Inver Grove Heights Quick Facts
County: Dakota
Population: 35481
Size: 30.22 sq.mi.
Median Home Price: $429980
Average Rent Price: $1221
Commute to Mpls: 24 min.
Commute to Stp: 10 min.
Natural Gas: Xcel Energy
Garbage / Recycle: Varies
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Inver Grove Heights Overview
Inver Grove Heights is a southern suburb of St. Paul and has roughly 34,000 people. It is a welcoming city with people of different backgrounds, and they work hard to ensure that there's a real community feel to the city. The city is a hidden gem in the Twin Cities, but the members of the community would be happy to discuss the positives of the city. The city welcomes businesses. It is home to a few big business headquarters. One of them is CHS, Inc., an agriculture coop, and another is Pine Bend Refinery, the largest oil refinery in Minnesota. Gertens Greenhouse, one of the largest regional garden centers, is also located in Minnesota. It is known for its amenities, including golf courses, parks, and the Veterans Memorial Community Center. The golf courses are Arbor Pointe Golf Club and Inver Wood Golf Course, the latter of which is run by the City. Some of the more known parks in the city are Salem Hills Park, North Valley Park, and South Valley Park. They also have an off-leash dog park, Heritage Village Park. The Veterans Memorial Community Center offers several state-of-the-art facilities, including two ice arenas, the Grove Aquatic & Fitness Center, and the National Guard Gymnasium.
Inver Grove Heights Boundaries
Inver Grove Heights Then And Now
The land of what is now Inver Grove Heights was open to settlement in 1853, and there had been some settlers in the area in 1852 as well. Inver Grove Township was formed in 1858 with John McGroarty, one of the elected supervisors, provided the 'Inver' part of the name, and there's no record as to who suggested 'Grove'. There were three distinct communities within the township, each settled in the area they were for different reasons. The population of Inver Grove Township in 1860 was 536 people. The main job for most of the people at the time was farming, though those closer to the river were more drawn to fishing and servicing steamboats. The three communities were pulling apart because there was no central commercial gathering point to draw them together, and those near the river focused on developing a commercial center for their community. There were other developing communities around Inver Grove Township. One of them was the Village of Inver Grove.  The Village of Inver Grove had been on the map since 1886, and it became a railway hub for South St. Paul's stockyards. The Village of Inver Grove became an integral part of the Twin City railway system and incorporated in 1909. By the late 1950s/early 1960s, the area had grown by leaps and bounds. Inver Grove Township had tripled in their population from 1,752 people in 1950 to 5,753 in 1960. There were demands for public services that the township could not meet , so the state stepped in. The state declared that townships over 2,000 people had to incorporate, and the township realized that they had a few options. They chose to incorporate, and then they merged with the Village of Inver Grove in 1965 to become the Village of Inver Grove Heights. Nine years later, in 1975, the 'Village' was replaced with 'City' in order to comply with state regulations.
Inver Grove Heights Environmental / Green
The City of Inver Grove Heights is serious about environmental policies. They have an Environmental Commission that meets once a month as needed to address current environmental issues. Some of the issues they deal with are Wetland Replacement Applications, landfill issues, and promoting environmental awareness within the community. They also have a 2030 Comprehensive Plan in which they outline their vision for the community's future. There is an Environmental Protection section as ensuring the health of the environment is one of their main priorities. In this section, they lay out their plans to protect the land, but they do not offer any concrete numbers they want to attain or what consequences there will be if their plans are not fulfilled.
Inver Grove Heights Resident's Top Ten Pics
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Inver Grove Heights Parks
Heritage Village Park - ( 4321 65th St.,, 651-450-2585., website)

Heritage Village Park is an off-leash dog park with 11 acres available for romping and frolicking. There is a designated area for small dogs so they can have fun and feel comfortable at the same time. There is an open area as well for dogs to run free and play with their canine friends. There are lighted unpaved trails to walk along, and there are places to sit as well.

