
Northern Clay Center – 2424 E Franklin Ave (612-339-8007)
Franklin Terrace Off-Leash Dog Park – 925 Franklin Terrace (612-230-6400)
Martin Olav Sabo Bridge
Frank Theatre – 2637 27th Ave S (612-724-3760)
Bedlam Theatre – 2712 E 27th St (612-341-1038)
Lawless Distilling Company – 2619 S 28th Ave #100,
RSVP – 2535 25th Ave S (612-729-1113)
Wild Moon Bhaktas – 3927 E 26th St (651-571-1064)
Memory Lanes – 2520 26th Ave S (612-721-6211)

West Bank Karate Club – 2211 E Franklin Ave (612-333-8635)
Aikido Yoshokai of MN-Kobukan Dojo – 2211 E Franklin Ave (612-827-4395)
Somali Action Alliance – 2525 E Franklin Ave #301 (612-455-2185)
Los Campeones Gym – 2721 E Franklin Ave (612-333-8181)
Big River Yoga – 3336 E 25th St (612-729-9549)
Top Training LLC – 2721 E Franklin Ave (608-333-2181)
Solcana Wellness – 2200 Minnehaha Ave (612-888-1762)
Solcana CrossFit – 1915 E 22nd St (612-888-1765)
Minneapolis Yoga Workshop – 2637 27th Ave S #207 (612-253-5115)
Titanium Performance – 2721 E Franklin Ave (612-254-9270)

Grocery Stores
Shega Foods – 2111 E Franklin Ave (612-341-4373)
Juba Grocery – 2200 E Franklin Ave #102 (612-746-3908)
Shabelle Ethiopian Grocery & Restaurant – 2325 E Franklin Ave (612-333-1101)
Addis Market – 2417 E Franklin Ave (612-354-3744)
Seward Community Co-op Franklin Store – 2823 E Franklin Ave (612-338-2465)
United Noodles – 2015 E 24th St (612-721-6677)
Tortillerias La Perla – 2616 27th Ave S (612-724-1134)

