Welcome to West Seventh

West Seventh is also known fondly as the West End, and it's a neighborhood in St. Paul. It's a very diverse community, and it embraces and supports said diversity. It's mostly residential and commercial, though it used to be a big transportation hub and industrial area. It contains mostly working-class and middle-class families with its population declining and redefining itself this millennium. The buildings are an interesting mix of old and new, and there is much of historic value in this neighborhood.

Then and Now

The first settlement in West Seventh was known as Pig's Eye, and it was founded in 1838 by Pierre Parrantin. The settlement was destroyed in 1939 by the soldiers at Fort Snelling because they were expanding their boundaries. The settlement eventually landed in the hands of John R. Irvine who started selling firewood as fuel. It quickly became a commercial steamboat dock amid warehouses known as the Upper Landing.

West Seventh has always been a welcoming home to immigrants, starting with the Germans. Next came the Poles and Czechs, followed by Scandinavians and Italians. The most recent wave of immigrants have mostly come from Mexico.

This neighborhood has always prided itself on its transportation capacity, too. It started with the aforementioned river traveling, and then branched out into a horse-drawn streetcar, which was converted to being electric in 1891. The neighborhood now is an integral part of the highway system in St. Paul, and they're eyeing the chance to be part of the LRT system as well.

West Seventh has flown under the radar for most of its existence, but it has steadily and quietly been improving the quality of life factor in the past decade or so. There has been an influx of artists who want to spruce up the neighborhood in a creative way, and there are plenty of restaurants in this neighborhood that are can't-misses.

There is an area dubbed 'Little Bohemia' in a nod to the Czech roots that is working hard to overcome the hits it took during the 2008 housing bubble crash. It has an eclectic collection of art studios and coffeehouses, and it's a reflection of what the neighborhood in general is doing to improve itself.


35E to the north and west, W. 5th St. to the east, and the Mississippi River to the south.

Bordering Neighborhoods

Lowertown, Riverview, West St. Paul, Highland, Macalester-Groveland, and Summit Hill.

Crime Stats

Here are some crime statistics for West Seventh.

Trulia Crime Stats


Dousman Park (186 Dousman St., 651-632-5111) is a small community park with a playground, which makes it ideal for families with small children. There is a bench under shade trees nearby, so you can take a few minutes out of your busy day to relax.

High Bridge Dog Park (59 Randolph Ave., 651-266-6400) is a former coal-plant site that was donated to the city to be used as a dog park in 2012. It is not accessible from the High Bridge as it's located just below it. It's seven acres of leafy green goodness in which your dog can romp and play.

Irvine Park (251 Walnut St., 651-266-6400) is a popular wedding venue with its gazebo and especially the decorative fountain that commands attention. There are several tree-shaded paths that are a delight to stroll down, and the whole effect is one of warmth and contentment.

North High Bridge Park (476 Smith Ave., 651-266-6400) is a park that is centered around the Smith Avenue High Bridge. It's a great place to take a stroll and enjoy the scenic view of the river. In addition, they have several sculptures, some nature-based, that are creative and evocative. One of the most well-known ones is the Stone Watcher.

Upper Landing Park (180 Shepard Rd., 651-266-6400) is a riverfront park with delightful flora and a wonderful view of the river. It has a majestic bird sculpture, atmospheric stone benches and other structures, and lots of shady trees.


Afro Deli & Grill (5 W 7th Pl., 651-888-2168) is a colorful and inviting community-oriented restaurant that focuses on African/Mediterranean/American fusion food with bold flavors. Their staff is friendly, and their food is delicious. They believe in giving back to the community and donate a portion of their profits to local organizations. Their menu includes Somali steak sandwich, Afro Asian chicken suqaar, and a chapati wrap. They also have several vegetarian options.

Bay Street Grill (731 Randolph Ave., 651-294-3240) is a restaurant known for its breakfasts that also serves drinks and has live music at nights. The staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is laid-back and relaxed. The breakfast menu includes biscuits and gravy, a three meat omelet, corned beef hash, and a three cheese omelet. They also have burgers and sandwiches, and specials of the day, such as Taco Basket and Enchilada Platter Tuesdays.