Lions Park - ( 2423 65th St. E,, 651-450-2585, website)

Lions Park is a cozy neighborhood park that is best known for its fishing pier. If you're into fishing, you'll love to sit on this pier with your line cast. The quiet beauty surrounding you as you fish is a balm for the soul. There is a picnic shelter and some picnic tables, so it's a good place to rest and have a bite. You can also play horseshoes with your friends as there is a horseshoe pit. There is a playground area for the children as well.

North Valley Park - ( 2800 70th St. E,, 651-450-2585, website)

North Valley Park is 58 acres of lush wooded land, and it is a popular spot for the community members. For the physically active people, there are soccer fields, tennis courts, pickleball courts, and softball/baseball diamonds. There is also almost 5,000 miles of trails if you'd rather hike and enjoy the nature around you in that manner. When you're ready for a nice picnic, there are tables for that purpose.  There is also a grill if you're in the mood for a barbecue.

Salem Hills Park - ( 1642 Upper 55th St.,, 651-450-2585, website)

Salem Hills Park is 41 acres of greenery including a tree nursery, which makes it an idyllic place to walk around on the over 2,000 feet of trails. If you like playing sports, there are plenty of fields and courts, including baseball/softball, tennis, pickleball, and basketball. There is a playground area for children to play in and enjoy.

South Valley Park - ( 2810 70th St. E,, 651-450-2585, website)

South Valley Park is lovely park that is the perfect place for a stroll on the nearly 7,000 feet of trails within the park. There is a hill that is perfect for sledding in the winter, and there is also an outdoor skating rink that can be enjoyed in the snowy season as well. There is a picnic shelter that can be reserved any time of the year along with picnic tables and grills for the summer months. There is a playground  area for the younger set to enjoy. The Park & Rec department plans several events during the year at this park.

Inver Grove Heights Restaurants
Cahill Diner - ( 6504 Cahill Ave.,, 651-455-4408, website)

Cahill Diner is a family-owned restaurant and was the first of three diners opened by Zeze and Moody, who know a thing or two about the restaurant business as they have been in it for over 30 years. They opened this diner in 2009, and it has been a neighborhood favorite ever since. It has a groovy retro feel to it, and the service is cheerful. The menu includes Fabulous French Toast, King Kong Omelet, Biscuits & Gravy, and the Tater Tot Bowl. They provide catering and delivery as well.

Dominick's Pizza - ( 9715 S Robert Trail,, 651-994-1233, website)

Dominick's Pizza is a pizza joint with a retro diner feel to it. There are pictures of hockey on the wall and it's attached to a gas station. It's a low-key chill place with a friendly staff and great food. The menu includes gyros, Philly Cheesesteak, a family-sized stromboli, and a whole lot more. Of course, they are most famous for their pizzas, which include Dominick's Special, The Everything, and They Veggie. You can also make your own by adding the toppings you want.

El Azteca - ( 5816 Blaine Ave.,, 651-450-5410, website)

El Azteca is a Mexican restaurant, and it is the second one in the Twin Cities. The first was opened in Apple Valley over a decade ago and because of it's popularity, they opened another in Inver Grove Heights. It is a bright and airy restaurant with friendly service. The atmosphere is cheerful and relaxed, and everyone is made to feel welcome here. They have patio seating when the weather allows for it. The menu includes nachos, quesadillas, and tacos. There are steak, chicken, seafood, and vegetarian entrees, and combo plates.

Iwa Sushi Grill & Bar - ( 7781 Amana Trail, Suite 205,, 651-455-1473, website)

Iwa Sushi Grill & Bar is a Japanese/sushi restaurant that is all about the fresh ingredients and the friendly service. There is a lot of marble, lending a quietly classy touch to the decor. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. There are plenty of items on their menu, starting with the star, the sushi. In addition to the nigiri and sashimi, there are rolls such as the New York Roll, Spicy Snow Crab Roll, and Spicy Yellowtail Roll. There is also maki, including Oshinko Maki, Fresh Fish Roll Maki, and Kappa Maki. They also have special rolls such as the Black Dragon Roll, Dynamite, and Rainbow Roll. In addition, they have teriyaki, udon, tempura, and so much more.

