Move-Up Buyer

Do you have a growing family? Maybe the number isn't increasing, but the size of your children is. It's not uncommon for an elderly parent or parents to move in. Perhaps a new capability to work from home helped you realize there's no good area for an office in your current house. Whatever the reason may be, you are now considering moving into a larger home.

Lifestyle Considerations

Can you afford a bigger house? Everything about moving up will cost more.
Do you have the time it will take for upkeep?
Will any family members be moving out in the near future?
Is the possibility of having extra unused space okay?
Are there more stairs? Will steps be problematic for anyone now or in the near future?

In the next few pages, I have gathered a collection of ideas that may help you along your journey. Read on and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or ideas to add to these pages.

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