Bennett's Chop & Railhouse (1305 W 7th St., 651-228-1408) is a family-owned steakhouse that has been serving up the finest meats in all shapes and forms to the neighborhood with good cheer. They are known for their prime cuts as well as for their signature Bloody Mary. In addition to their steaks, they have bacon-wrapped shrimp, burgers and sandwiches, and a Creole meatloaf for dinner. For breakfast and lunch, they have Joe's Cajun breakfast, chicken asparagus brie, Bennett's mac and cheese. They have a wide array of drinks as well.

Burger Moe's (242 W 7th St., 651-222-3100) is a fun and lively neighborhood restaurant near the Xcel Energy Center. They use local products in their dishes, and they are partnered with the Minnesota Wild (NHL hockey team). They have a patio and over 85 beers, so it's the perfect place to enjoy a pint or two before the big game. Their menu includes burgers such as the Juicy Moe and un-burgers like the Moe-town Philly Sandwich with gluten-free buns available. They have paninis, hot dogs, and plenty more. Finish your meal with one of their desserts, such as hot mini-donuts. They deliver, too.

Cafê Astoria (180 Grand Ave., 651-340-9471) is an open and inviting coffee shop with a friendly staff, great service, and creative coffee drinks and smoothie bowls. They also have a variety of crepes, ranging from savory (chickpea, chevre, avocado, and arugula to name one) and sweet (blueberry lemon curd). They also have oatmeal bowls, fruit parfaits, and specialty drinks.

Claddagh Coffee Cafe (459 W 7th St., 651-600-3400) was established in 2011 and has been serving up hot (and cold) coffee to the neighborhood ever since. The shop has a relaxed atmosphere in which you can enjoy your morning coffee as you get some work done.  They have special drinks such as the Sister Mary Claddagh, paninis, a Cubano, and more. They also have boxed lunches and a catering menu.

Cossetta Alimentary (211 W 7th St., 651-222-3476) is colloquially known as Cossetta's and has been a neighborhood staple since 1911. It's a family-owned Italian restaurant that expanded into a mini-Italy so it could offer its customers as full an Italian experience as possible without leaving Minnesota. It has an eatery, a ristorante and bar, pastries, a market, and catering. In the eatery which is cafeteria-style service, they have several kinds of pasta such as sausage calabrese and different kinds of macaroni. They also have sandwiches, fritti, pizzas, and don't forget desserts like the cannoli.

day by day cafe (477 W 7th St., 651-227-0654) is a welcoming and cheerful cafe where you can order breakfast at any time of the day. They have an outdoor patio with a koi pond so you can eat outside, weather permitting, and enjoy a natural respite. Check out their breakfast menu including huevos rancheros, corned beef hash, and a smoked salmon scramble. They have sandwiches and other lunch dishes, too, such as a chicken burrito, but they are mostly known for their hearty breakfasts.

DeGidio's (425 7th St. W, 651-291-7105) is a family-owned and run Italian restaurant that was established as a bar in 1933 by a bootlegger who went by the name, "Kid Bullets" and is now run by his grandchildren. The restaurant has a traditional feel to it, and they serve the classics such as lasagna, linguine, and stromboli. They also have entrees such as citrus glazed salmon and a cheddar burger.

Downtowner Woodfire Grill (253 W 7th St., 651-228-9500) was established and beloved as the Downtowner Café for 12 years before reopening in 2001. The Downtowner Café  was known for its Cajun breakfasts and stuffed French toast, and the new Downtowner Woodfire Grill has retained the excellent breakfasts and lunches while adding dinner as well. Their American Bistro-style food has only natural ingredients, and their menu includes Prince Edward Island mussels, smoked salmon woodfired pizza, and several choices of fire roasted and woodfired entrees. They also have pastas and sandwiches, and you can end your meal with a nice triple layer chocolate mousse.

Forepaugh's Restaurant (276 S Exchange St., 651-224-5606) was established in 1870 and has been serving forward-thinking American food in a Victorian mansion ever since. Their downstairs menu is more casual, including fried mac and cheese with nine cheeses, fish & chips, and a prime rib sandwich. They also have a fine dining menu   that has chorizo stuffed dates on it and a private dining menu that includes roasted Amish chicken as well as a dessert menu that features Forepaugh's Classic Deconstructed Banana Cream Pie. They have several gluten-free options and a few vegetarian options, too, and catering. They have patio dining if you want a great view of the city. No matter what you're in the mood for, you can find it here.