Iwa Sushi Japanese Restaurant - ( 7781 Amana Trail, Suite #205, 651-455-1473, website)

Iwa Sushi Japanese Restaurant is a casual sushi restaurant with a contemporary and clean-lines decor. The service is friendly and fast, and the atmosphere is casual. The menu is vast and far extends outside sushi. The sushi/sashimi menu includes scallop, flying fish roe, and sea urchin. They have rolls and hand rolls, such as Iwa House Special Roll, New York Roll, Asparagus Maki Roll, and Spicy Shrim Roll. In addition, they have a variety of sushi specials, so check those out as well. Other than sushi, they have hibachi dishes, tempura, don buri, and katsu in addition to fried rice, teriyaki, and noodles. There are so many options, you'll want to return so you can try them all.

Little Asia Bowl - ( 3035 80th St.,, 651-306-0150, website)

Little Asia Bowl is a family-owned Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant. The decor is simple, and the service is friendly and personable. It's a casual and relaxed atmosphere, and they have takeout as well as dine-in. The vast menu includes pho, pad tai, bun, chow mein, and pan-fried noodles. They have plenty of vegetarian options as well.

Tacqueria El Rincon - ( 6550 Cahill Ave.,, 651-457-2652, website)

Tacqueria El Rincon is a Mexican restaurant that focuses on delivering authentic cuisine. The place is casual with a relaxed atmosphere and the staff members are very friendly. It's tiny with only four tables so it's better to order to go. The menu includes Alambre, Tinga Tostados, Pozole, and Caldo De Cameron. They have different specials on different days, such as Thursday Quesadilla Combo Special and the ubiquitous Tuesday Taco Special.

Turitto's Pizza - ( 6611 Concord Blvd.,, 651-455-6363, website)

Turitto's Pizza is a family-owned pizza joint that has been serving slices and pies to the community for 30 years. It's an open and airy space on the inside, and the service is cheerful and friendly. The atmosphere is casual and welcoming, and the menu is varied. The Reuben (pizza) is a favorite as is the Super House Special. You can build your own pizza if you'd rather. The non-pizza menu includes a corned beef sub, baked rigatoni with or without meat, and a meatball sub. There are salads and sides as well.

Inver Grove Heights Shopping
Bike King - ( 6489 Cahill Ave.,, 651-457-7766, website)

Bike King is a bike shop that has been opened since 1995. It was opened by Gil because working with bikes was all he wanted to do since he was a young boy. Now, Bike King has been meeting Inver Grove Height's bicycle needs for 25 years, and they provide a quality service to his customers. They sell all kinds of bikes, replacement parts, helmets, clothing, and more. They also do repair work and skate sharpening. The staff is friendly and knowledge, which makes for a great all-around experience.

Cahill Plaza - ( 7850 Cahill Ave.,, 513-417-4369, website)

Cahill Plaza has a 24-hour Cub Foods as its flagship store, and it is a favorite among the community residents. The stores cover basic needs, such as Great Clips, MGM Wine & Spirits, TCF Bank, and Papa John's. There aren't many stores, but what they do, the do well. There is a McDonald's in the complex as well.

Gertens - ( 500 Blaine Ave.,, 651-450-1501, website)

Gertens is a garden center that offers a lot of product and services. If you're interested in gardening, they have everything you need to get started from mulch to fertilizer and everything in between. They also have products available if you're interested in green (environmentally conscious) gardening, too. They have seeds, bug control, artificial Christmas trees, real trees, and so much more. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and they are eager to help you in your gardening endeavors.

Hometown Meats - ( 3025 80th St. E,, 651-455-1397, website)

Hometown Meats was opened in 2008 by Rob and Robin, two members of the neighborhood. They were committed to bringing quality meats to the community, and that is what they have done for over a decade. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and they are eager to find you any cut you need. The products include their own smoked meats, smoked cheeses, and smoked eggs, not to mention different cuts of pork and beef. They also have specialty items, such as Minnesota Canoes, Stuffed Pork Chops, and Pulled Pork and Pulled Beef. They have seafood and fish as well. They also have crafted packs such as the Cabin Pack and 100 Pound Triple Play Pack.

