Tudor Revival Houses in Minneapolis

Let's talk about the Tudor Revival Style, which is the predominant style of house in Minneapolis.  First of all, what is a Tudor?  A Tudor is a house that tries to mimic an English cottage with its decorative half-timbering and stucco walls.  An additional noted feature is the prominent chimney.

The stucco is usually white or another light color while the half-timbering is darker.  The roof is very steep with front-facing gables.  In addition, there is often a a little attached archway that leads to the front or side door.  South Minneapolis Tudors often use stonework to attractively frame the door, the front steps, and to accentuate the chimney.

Traditionally, the windows are diamond-shaped, and 6/6 (six over six) or 6/1.  It is less common to have the windows be 3/1.

The interior of a Tudor has several recognizable features as well.

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