Fresh Grounds Cafe (1362 W 7th St., 651-224-2348) is a colorful and warm coffee shop that is committed to delicious coffee and to serving the wider community around them. They were established in 2004 by RS Eden to assist at-risk youth living in the Seventh Landing supportive housing program. Fresh Grounds trains and employs these youth who have experienced homelessness and other problems. As to their menu, in addition to their Fair-Trade coffee, they have a full menu, including oatmeal, paninis, deli sandwiches, and much more.

Mancini's Char House & Lounge (531 W 7th St., 651-224-7345, 651-224-7346) was opened in 1948 and is a family-run business. They have big, open charcoal broilers in which they broil steaks and lobsters just as they do in Italy. The restaurant is roomy and cheerful, and the service is friendly. Their menu includes a lobster tail dinner, sirloin steak, and a shrimp cocktail. Try the cheesecake for dessert.

Goody's Hot City Pizza & Subs (1017 W 7th St., 651-690-1893) is a casual counter-service place that has all the comfort foods you could want. The service is friendly and fast, and the menu includes pizza, calzones, hoagies, gyros, and all kinds of hot dogs. They have delivery and takeout as well.

Mojo Monkey Donuts (1169 W 7th St., 651-224-0142) is a small donut shop that believes in making everything from hand with the freshest ingredients possible. There is a real artistry in their pastries, and they sell out quickly each day, so it's best to get there as early as possible to ensure you can snag your favorites. They have cake donuts and raised donuts, beignets, crullers, and so much more. Everything looks too good to eat, and they taste even better than they look.

Mucci's Italian (786 Randolph Ave., 651-330-2245) is a modern Italian restaurant that loves to put a creative twist on traditional Italian dishes. They make the noodles and sauces themselves, and you can tell the difference in their dishes. They serve pizzas such as the luna, fresh pasta like the bucatini, and other dishes including a lamb burger. They also have freshly-made, mouthwatering doughnuts on Saturday and Sunday mornings until they run out; these include the mocha doughscuit, blood orange ricotta filled, salted caramel pretzel raised, and blueberry sugar cake.

Pajarito (605 W 7th St., 651-340-9545) is an upscale Mexican restaurant that uses natural ingredients and practices creativity in invention. They honor the spirit of traditional Mexican fare while simultaneously keeping their menu fresh and new. The staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is comfortable. They have emoladas, chilaquiles, and grilled octopus. They also have tacos, tortas, tostados, and so much more.

Seventh Street Truck Park (214 W 7th St., 651-340-8431) is an indoor truck park that has a little something for everyone. It's a big, open space with a lot of hustle and bustle, and it's a great place to grab a pint (beer) and a slice (pizza) with a group of friends. Their menu includes pizza (of course), street tacos, fried chicken, salads, grilled cheese sandwiches, and sides such as a giant jalapeno cheese pretzel. For dessert, they are infamous for their 15-pound ice cream sandwich. You might want to bring a few friends if you're going to tackle that one.

Supatra's Thai Cuisine (967 W 7th St., 651-222-5859) is an open and colorful Thai restaurant that offers tasty dishes such as Thai cashew snack, tom yum, laab isaan, curries, and more. Their entrees include Thai stir-fry with potato, Thai salmon steak, and Crying Tiger. They also have fried rice, pad Thai, and rad na. You can finish your meal with a Supatra's sundae or mango sticky rice. They also offer Thai cooking classes and guides to the equipment and vegetables used in Thai cooking.

Tavial Grill (1199 W 7th St., 651-298-1000) is a family-owned Mexican restaurant with cheerful service in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. They opened in 2014 and have been going strong since. They have recently added tortas to their menu, which includes beef tongue tacos, chicken burritos, and the chef's personal favorite--alambres. Their food is authentic and delicious, and you'll want to return so you can try everything on the menu.

Zamboni's Pizza (184 W 7th St., 651-225-2999) is a casual pizza joint with cheerful and fast service. They are focused on their pizza, of course, including The Zamboni, Foo Fighter, and a Thai chicken pizza. They have meatless pizzas, too. They also offer burgers, wings, ribs, hoagies, and much, much more.