Cedar Box Company – 2012 Cedar Ave (612-332-4287)
Buck Brothers Construction – 2002 24th Ave S (612-729-7608)
Steady Tattoo & Body Piercing – 2621 E Franklin Ave (612-379-4455)
Graybar – 2300 E 25th St (612-728-3500)
J Lynn Brofman Design – 2300 Milwaukee Ave (612-729-9986)
Fun City Dogs – 2213 Snelling Ave (612-722-3647)
Midwest Pest – 2500 Minnehaha Ave (612-598-2882)
Jefferson Partners LP – 2100 E 26th St (612-359-3400)
Wood From the Hood – 2640 Minnehaha Ave,
Crew2 – 2650 Minnehaha Ave (877-635-0060)
Twin Cities Closet Company – 2634 Minnehaha Ave (612-623-0987)
Smyth Companies, LLC – 2300 E 26th St (612-722-1143)
Dean-Superior Vending – 2323 E 25th St (612-721-3393)
Imagine! Express-Minneapolis – 2633 Minnehaha Ave (612-728-1500)
Digigraphics – 2639 Minnehaha Ave (612-721-2434)
Hiline Inc. – 2650 26th Ave S (612-721-1000)
Graphic Systems, Inc. – 2632 26th Ave S (612-721-6100)
Free Geek Twin Cities – 2537 25th Ave S (612-223-5967)
Ivy Arts Copy & Print – 2637 27th Ave S #6 (612-728-8000)
Gendeco Granite – 2722 E 27th St (612-490-0023)
ACME Stage – 2635 S 28th Ave (612-385-0488)
Lawless Distilling Company – 2619 S 28th Ave #100,
Donelly Stucco – 2600 30th Ave S (507-833-4200)
Hiawatha Metalcraft Inc – 2631 S 31st Ave (612-721-6331)
Dan Roche’s Motorcycle Storage – 2656 33rd Ave S (612-919-6945)
Nice Ride Minnesota – 2701 36th Ave S (877-551-6423)
Encore Upholstery Studio – 3800 E 26th St (612-588-4242)
Bab’s Casting – 2637 27th Ave S (612-332-6858)
Harar Travel & Tour – 2411 E Franklin Ave (612-338-5511)
Assisted Medical Transport – 2500 E 25th St #2 (612-729-1156)
Harmony Cycles – 2742 Girard Ave S,
Kidzibits Inc – 2637 27th Ave S (612-722-5432)
Employee Benefits Planner – 2812 E 26th St (612-728-8600)
Minnesota Health Care News – 2812 E 26th St (612-728-8600)
Envirobate Inc – 3301 E 26th St (651-224-1708)
Employment Action Center – 900 20th Ave S (612-752-8800)
Momentum Design – 2200 E Franklin Ave (612-371-4300)
Intep – 2225 E Franklin Ave (612-339-5515)
Juba Graphics – 2409 E Franklin Ave (612-208-0602)
Franklin Dry Cleaners & Launderers – 2413 E Franklin Ave (612-312-3455)
Kaah Express – 2429 E Franklin Ave (612-338-2116)
Triangle Park Creative Inc – 2600 E Franklin Ave #3 (612-692-8560)
Landreau Insurance Group Inc – 2615 E Franklin Ave (612-276-7035)
King’s Coin Laundry – 2701 E Franklin Ave (612-226-4058)
Air Engineering & Supply – 2719 E Franklin Ave (612-332-4181)
World Endeavors – 3015 E Franklin Ave (612-729-3400)
Rosenow Peterson Design – 3101 E Franklin Ave (715-222-1107)
Close Associates, Inc., Architects – 3101 E Franklin Ave (612-339-0979)
Three Seeds Inc – 2417 33rd Ave S (612-728-1155)
Basement Window Guy – 3109 E 22nd St (651-208-8210)
Sheldon William Mains Consulting – 2718 E 24th St (612-618-7149)
White Gloves Cleaning Inc – 2500 E 25th St #2 (612-724-0200)
Heitman Design, LLC – 2322 Milwaukee Ave (612-801-3654)
Eggart Design – 2205 22nd Ave S (612-226-6516)
Charles Levin Architects – 2300 Milwaukee Ave (612-729-5333)
Aesthetic Apparatus – 2215 Snelling Ave 612-339-3345)
Imagin Studios Inc – 2105 E 26th St (612-379-7754)
Ace Services – 2636 Minnehaha Ave (612-490-4001)
Garlock-French Corporation – 2301 E 25th St (612-722-7129)
Rosenquist Construction Inc – 2514 24th Ave S (612-724-1356)
BCT Inc – 2540 24th Ave S (612-729-9000)
Vineland Tree Care – 2423 E 26th St (612-872-0205)
Sir Lines-A-Lot – 2400 E 26th St (952-913-8382)
Blesi Evans Co – 2533 24th Ave S #1 (612-721-6237)
Kaufman Roofing – 2521 24th Ave S (612-722-0965)
RSVP – 2535 25th Ave S (612-729-1113)
Sky Group Closeout Wholesalers – 2645 26th Ave S (612-722-1200)
Northcott Banners – 2645 26th Ave S #400 (612-722-1733)
Wetland Habitat Restorations – 2521 27th Ave S (612-600-3604)
Nguyen Architects, Inc. – 2637 27th Ave S #220A (612-789-9287)
Sundays Energy, Inc. – 2637 27th Ave S (612-605-1788)
Urban Rebuilders – 2637 27th Ave S (612-259-7752)
Designed & Made, LLC – 2619 28th Ave #200 (612-702-9972)
Urban Oasis LLC – 2521 29th Ave S (612-377-4025)
Top-All Roofing Inc – 2657 S 32nd Ave #2 (651-291-7663)
Jepsen Inc. – 3119 E 26th St (763-807-1437)
Shaw Design Associates, Inc. – 3119 E 26th St Suite B (612-293-9680)
Mack Engineering Corporation – 3215 E 26th St (612-721-2471)
Monahan’s Remodeling – 3309 E 26th St (612-220-1622)
Erik Nelson Plumbing LLC – 2617 37th Ave S (612-242-6483)
Parker Tours, LLC Bus Trailways – 2000 E 20th St (320-251-3840)

At Last Gourmet Foods Inc – 2101 E 24th St (612-724-1634)
MorningStar Coffee – 2309 Snelling Ave (612-729-9310)
AA Equipment Company, Inc. – 2212 Minnehaha Ave (612-721-3883)
A-Tomic Dry Ice – 2450 Minnehaha Ave (651-644-0050)
Phalen Manufacturing Corporation – 2523 Minnehaha Ave (612-724-3677)
Vickerman Construction Supply – 2526 24th Ave S (612-867-4277)
Tortillerias La Perla – 2626 27th Ave S (612-724-1134)
Protection Products Co – 2715 E 26th St #2 (612-722-7199)
Pedia Pals – 2715 E 26th St (612-722-4081)
Park Supply of America – 2727 E 26th St (612-822-3180)
Commercial Gaskets-Minneapolis – 2637 27th Ave S #3 (612-636-9544)
Misco – 2637 S 32nd Ave (612-825-1010)
Empire Door & Glass Co – 3415 E 27th St (612-729-4003)
A-Craft Windows – 2223 Snelling Ave (612-722-7255)
The Beez Kneez, LLC – 2204 Minnehaha Ave (612-990-9770)
Lost Falls Distillery LLC – 1915 E 22nd St (612-839-5383)
Sky Group Closeout Wholesalers – 2645 26th Ave S (612-722-1200)
Midwest Automation – 2645 26th Ave S (612-721-5347)

