Plymouth Quick Facts
County: Hennepin
Population: 79450
Size: 35.48 sq.mi.
Median Home Price: $548250
Average Rent Price: $1459
Commute to Mpls: 17 min.
Commute to Stp: 38 min.
Electricity: Varies
Natural Gas: Centerpoint Energy
Garbage / Recycle: Varies
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Plymouth Overview
Plymouth is the 7th largest city in Minnesota and the 16th largest metro area in the country. It was ranked the best place to live in 2008 by CNN Money/Money Magazine, and it's because the overall culture is topnotch, ranging from schools to housing to outdoor activities. These amenities have been maintained and improved so Plymouth is still an attractive neighborhood to live in today.
They have many quality attractions. These include the Hilde Performance Center, which is one of Plymouth's pride and joy. It's 45-feet tall and has a glass wall in the back of the band shell so people can enjoy the bucolic surroundings while listening to live music. Another popular facility is the Plymouth Creek Center. It is used for many recreational and educational events, and it can be rented out for special events including weddings. For the more active people, the Ice Center is worth checking out with its 3 professional-sized sheets of ice. It has open times for both ice skating and hockey so it can be enjoyed by the public.
Plymouth Boundaries
Plymouth Then And Now
In the early days, Plymouth was inhabited by the Dakota who gathered around Medicine lake as their focal point. The settlementof Plymouth was established in 1855, and a gristmill was at the center of it. A flood a few years later changed everything, and the gristmill was moved to Freepart, now Wayzata. The town was named Plymouth in April of 1858, but then it was changed to Medicine Lake the next month. That name never stuck, and it has been known as Plymouth ever since. The city continued to expand, even through the Dakota War of 1862. Schools, churches, and hotels were being build, and many settlers took to farming. Roads were also being build, connecting Plymouth to other towns. Medicine Lake became a prized vacation spot, so resorts were built around it. Plymouth became a village in 1955 before finally becoming a city in 1992, It has become a premier city to live in, given it's parks, economy, schools, and other amenities. The city has made a concerted effort to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.   You can find out more about Plymouth and its history by visiting the Plymouth Historical Society website.
Plymouth Environmental / Green
Plymouth states that they are dedicated to improving the environment. To that end, they have made several educational efforts in that direction, including the Environmental Extra newsletter, the Environmental Quality Fair, and the Adopt-A-Storm Drain program. They have an Environmental Quality Committee (EQC) that meets once a month to discuss the vision and plans for greening the environment. They don't have an official policy or plan, however. They had plan on becoming a Minnesota GreenStep City, but several citizens of Plymouth objected, so the plan was shelved.
Plymouth Resident's Top Ten Pics
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Market Trends in Plymouth, MN
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Plymouth Parks
4 Paws Dog Park - ( 9755 36th Ave. N,, 763-509-5200, website)

4 Paws Dog Park is a small dog park that still has open spaces for the dogs to romp, play, and make canine friends. There are obstacle courses and a drinking fountain  in the summer. There is a bench for the humans to sit on as their dogs play and make friends.

French Regional Park - ( 12605 Rockford Rd.,, 763-694-7750, website)

French Regional Park is part of the Three Rivers Park District, and it is situated on Medicine Lake. There are several water-based activities such as fishing, canoeing, and swimming. If you're more a land person, there are also lighted trails which you can traverse as you enjoy the nature surrounding you. There are also dog trails so you can take your canine friend with you if you have one. There is a playground area for the kids, and it has slides, climbing apparatuses, and nets. The park has events and programs throughout the year, including full moon programs, sensory-friendly Sundays, and family snowshoeing with hot cocoa.

Plymouth Creek Park - ( 14800 34th Ave. N,, 763-509-5200, website)

Plymouth Creek Park is a neighborhood favorite for a place to enjoy nature and a picnic in the summer. There are walking trails that can also be used for jogging, and there are plenty of woods to wander through. There is a small disc golf course, a skate park, and picnic shelters for when you want to take a breather. The playground area has swings and slides, and kids of all ages can enjoy it.