Peterson's Popcorn - ( 3045 80th St. E,, 651-457-4086, website)

Peterson's Popcorn is a family-owned popcorn (and ice cream) shop that has been serving the community with tasty treats for many years. They put the utmost care into their popcorn, making one batch at a time, by hand, and on a daily basis. They have the classics cheese, butter, and caramel, and they mix it up once in a while with flavors like bacon cheddar. They have homemade ice cream, too, with flavors such as mint chocolate chip, rocky road, and key lime pie. They have homemade fudge as well, and everything is a hit with their customers.

Inver Grove Heights Nightlife
B-52 Burgers and Brew - ( 5639 Bishop Ave.,, 651-451-3838, website)

B-52 Burgers and Brew is a neighborhood joint where community members love to go to grab a pint and a bite. The decor is very wood heavy, and it lends itself to a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The service is friendly and welcoming, and there is patio dining for the warmer seasons. Their menu includes Seafood Tacos, The Dracarys Burger, Chipotle Chicken Dinner, and St.  Louis Pork Ribs. They also have gluten free options, online ordering, takeout, and delivery. And, of course, they have plenty of beverages on tap, including a variety of beers.

Drkula's 32 Bowl - ( 6710 Cahill Ave.,, 651-451-1717, website)

Drkula's 32 Bowl is an exciting blend of pub, bowling alley, and volleyball courts. The pub and bowling alley are inside where the decor is funky, woodsy, and the layout is very open. The (sand) volleyball courts are out back by the patio dining, and both are able to be enjoyed in the summer heat. They have both volleyball leagues and bowling leagues, and there is fun to be had by everyone. They also have four pool tables, dart boards, and video games. The menu includes Beer Battered Pickle Spears, Brat Burger, Fish Tacos, Rib Dinner, and a build your own pizza. They keep the drinks flowing, specifically Miller beer. They have a party room/banquet facility that can be rented out for all kinds of events, too, and they will cater your event for you.

Jersey's Bar & Grill - ( 6449 Concord Blvd.,, 651-455-4561, website)

Jersey's Bar & Grill is a neighborhood bar that is unassuming in decor and stature, and has a relaxed atmosphere. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they serve everything from breakfast to mimosas. The menu includes Pot Roast Poutine, Jersey Juicys, Cajun Skillet, and The Minnesota Nice. Drinkwise, they have wine, margaritas, Jameson, and more. They have live music and DJs, so it's a fun way to spend an evening with family and/or friends.

Mississippi Pub - ( 4455 66th St. E,, 651-455-4975, website)

Mississippi Pub is located at the River Heights Marina and on the Mississippi River, and they have a loading dock for people to park their boats. The decor inside feels like you're on the water with the cool blue and woodsy furniture, and the ambiance is relaxed with friendly staff members. There is also patio seating for warmer weather, and it's a great place to sit and watch the boats go by. The menu includes Meat Skillet, Fish Taco, Steakhouse Mac & Cheese, and burgers. On the drink side, they have a variety of beers, cocktails, and wine. They deliver with DoorDash, and they have events such as pull tabs. They also are available for your special occasions including bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and company events.

Overboard Bar and Grill - ( 4455 64th St. E,, 651-528-6505, website)

Overboard Bar and Grill is a fun place to hang out on the Mississippi River with your friends on the patio seating while watching the boats go by. The decor is quirky and charming, and the service is fast and friendly. The menu includes homemade pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches. They have quite the selection of drinks, such as beers, margaritas, and Jager Bombs.

Inver Grove Heights Community Arts & Recreation
Art and Soul Pottery - ( 2352 75th St. E,, 651-306-1591, website)

Art and Soul Pottery showcases the work of  woman who has been studying and practicing pottery for over twenty years, and she started her business in 2002. She believes that the working with the clay is a spiritual journey and that it keeps her connected to the earth. She displays her work in different places around Minnesota, and she can be contacted by email. Her work is warm and inviting, and it's saturated in vibrant colors.

