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5 Barbecue places in South Minneapolis

Ted Cook's 19th Hole Barbecue
2814 East 38th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406
(612) 721-2023
If you've never eaten here, you must stop by and give it a try. It's easily my most favorite rib shack of the bunch on this page. It's not a restaurant though, only to go.  But the ribs are some of the best in the Twin Cities. Best of all, their mop sauce can be had hot or not. Give them a try, you'll not regret it. Just 2 blocks west of the 38th street LRT stop.

Eight time winner of Best Ribs by the City Pages

Cap's Grille
5000 Hiawatha Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55417
(612) 722-2277

Named Twin Cities Best BBQ Pork Ribs by Pioneer Press, and Best Pork Chop in the Twin Cities by Star Tribune, this restaurant / grill is worth the stop. It's just off the 50th street LRT stop. This full service restaurant includes many other dishes besides their award winning ribs such as fire grilled burgers and chicken sandwiches.

Scott Ja-Mama's Restaurant
3 West Diamond lake Road, Minneapolis, MN 55419
I've only been to Scott Ja-Mamas once, even though it is less than a mile from my home. The problem is that the one time I was there, the line was too long for my timeframe. I can only imagine what the food tastes like, but it must be worth while since so many people were waiting. Inside, there are only 2 tables, so it's better as take-out.

Rudolph's Restaurant
1933 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 871-8969
This place has been around since 1975, serving up some what they called "old school" ribs. It's been twice-voted "Best Ribs in America" being hand-rubbed and cooked in a custom pit. Their cole slaw is a family recipe from the 1960's. This restaurant is a great way to end a week and start the weekend.

Market BBQ
1414 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 872-1111

Featured on the Food Network! A 60 year old tradition named after the Farmers Market that used to be right across the street. Their website has a clip from the Food Network about how they make their ribs. Be sure to check out the video.


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  1. Ted Simpson says:

    We love our BBQ in Texas. I think it is best in East Texas -- ie: around Tyler. But, alas, I live in Austin. No regrets there, though the BBQ is not on par with East Texas. Here the best tends to be Salt Lick, Texas Rib Kings, Artz Rib House. The Food Network crowned one place in Austin as the nation's best BBQ, but I don't recall the name of it. It's only been in existence three years and was started by a former high-tech fellow.

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