Plymouth Dog Park - ( 17005 County Rd. 47,, 763-509-5200, website)

Plymouth Dog Park is a fun place for dogs to get together, make canine friends, and have a good time. There are plenty of open spaces for them to run around in off-leash, and there is a an enclosed space for the smaller dogs. They have wading pools filled with water so the dogs can get refreshed during their playtime, and there is a drinking fountain as well. There is an agility course to keep the dogs sharp. There are picnic areas, too, so the humans can enjoy some rest and relaxation while their dogs run around and have fun. It's a good day for everyone involved.

West Medicine Lake Park - ( 1920 W Medicine Lake Dr.,, 763-509-5200, website)

West Medicine Lake Park is on the shore of Medicine Lake, obviously, which means there are many water-related activities to do enjoy. They include fishing, boating, canoeing, swimming, and sand volleyball. It is a breathtaking place to watch a sunset with tranquil waters rippling around you. If that's not your thing, there is also a basketball court and walking/hiking trails/bridges if you prefer to have fun on the land instead of in the water. There is a playground area for the children as well and a picnic shelter with grills when you want to rest and have a bite to eat.

Plymouth Restaurants
Kobe Restaurant - ( 15555 34th Ave. N,, 763-559-9999, website)

Kobe Restaurant is a Japanese restaurant that specializes is sushi and sashimi. The decor is colorful and lively, and the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. The service is friendly, and the food is delicious. The rolls include the Anger Roll, the Black Dragon Roll, the Spicy Salmon Roll, and the Yam Tempura Roll. The sushi/sashimi menu has items such as fatty tuna, tofu skin, unagi, and tako. They also serve teriyaki, hibachi, udon noodles, and more. You can order online, and they deliver within five miles of the restaurant for free.

La Cocina de Ana - ( 1400 County Rd. 101 N, Suite C,, 763-951-3377, website)

La Cocina de Ana means Ana's Kitchen, and it's a Mexican restaurant opened by Ana, who wanted to share her love of Mexican cuisine with the surrounding community. The decor is colorful and vibrant, and the atmosphere is relaxed and cheerful. The food is plentiful and traditional, and there are several vegetarian options as well. The menu includes Ceviche de Camaron, Budin Azteca, Puerco con Poblano, Pozole Verde, and Frijoles con Chorizo. You can order online, and they have takeout as well. Try the Pastel de Tres Leches or Tarta de Merengue for dessert. It's a refreshing way to end your meal.

Latuff's Pizzeria - ( 10820 Hwy. 55,, 763-545-2914, website)

Latuff's Pizzeria is a family-owned Italian restaurant that specializes in pizza, and it's been open since 1971. Mike and Barb Latuff bought the restaurant, and many members of the family now work there as well. The decor is classic, and the atmosphere is welcoming and cozy. The service is friendly, and you'll want to try everything on the menu. Their pizzas include Veggie Supreme, Latuff's Pizza, and Peppadew Pizza. You can build your own as well if none of their specialty pizzas catch your fancy. They have other Italian favorites, such as Chicken Parmesan, Fettuccine Alfredo, and Lasagna. Try the Spumoni for dessert. They have happy hour specials, too. They also have takeout as well as dine in.

Lucky Street - ( 1400 County Rd. 101 N,, 952-208-8890, website)

Lucky Street is a Thai restaurant that was opened by Aileen Soufangue in 2018. She's from Laos, but had to flee to Paris when she was eleven. She learned to do French cooking while she was there, but she also ran Thai restaurants until 2012 when she came to Minnesota to be with relatives. She is the executive head chef, and she has two sushi chefs who work for her. The decor is modest, and the atmosphere is casual. There is a patio for outdoor eating, weather permitting. The menu  includes Goong Ka Tiem, Drunken Noodles, and scallop purses. The sushi menu includes several rolls such as Witchy Woman, Burning Spider, and Darkened Edamame Roll. There are a few French dishes as a nod to Chef Aileen's time in Paris, and there are a couple vegetarian options as well. You can order online as well as in the restaurant.

Plymouth Garden - ( 3505 Vicksburg Ln. N,, 763-383-0222, website)

Plymouth Gardens is a no-frills family-owned Chinese restaurant that has simple decor and very friendly service. They have traditional favorites such as fried rice, lo mein, kung pao chicken, and BBQ spare ribs. They also have chow mein, chop suey, egg fu young, and dumplings. They do delivery within three miles of the restaurant.

