The Benefits of a Professional Opinion

01front-3Selling a house is time-consuming and hard work, especially in today's market.  If you are thinking about selling your house, you might feel a little overwhelmed by it all.  That's why it is helpful to have a professional by your side--one who can guide you every step of the way.  In this blog entry, I am going to give you a brief overview of how a realtor will help you sell your house.  This is just an overview, so if you would like to discuss it in more detail, feel free to contact me.

Pre-listing:  This is the first meeting between sellers and agent.  This will be an interactive interview in which both sides get to discuss what they want and need from the relationship.

Marketing Plan Presented

Listing the Property:  This is what will occur at a meeting after the house is listed.  This step is essential.

On-the-Market Discussion
  • Industry trends, interest rates, marketplace issues
  • Housing supply in immediate area
  • Number of showings for their house vs. number of showings for other homes in the immediate area

Pre-Offer Consultation

Presenting/Countering and Offer Acceptance

Analyzing the offer

Negotiate the offer

Post-Purchase Agreement

Closing the Sale

Post Closing Follow-Up


During the transaction and after the closing, the real estate agents can perform a significant role in resolving disputes and moving the transaction forward.  The real estate agent can also solve the problems before they escalate.  However, there comes a point in time when an agent will have to back off and suggest that the parties consult their attorneys.  A dual agent is in a particularly awkward position when problems arise because s/he represents both parties.  The dual agent can be an information disseminator, but must not be a negotiator.  Thus, when a dual agent is involved and a problem starts to develop, the dual agent may have to refer the parties to an attorney earlier than s/he might have if serving as an exclusive agent.

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