7th Street Barbers (925 W 7th St., 651-228-9433) is an old-fashioned barber shop that gives you a shave and a haircut with no muss and no fuss. The service is friendly and relaxed, and it's a great place to just chill with a chinwag and a haircut. You'll feel like a new person after you leave.

7th Street Tattoo (961 W 7th St., 651-292-8228) is a quirky and comfortable tattoo shop that is committed to giving their clients quality tattoos in a casual and friendly atmosphere. They have several artists with different styles, and they encourage collaboration between artists and customers.

Dilly-Dally Gift Shop & Clothing (261 W 7th St.dillydallygiftshop@gmail.com (no phone)) is a cozy gift store filled with fun bits and bobs such as candles, books, and statues. They have bath bombs, St. Paul wear, and curious as well. They also have clothing such as jeans, sweaters, tunics, and more. They offer free gift-wrapping year round because they don't believe it's a gift until it's wrapped.

Jandrich Floral (976 W 7th St., 651-292-8833) is all about the floral arrangements. Whether you need a bouquet for a wedding, a funeral, or a birthday, they are able and eager to handle all your floral needs. Their custom service goes above and beyond the call of duty as they ensure that every client is satisfied.

RiverGarden Yoga Center (455 W 7th St., 651-270-6643) is a yoga center for all practitioners, no matter where they are in their journey. Beginner, intermediate, experienced, or anywhere in between. They welcome and embrace everyone, and they have an 'open heart' policy for people struggling with financial issues. The first class is free to any local resident, and they offer a diverse variety of classes.

SophieJoe's Emporium (453 W 7th St., 651-224-1537) is a funky and fun antique/vintage store cram-packed with eclectic items from more than 45 dealers. The storefront is creatively decorated by graffiti artist, and the shop itself is welcoming and warm with a friendly and helpful staff. They sell jewelry, household items, vintage and modern clothing, and so much more. They love matching their customers with the perfect items, so drop in and stay awhile.

The Holy Mackerel (196 Forbes Ave., 651-222-HOLY) is a tattoo and piercing shop that opened in 2005 as a piercing store. They recently decided to expand and added tattooing four years ago. They have a comfortable and fun environment, complete with a pinball machine you can play while you're waiting to get tattooed/pierced. The artists are professional, knowledgeable, and friendly, and they want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your body art by the time you leave.

Wescott's Station Antiques (226 W 7th St., 651-227-2469) is a family-owned antique store that has been in business for over 40 years. They are known for their stained glass windows, Red Wing pottery, furniture, and more.  They have many unique and rare items, so you're sure to find a treasure.


Casper's & Runyon's Shamrock (995 W 7th St., 651-228-9925) is an Irish pub with a lively and casual atmosphere. They have live music, friendly service, and free shuttles to all home Vikings and Wild games. Or, you can watch the game in the pub while hanging out with your friends. The menu includes honey-glazed cheese curds, flatbreads, and late-night pizza. They have burgers, and some of them are named for local sports stars. They also have sandwiches such as the bourbon bacon sandwich, and dinners such as the Emerald Isle steak dinner. They have a banquet menu, too. In addition, they have daily specials and drinks galore.

Eagle Grille Street (174 W 7th St., 651-225-1382) has lots of natural wood as part of its decor, and it's vibe is lively and fun. They're situated next to the Xcel, which makes them the perfect place to visit before or after a hockey game or live performance. Their menu includes jalapeno cheese curds, street tacos, sandwiches such as the Eagle Street Philly, and burgers. They have gluten-free buns for their burgers, and you can grab a pint while you're at it. They source their meats locally at the Rancher's Legacy. They host private events as well.

Grand 7 Saloon (315 W 7th St., 651-222-6104) is a low-key neighborhood bar that is the perfect place to gather when you just want to grab a beer and a burger, and maybe watch the game with a couple of friends. Or, stop by before the game at the Xcel for a bite and to get pumped up. Their menus include the standards such as nachos, burgers, and pizzas. They have a salmon salad, too, just to mix things up a bit.

