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If you are looking to buy a home in the Nokomis area of Minneapolis, this is the right place to start.  Use the Nokomis Area Search links above to locate your dream house in Nokomis Minneapolis.  We have broken down the area into popular price ranges in order to aid your search.  Feel free to browse to your heart's content.

Nokomis is a great place to live for several reasons. The neighborhoods have block parties and barbecues, which means the neighbors get to know each other and like each other. There are parks, such as Pearl Park, and creeks like Minnehaha Creek, within walking distances, plenty of other places to walk as well, and a bronze bunny statue that kids love to play on. If you are looking for South Minneapolis real estate with lots of character, Nokomis is the right area for you.

Hale Page Diamond Lake

Nokomis is made up of several neighborhoods, many of which are grouped together. One such community is HPDL--Hale Page Diamond Lake, which sits in the southern part of Minneapolis.
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Hale ALL Homes For Sale

Hale is in the southeast part of the community. It is defined as the area between Minnehaha Creek to the north, Cedar Avenue to the east, 55th Street to the south, and Chicago Avenue to the west.

The Hale Community is named after the Hale Elementary School, which is itself named after the American revolutionist Nathan Hale who uttered the famous phrase, "I only regret that I have but one life to give to my country" (or something very similar) after being captured as a spy by the British. Hale talks pride in its elementary school, which is an English Language Learners school with its focus on art and music, as it deservedly should.

The Hale neighborhood is mostly residential with paths leading to nearby Minnehaha Creek and Lake Nokomis. On a nice summer evening, you can see many people strolling around, perhaps visiting the bronze rabbit or just breathing in the warm, sultry night air. There are also pathways for bikers as well, so the neighborhood is usually bustling with life. There is a relaxed, comfortable feeling to Hale that welcomes you and makes you feel right at home.

Cottontail on the Trail, the iconic bronze sculpture was created by Jeff Barber in 2002 and has been enjoyed by the neighborhood residents ever since.


Page ALL Homes For Sale

Page is on the west side of this South Minenapolis community, and it's bound by Minnehaha Creek on the north, Chicago Avenue on the east, Diamond Lake Road on the south, and 35W on the west.

Page, too, was named for its elementary school, Page Elementary School, which, in turn, was named after Walter Hines Page, an American editor, journalist, and ambassador to Britain during World War I. Apparently, it is common for neighborhoods in Minneapolis to be named after their elementary schools.

The shining attraction of the mostly residential neighborhood is Pearl Park. Pearl Park is truly a community park where you can have fun in many different ways--including swimming and playing on the playground. It's also heavily used for little league sports as well, such as soccer and baseball.

Diamond Lake

Diamond Lake ALL Homes For Sale

Diamond Lake is by far the largest of the three neighborhoods, and it's defined by Diamond Lake Road to the north, Cedar Avenue to the east, Highway 62 to the south (which abuts against the city limits), and 35W and Second Avenue South to the west.

Diamond Lake is not named after an elementary school, nor for the road, but after the actual Diamond Lake which is found at the western end of the neighborhood. Lake Nokomis is on the northeastern end of Diamond Lake, and there are plenty of recreational areas in between. There are three parks in Diamond Lake, including the renowned Todd Park, plus several fun restaurants such as Fat Lorenzo's and First Course. Lots of people enjoy walking to nearby places such as Kowalski's Market and Mike's Corner Store.

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Nokomis East

Nokomis East is in the southeastern tip of Minneapolis, and it consists of four neighborhoods:  Keewaydin, Minnehaha, Morris Park, and Wenonah.


Keewaydin ALL Homes For Sale

Keewaydin is on the northwest side of Nokomis East. It is bound by Minnehaha Parkway to the north, 34th Avenue South to the east, 54th Street East on the South, and Cedar Avenue South to the west. Most of Lake Nokomis is also within the boundaries of Keewaydin.

Keewaydin is from an Ojibwe legend found in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem (at least, he claims its Ojibwe), The Song of Hiawatha. Keewaydin means for ‘northeast wind’ or ‘the home wind’.

The Keewaydin Park has a recreation center that offers fun for kids of all ages. There is a multi-purpose room, which, as its name suggests, can be used for several different activities—including Creative Volleyball. While you’re there, visit the aquarium in the crafts room.


Minnehaha ALL Homes For Sale

Minnehaha is in the northeast part of this community, which is in southeast Minneapolis. Minnehaha is defined by Minnehaha Parkway to the north, Hiawatha Avenue to the east, 54th Street East to the south, and 34th Avenue South to the west.