Scooterville Minnesota – 904 19th Ave S (612-331-7266)
Auto Driveaway Minneapolis – 2500 E 25th St (866-728-9200)
Universal Transit Services Inc – 2500 E 25th St (612-729-0053)
Imports Etc. Auto Care – 2641 29th Ave S (612-886-8044)
Lake Country Classic Auto – 3105 E 26th St (612-724-1399)
Expedition Ops Outfitters – 2309 Snelling Ave #101 (646-397-3367)

Hair/Beauty Salons
Mezzanine Salon – 2225 E Franklin Ave (612-333-9913)
FM Braiding – 2415 E Franklin Ave (612-455-6799)
River Road Hair Designers – 3330 E 25th St (612-729-1821)
Jim’s Barber Shop – 2623 E Franklin Ave (612-333-0919)

REM Video Event – 2637 27th Ave S (612-210-9221)
Tasty Lighting Supply – 2635 S 28th Ave (612-875-5074)
CaptionMax Inc – 2438 27th Ave S (612-341-3566)
Michael Hendrickson Photography – 2323 Snelling Ave (612-341-9034)
Jerry Mathiason Photography – 2525 E Franklin Ave (612-338-8132)
Minnesota Video Productions – 2709 E 25th St (612-721-7100)
Midwest Virtual Tour – 2637 27th Ave S Suite 230 (507-318-9325)

Seward Church – 2011 21st Ave S (612-721-4994)
Bethany Lutheran Church – 2511 E Franklin Ave (612-332-2397)
Faith Mennonite Church – 2720 E 22nd St (612-375-9483)
Emmanuel Tabernacle – 2501 E 22nd St (612-724-6701)
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses – 2201 E 24th St,

Gas Stations
Holiday – 2124 E Franklin Ave (612-332-3161)
Shell – 2817 Riverside Ave (612-333-3441)

Community Centers
Community-St Martin Ministries – 2720 E 22nd St (612-341-0871)
The Hack Factory – 3119 E 26th St (612-293-6253)

ATM Network, Inc. – 2027 E Franklin Ave (800-929-0228)
U.S. Bank ATM – 2124 E Franklin Ave (800-872-2657)
Wells Fargo Bank – 2600 E Franklin Ave (612-667-1391)
Cardtronics ATM – 2823 E Franklin Ave,
Firefly Credit Union – 2535 27th Ave S (952-736-5000)

Lake Cedar Pharmacy – 2423 E Franklin Ave (612-353-5297)
Degdeg’s Carepoint Pharmacy – 2711 E Franklin Ave (612-341-2273)

Miller Chiropractic – 2627 E Franklin Ave #201 (612-870-1500)
Deep River – 2432 Seabury Ave (612-729-9869)
Success in Motion Therapy – 2637 27th Ave S #212 (612-250-5097)
T Squared Massage and Bodyworks – 2627 E Franklin Ave #201 (952-200-4649)
Jesse Haas Massage & Nutrition – 3751 Nicollet Ave (612-598-8627)
Nutured Spirit Therapy LLC – 2637 27th Ave S #217 (612-619-8268)
Vision Clinic – 2500 24th Ave S (612-724-5125)

Happy-Pup – 2634 34th Ave S (612-567-9255)
Fun City Dogs – 2213 Snelling Ave (612-722-3647)

Growing Lots Urban Farm – 1915 22nd St #5 (612-564-8524)
Fraternal Order of Eagles – 2507 E 25th St (612-724-9714)
Orfield Laboratories – 2709 E 25th St (612-721-2455)
Somali Action Alliance – 2525 E Franklin Ave #301 (612-455-2185)
Sierra Club – 2327 E Franklin Ave #1 (612-659-9124)
Minnesota College Republicans – 2200 E Franklin Ave #201 (651-222-0022)
MRC – 2438 27th Ave #100 (612-752-8100)
Touchstone Mental Health – 2312 Snelling Ave (612-874-6409)
Employment Action Center – 900 20th Ave S (612-752-8800)
Minneapolis Fire Station 7 – 2000 E Franklin Ave (612-333-1780)
Make Old Things New (Homeless Shelter) – 2120 Minnehaha Ave #3 (612-338-3664)
Institute for Local Self-Reliance – 2720 E 22nd St (612-276-3456)
Volunteers of America – 2728 E Franklin Ave (612-332-3402)
Metro Transit Police Department – 2425 Minnehaha Ave (612-349-7200)
Alliance for Metropolitan – 2525 E Franklin Ave #200 (612-332-4471)

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