Wow! You won’t believe your eyes. You’ll be saying, “How can anyone sell this?” This piece is so special that you’ll get so much use out of it. It will be the focal point of your existence for years to come. This storage cabinet is so much more than what you can find today. It has an aged patina, and dare I call it “antique?” Almost, but not quite.

“You have to see it to believe it!” – K. H.

You’ll want to invite guests over for dinner parties, and during the course of the evening, they’ll eventually need to use the restroom. When they are there, they’ll exclaim “Where did you get that?” and “It looks like it belongs in ______!” (sorry we had to remove the location for privacy issues) You’ll hear comments all night long regarding the cabinet! It will be the center of any discussion.
If you take a look at the design, you’ll come to appreciate several details. First, the wood seems so real. It just has that certain feel to it, you know, when you are eyeing that fine piece of furniture at that expensive gallery, you know, wood like. It is in a light-neutral tone that is sure to complement any décor and any color. The magical wood tone color enhances the look of any paint color you might already have. But then, when you get to the handles, it harkens back to another era. They are porcelain over brass handles, and feel smooth to the touch. Just think of how many times you’ll touch these handles, just because you can, not because you have to.

Looking at the front, you’ll of course notice the glass panels. All you’ll say is “WOW. Look at that!” The glass has some sort of etching on it that kind of looks like a flower print of some sort. It will immediately attract your attention. I don’t know my flowers or I’d be able to name that flower easily. So it’ll have to go unnamed.

This bathroom cabinet could be worth hundreds someday. But not only are we getting rid of it, we’re giving it away! That’s right, FREE. But if you act now, you can also receive a matching vanity light fixture as an added bonus. That’s right, the bonus light fixture is also FREE.

About that light fixture… This is another conversation piece. Of course the guests that are over will turn on the light and be stunned for a few minutes by its presence. They’ll look at it and wonder. This light fixture has 3 lamps. With 60 watt bulbs in them, it puts out a ton of light, so much that people will think that you have a skylight in your bathroom. The graceful curves of the antique brass arms draw attention to the globes, which themselves are speechless. These globes have such a pattern etched in them forever that I just have to say “that’s interesting.”

This combo of overjohn and vanity light is worth so much by itself, but wait… that’s right, another bonus. Also included in this stupendeous deal is another FREE gift, only if you act now. A matching vanity cabinet, countertop with integral sink, and faucet are also included. But quantities are limited and you have to ACT NOW. This deal will be gone by Tuesday morning (curb alert) due to another interested party with a big truck. They will be here on Tuesday morning to take away the deal if you don’t act now.

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