Minnehaha is often translated as ‘laughing waters’, but it actually means ‘waterfalls’ in Sioux. She is the bride of Hiawatha is Longfellow’s poem, The Song of Hiawatha

Minnehaha Park is one of the oldest and most popular parks in Minnesota.  You can rent a bike, eat fresh seafood at the Sea Salt Eatery (April – October), and there is an off-leash dog park at the south end of the park.  Visitors can enjoy concerts, picnics, and seeing the breathtaking Minnehaha Falls as well.

Morris Park

Morris Park ALL Homes For Sale

Morris Park is in the southeastern tip of the community and of Minneapolis. It is marked by 54th Street to the north, 46th Avenue to the east, The Twin Cities Air Force Reserve Base to the south, and 34th Avenue to the west

Morris Park takes its name from the daughter of Franklin Steele who was the first European-American settler of the city of St. Anthony—her name was Mary C. Morris.

Morris Park development in single-family houses took off in the ‘20s and continued through the ‘60s. One reason is because it had easy access to the rail lines and streetcar routes of the times.


Wenonah ALL Homes For Sale

The Wenonah neighborhood is just west of Morris Park. It is bordered on the north by 54th Street, 34th Avenue to the east, Highway 62 to the south, and by both Cedar Avenue and Lake Nokomis to the west. The southern tip of the neighborhood extends into Richfield.

Wenonah is another name taken from Longfellow’s apparently epic poem, The Song of Hiawatha. She was Hiawatha’s mother, and the daughter of Nokomis. Before the 1900s, there were a great many indigenous people in Wenonah. However, single- family house development bloomed from the 1920s through the 1960s, also because of the ready access to the streetcar routes and rail lines.

Field, Regina, Northrop

Field, Regina, and Northrop are three more neighborhoods that have formed a community within Nokomis. This community is in the middle southern part of Minneapolis.


Field ALL Homes For Sale

The Field neighborhood is on the west side of this southern community, and it’s defined by 46th Street East to the North, Chicago Avenue to the east, Minnehaha Parkway to the South, and 35W to the west.

In the tradition of many Minneapolis neighborhoods, Field is named after a local school, which in turn is named for a person—Eugene Field.  He was a man of many talents, but he was best known for writing children’s poetry.

The Field neighborhood is mostly residential, and the houses are mainly small, pre-1940s stucco, brick, and stone houses with two bedrooms.

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Regina ALL Homes For Sale

Regina is located to the northwest of this community, and it is bordered by 42nd Street to the north, Chicago Avenue to the east, 46th Street East to the south, and 35W to the West.

Again, Regina takes its name from a former parochial school than now has a Head Start program and a day-care center.

This is mostly a residential neighborhood, and most of the single-family houses were built before 1940.


Northrop ALL Homes For Sale

Northrop is on the east side of this community, and it is demarcated by 42nd Street to the north, Cedar Avenue to the east, Minnehaha Parkway to the south, and Chicago Avenue to the west.

Northrop is a famous name in Minnesota.  The neighborhood is named after the elementary school, which is itself named after Cyrus Northrop, the second president of the University of Minnesota.

Northrop’s houses are also mainly two-bedroom, pre-1940 stucco houses, just like the houses in Regina and Field.

One of the gems of the Northrop neighborhood is McRae Park. It is located right next to St. Joseph’s Home for Children, and it is bustling with activities year-round. McCrae Park was named for Alexander A. McRae who served as Park Commissioner for 18 years.

Standish Ericsson

Standish Ericsson formed a community, even though Ericsson is in Nokomis and Standish is in Powderhorn.


Standish ALL Homes For Sale

Standish is in Powderhorn, and it’s delineated by 36th Street to the north, Hiawatha Avenue to the east, 42nd and 43rd Street to the south, and Cedar Avenue to the west.

Standish is named after an elementary school, which of course was named after Miles Standish from a Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem. The neighborhood was not considered to be ‘in town’ until after immigrants from Sweden and Norway began building houses in it in the early 1900s. Now, it is mostly a residential area, and the LRT line along the Hiawatha Corridor affords the neighborhood easy access to downtown, the airport, and the Mall of America.

Sibley Park is one of the main attractions of Standish with its tennis courts, tot lot, and panoramic walking paths. Visitors can enjoy the wildflowers and roses in the warmer months.


Ericcson ALL Homes For Sale

Ericsson is in the southeast region of Minneapolis, and its boundaries are 42nd and 43rd Street to the north, Hiawatha Avenue to the east, Minnehaha Parkway to the south, and Cedar Avenue to the west.

Ericsson is one of the few Minneapolis neighborhoods which is not named for a school. It is named after John Ericsson, a Swedish inventor and engineer who designed and built the U.S.S. Monitor for The United States Navy during the Civil War.

This is a mainly residential area that is also populated with much recreational land. Both Lake Hiawatha Park and Lake Hiawatha Golf Course are located in Ericsson, and Minnehaha Creek runs through the neighborhood as well.

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