Joe & Stan's Pub & Grill (949 W 7th St., 651-293-0571) is a friendly neighborhood bar with a casual vibe and an easygoing staff. It is a family-owned sports bar, and they believe laughter is the best medicine for whatever ails you. They want you to be as comfortable in their bar as you would be in your own home. They serve tater tots, seasonal chili, burgers, pizza, and broasted chicken (yes, broasted, not roasted). They also offer pizza and pizza fries, and now, you can order online.

J.R. Macs Bar and Grill (1420 W 7th St., 651-224-8482) is a casual and comfortable neighborhood hang-out that is known for their burgers, including the J.R. Mac Burger, the Liam Boy Burger, and a wild rice turkey burger. They also serve sandwiches and tacos along with plenty of different kinds of drinks. They have a patio for seasonal outdoor enjoyment.

Keenan's Bar and Grill (620 Bar) (620 W 7th St., 651-227-3840) is a casual and comfortable neighborhood bar. The atmosphere is relaxed and low-key, and the service is attentive and friendly. They serve typical bar fare including wings, tacos, and a meatball hoagie. They also have gyros and Italian roast beef. Go with a group of friends to cheer on the Vikings and enjoy a few beers; you'll have a good time.

New Bohemia Wurst & BierHaus (222 W 7th St., 651-330-8267) is what they term a 'New American Craft Bier Haus', based on the traditional bier hall. The place is airy and cheery, and the service is friendly. They have 36 local and international craft beer, and 24 all-natural sausages made from whole cuts of meats and no artificial flavorings or nitrates. The sausages are made in Minnesota and the pretzels are handmade in the traditional German style. The fries are hand-cut daily, and the condiments are made on site. Their wursts include New Orleans Cajun andouille, a Surly beer brat, wild boar with compote, and so much more. They have vegan wursts, and dairy-free and gluten-free options as well. They also have burgers and fries, and you can finish your meal with a giant fried cinnamon & sugar pretzel with caramel.

Patrick McGovern's Pub & Restaurant (225 W 7th St., 651-224-5821) was established in 1982 in a 1888 building, and it's been a neighborhood favorite ever since. They have slowly expanded over time, and now there is an outdoor patio with a retractable roof, so you can enjoy your libations outside in the summer. They have a variety of foods, including their famous turkey sandwiches and other sandwiches such as the Dublin grinder, burgers, and soft tortilla wraps. They also have nightly dinner specials such as the beef stroganoff on Saturdays. They can host private parties, too.

Skinner's Pub and Eatery (919 Randolph Ave., 651-291-0146) was opened in 2000 and it's been serving the neighborhood ever since. It's a casual, family-friendly place with patio seating, and the staff is friendly. Their menu includes pizzas such as bacon cheeseburger pizza, a taco pizza, and Reuben pizza. Not coincidentally, they also have a bacon cheeseburger, tacos, and Reubens. They also have other burgers and sandwiches, and lots of chicken.

The Liffey Irish Pub (175 W 7th St., 651-556-1420), as its name says, is an Irish pub, and 'liffey' means life in Irish. It's also a river in Dublin. The pub has wooden floors, is open and airy, and has a welcoming atmosphere. The service is friendly, and it's a great place to visit before a night out on the town. The menu includes Cara Chicken Shots, corned beef and cabbage, chicken pub pie, and a Minnesota burger. They have gluten-free options, too. They also have desserts such as a Bailey's chocolate cheesecake, which is a nice way to end your meal. Their drink list includes Guinness (of course) and other beers, specialty drinks such as the Irish Goodbye, and wine. They host private events as well.

The Spot Bar (859 Randolph Ave., 651-224-7433) was opened in 1885 and is the longest-running bar in Minnesota. The bar is in a converted basement and is filled with quirky decor. They host meat raffles and cribbage tournaments, and they have bar games that can be enjoyed by everyone. It's a no-frills kind of place where you can come as you are.

Tom Reid's Hockey City Pub (258 W 7th St., 651-292-9916) is a sports bar with a casual and welcoming vibe. They have plenty of big-screen TVs so you can cheer on the home team with your friends as you drink a pint or have a bite to eat. Their menu includes sandwiches, plenty of walleye dishes, sliders, and burgers. They also have tacos, fajitas, and chimichangas. They have a catering menu as well. In addition, they have a private room and patio seating.