CLIMB Theatre - ( 6415 Carmen Ave. E,, 800-767-9600, website)

CLIMB Theatre was founded in 1975 by Peg Wetli, an actor among other professions, who came to realize that there were many people who needed access to theater, including those with different abilities. Not only do they tour around the Midwest with their innovative and collaborative plays, they have classes in creative theater. Everything they do is with the aim of strengthening the members of their community and the community itself. They have classes by grade and also by customization.

Gallery 120 - ( 2500 80th St. E,, 651-450-3101, website)

Gallery 120 was founded in 2011 by the Fine Arts Department of the Inver Hills Community College. Their aim was to provide an exhibition space for local and regional contemporary artists while also highlighting the educational mission of the college. They bring in an eclectic and exciting variety of artists, and they are excited to present artists who offer something fresh and new.

Short Dance Studios - ( 9332 Cahill Ave.,, 715-246-2300, website)

Short Dance Studios for the Performing Arts was opened in 1965 by Pat Short. Fifty-five years and a few major changes later, the studio in Inver Grove Heights (there are two of them) is a majestic 9000 square foot building with five dance rooms and two music/vocal rooms. It is now run by Wade and Jessica Short, plus several performance/dance instructors, and they offer three levels of classes/lines: recreational, performing, and competition. Their classes include hip-hop, music, ballet, musical theatre, and much more. They also have mini camps, 6 week sessions, and dance team lessons.

Veterans Memorial Community Center - ( 8055 Barbara Ave.,, 651-450-2480, website)

Veterans Memorial Community Center is a focal point for members of the community to gather for many reasons. It has many state-of-the-art facilities including The National Guard Gymnasium, the Grove Aquatic & Fitness Center, and two ice arenas. They welcome everyone of any age and ability, and they encourage everyone in the community to come and use the facilities. They offer memberships that allow open access to all the facilities.

Inver Grove Heights Events
FEB: FUNdraiser Dinner and Silent Auction - ( 3535 72nd Ave. E,, 651-455-6624, website)

The IGH B.E.S.T.  Scholarship Foundation has been hosting the fundraising dinner and silent auction as one of their two fundraisers for nearly 30 years. It is held at the Shamrock Hall in the Church of St. Patrick in February, and it includes a raffle drawing, prizes, games, and more. The proceeds go to run the foundation and to fund scholarships for post-secondary education for Simley High School graduates.

FEB: IGH Arts & Craft Fair - ( 8055 Barbara Ave.,, 651-450-2480, website)

The IGH Arts & Craft Fair has been a popular community event that has recently changed from being hosted by the City to being hosted by and held at the Veterans Memorial Community Center in February. The fair will feature local artists who make clothing, jewelry, art, and other products for you to browse and enjoy. It's a great way to break free from the winter doldrums.

MAY: May Day 5K - ( 2500 80th St. E,, 651-450-3000, website)

The May Day 5K race is sponsored by the IGH B.E.S.T. Scholarship Foundation and held at the Inver Hills Community College in May. They have been sponsoring the run for over 20 years, and it is a booming success year after year. The proceeds go to support the foundation and to allow them to fund scholarships for Simley High School graduates.

SEP: Inver Grove Heights Days - ( P.O. Box 2031, , website)

Inver Grove Heights Days is an extravaganza celebrating the community, spread over four days in September. There are a ton of activities prepared, including a treasure hunt that lasts all weekend, bean bag & volleyball tournaments, Bike the Bridges, a street dance, a pet contest, and a classic car show. There will be a royal coronation, a kids court with activities such as music and face painting, and there will be more practical activities such as a public safety display and a blood drive. Everyone is welcome to come and have a good time.

OCT: Boo Bash and Trick-or-Treating - ( 8055 Barbara Ave.,, 651-450-2585, website)

Boo Bash and Trick-or-Treating is an annual Halloween event hosted by the Inver Grove Heights Park and Rec and by the City of Inver Grove Heights in October. It is held in the National Guard Armory Gymnasium at the Veterans Memorial Community Center. It has been a community favorite for nearly 20 years, and it's a great way to enjoy a family-friendly night of fun spooks. The kids are invited to come in costume, and there will be trick or treating. There will be food, crafts, and games as well, so everyone will have a good time.

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