Community Arts & Recreation

Art and Elixir (876 W 7th St., 651-226-4705) believes there we all have artists inside who just needs the right nurturing so we can fully express our creative sides. They offer a supportive environment in which you can explore and experiment with painting. They think it's as much about learning something about yourself as it is learning techniques. They have many painting event options, and you can book a private event or a corporate event as well.

Art House North (793 Armstrong Ave., no phone number) aims to provide a sanctuary for the artist's soul. They believe in community, spirituality, and engaging with the world on an organic level. They think that expressing creativity can change a person's core, and they are supportive of people who want to engage in these endeavors. Since they place such an emphasis on community, they promote collaboration and communication.

Artista Bottega (937 W 7th St., 651-493-0861) is an open and inviting space dedicated to showcasing a variety of diverse St. Paul artists (and surrounding communities). They have a resident artist cat who can help you choose the perfect piece of art for your home. They offer art classes and an artist parlor Airbnb, and they have literary readings and gallery openings as well. They also have a mural room rental, so if you're interested in the arts, this is the place to be.

Electric Machete Studios (private location, info@electricmachete.com, 651-560-5115) is a Twin Cities art and music production company focused on artists of Latinx and Xicanx from las Americas backgrounds. They work around the Twin Cities, performing, collaborating, teaching, hosting, and educating as they go. They are contemporary and experimental, and they promote the works of local Latinx/Xicanx/Indigenous artists. Take a look at their online shop for a sample of the work they produce.

evla pottery (928 W 7th St., 612-812-5706) was started by a husband-and-wife duo to showcase their abstract art and pottery that can be used every day. The ceramics and hand-thrown and individually-glazed, and they include platters, mugs, wine tumblers, and vases. The paintings are mostly oils, and they're colorful and evocative.

Palace Community Center (781 Palace Ave., 651-298-5677) has plenty to offer to people of all ages. They have after-school activities, open gym, an ice rink, and they have field rental as well. They have free meals for youths up to aged 18 (19 if they participate in public on nonprofit private school programs for people with disabilities); Summer Blast, which is free afternoon programs for kids entering grades 1-6; and Rec Check, a free after-school program for kids in grades 1-5.

Park Square Theatre (20 W 7th Pl., 651-291-7005) was opened in 1975 as an 80-seat theater. From those humble beginnings, they have grown into a respected theater known for their commitment to community and diversity. They have two stages, a theatre in residence program, rent out one of their spaces, and participate in The Ghostlight Project. They also have educational programs for students as they are eager to spread their passion for theater to everyone.  They have a long history of blending arts and diversity, and they are continually staging exciting dramas that excite, engage, and entertain.

The Saint Paul Gallery and Thune Studio (943 W 7th St., 651-227-2511) opened in 1987 as the saint paul gallery and has been at its current location for the past ten years. The owner, David Thune, has been committed to displaying art from Midwestern artists. This year, he's revisited his goals, and now, the space acts as his own studio as well as features friends and other artists he admires.

W7 Collective (Historic Pilney Building, 1032 W 7th St., info@w7collective.com) is a collective of contemporary artists, designers,  and importers. Their goal is to infuse the shopping experience with creativity and vibrancy. They are open the 2nd week of every month, and they participate in the 3/50 project.


Healthy West 7th Block Party (United Family Medicine, 1026 W 7th St., 651-241-1103) is a new community tradition, aimed at highlighting the best of West Seventh as well as offering tips on how to live a healthier life. Activities include walking through a giant colon, local music, and so much more.


You can use Metro Transit to get around West Seventh, including routes 54 and 74. There has been a lot of talk about adding light rail or streetcar access to the neighborhood with the latter being recommended by an advisory committee.


Adams Spanish Immersion School (615 Chatsworth St. S, 651-298-1585) is a public magnet school for students in grades K-5. They teach all their classes in Spanish for kindergarten and first grade, and they start incorporating English after that. They provide accelerated math classes for grades 3 and up, and they include plenty of the arts in their education. They believe in the value of a bilingual education, and they provide their students with international experiences without ever leaving the country.

Bridge View School (350 Colborne St., 651-293-8640) is a Federal Setting 4 school that is focused on special education for students in grades K-12. Their students are kids with significant developmental disabilities, and the staff individualizes the lessons so that their students can learn in the best way possible. They work tirelessly with all students to ensure that they have the best tools available in order to succeed in school and in life beyond academics. They provide a supportive and nurturing environment, making sure to involve the parents in all the decisions. It's a safe environment for vulnerable students to thrive.

College Prep Elementary (355 Randolph Ave., 651-605-2360) is a public charter school for students in grades K-6. They provide a scrupulously meticulous education in order to prepare their students for higher education. They opened in 2009, and they focus on STEM subjects.

Focus Beyond Transition Services (340 Colborne St., 651-293-5997) is a special education program geared towards helping people aged 18-21 who are struggling with transitioning because of unmet needs with regards to their special education needs. They have partnerships with various agencies within the community, a staff who work specifically with the target demo, and they work hard to provide their students with the tools and skills they need to successfully transition into life after school.

Four Seasons A+ Elementary School (318 Moore St., 651-290-7595) was opened in 1997 and is committed to teaching arts to their students, grades pre-K through 5. The staff believes that learning through art can enhance creativity and make learning easier in general. They use the arts to teach everything, including science and math. The arts they teach their students include four areas: theater, visual arts, music, and dance. They believe creative and engaged students will thrive.

Jie Ming Mandarin Immersion Academy (1845 Sheridan Ave. W, 651-744-4770) is a Mandarin immersion school serving students in grades K-6. They provide a bilingual and bi-literate curriculum, focusing on STEM areas. Their students are from diverse backgrounds, and the staff are native Mandarin speakers (and fluent in both Mandarin and English). The staff are highly engaged with their students, and the school motto is "Respect, Honesty, Diligence, Self-Control".

Journeys Secondary School (90 Western Ave. S, 651-744-1900) is a school with students from grades 9-12 who are dealing with emotional and/or behavioral disabilities. The students have classes in the morning and job-related programs/events in the afternoon. The smallness of the school helps the staff focus on each individual student, ensuring that all their students get the maximum attention they need in order to succeed.

Linwood Monroe Arts Plus Lower Campus (1023 Osceola Ave., 651-293-6606) is the campus for the younger kids at Linwood Monroe Arts Plus (grades Pre-K through 4). LMAP LC builds a foundation for their emerging artists that they hope will flourish throughout their students' educations and lives. The staff follows the A+ model which has daily arts instruction in literary arts, dance, music, visual arts, and drama. They believe that integrating arts into every discipline instills in their students a lifelong love of the arts.

Linwood Monroe Arts Plus Upper Campus (810 Palace Ave., 651-293-8690) is the campus for the middle school students, grades 5-8) at Linwood Monroe Arts Plus. The students are already firmly ensconced in the LMAP way of learning, so their transition to middle school is easier than it might be otherwise. They continue their arts-focused education with the addition of a Foundations course, and their education is delivered to them in a nurturing and supportive environment.

MacDonald Montessori School (175 Western Ave. S, 651-227-1039) is a nonprofit early childhood school that promotes the idea that young children are capable of making decisions about their own lives. In addition, staff members engage the children in hands-on activities to encourage them to explore, experiment, and experience life to the fullest. They encourage the children and parents to see themselves as part of a greater community.

Nova Classical Academy (1455 Victoria Way, 651-209-6320) is a public charter school that has students in grades K-12. They offer an education firmly grounded in the classics, and the school was started by parents who wanted to provide their children (and others) with the classical education they wished they had received when they were children. In addition to the basics which are focused on language, they also offer Latin for all grades, Logic (grades 6-8) and Rhetoric (grades 9-12). They also provide a supportive environment in which all their students can excel.

Upper Mississippi Academy (426 Osceola Ave. S, 651-528-8091) is a public charter school serving students from grade 6-12. They believe in a dynamic, engaging education, so they tailor each student's lessons as much as possible. They believe in the greater community as well, which means they plan as many activities in the community as possible. They encourage their students to be collaborative, and they know that they can do more together than they can each accomplish on their own. They crafted the Four Experiential Learning Pathways, and they guide their students down those pathways.

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