Plymouth Shopping
Dundee Floral - ( 16800 Hwy. 55,, 763-559-0385, website)

Dundee Floral is a family-owned flower business that has been opened since 1981. They deliver flowers throughout the greater Twin Cities metro, and they also provide online services with flowers as well. They do arrangements from all occasions, ranging from Thanksgiving to funerals to weddings. They do bouquets and baskets, and their products range from modern to traditional. They have the perfect arrangement for every occasion.

Honey & Mackie's - ( 16725 County Rd. 24,, 763-225-6682, website)

Honey & Mackie's is an ice cream shop with a colorful retro feel to it and cheerful customer service. Their focus is on ice cream, of course, both the traditional flavors and more creative ones as well. They also have other foods such as freshly-made fries and hot dogs, but you'll want to go for the ice cream. They rotate the flavors, and they include Frozen Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry Sorbet, Cayenne Candied Bacon, and Cinnamon Sugar Pecan. You'll want to try them all.

Mehndi Made Memories - ( Larch Ln. N,, 763-639-2681, website)

Mehndi Made Memories is owned by Lisa Seltzer, and she has been doing intricate henna work since 2009. She has a passion for it, and it shows in her designs. She has done her work for weddings, parties, and other events. She is eager to beautify anyone who wants the personal decoration for any reason--or no reason at all. She also sells a small selection of henna supplies.

Rockford Center - ( 4445 Nathan Ln. N,, 630-645-2800, website)

Rockford Center is a local shopping mall that is convenient and easy to get to The main store is a Cub Foods, but there are other shops as well, of course. If you're looking to pamper yourself, try Massage Retreat & Spa, Lifetime Nails, Fantastic Sams Cut & Color, or Perfection Hairstyling. There are several places to grab a bite to eat or a drink, including Caribou Coffee, New Panda Express, and Qdoba. There is also the Bach to Rock music school for kids to have fun learning music.

Rockford Road Plaza - ( 4190 Vinewood Ln. N,, 630-645-2800, website)

Rockford Road Plaza is a popular retail center that has the flagstaff stores of HomeGoods, PetSmart, T.J. Maxx, and Kohl's. On the food side, there is India Palace of Plymouth, Ming's Garden, and Chili's. It's easily reachable, and there's a little bit of something for everyone.

Plymouth Nightlife
Lucky's 13 Pub - ( 3000 Harbor Ln. N,, 763-746-0071, website)

Lucky's 13 Pub is a local chain that is a warm and inviting place for people to gather, drink, eat, and have a good time. The decor is earthy with plenty of wood and bricks, and the service is friendly. The food menu includes Chicken & Waffles, Bull Bites, Pub Fish Fry, and the Crispy Clucker. On the drink side, there is Pinot Noir, Estancia; Godfather Sour; and, Surly Hell, among many others. They also provide catering.

Rock Elm Tavern - ( 16605 County Rd. 24,, 763-208-4451, website)

Rock Elm Tavern has lots of woodwork and a homey feel to it. The staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is very relaxed. They make their food from scratch, and they specialize in craft beer. they have patio seating when the weather permits. Their food menu includes Organic Farro Salad, Duroq BBQ Ribs, Beyond Burger, and a Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich. They provide delivery in Plymouth through BiteSquad and FoodDudes. Their drink menu includes craft beers, wines, and cocktails.


Sunshine Factory Bar & Grill - ( 4100 Vinewood Ln.,, 763-535-7000, website)

Sunshine Factory Bar & Grill is a local favorite with a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. The service is friendly, and the beer is plentiful. They have patio dining when the weather allows. On the food side, they have several options, including street tacos, burgers, sandwiches, and more. They have a gluten free menu, too. On the drinks side, there is plenty to enjoy such as Chocolate Raspberry Brownie (hot drink), Boomtown (red wine), and Brut Champagne.

Plymouth Community Arts & Recreation
Hilde Performance Center - ( Plymouth Blvd. & 34th Ave. N,, 763-509-5200, website)

Hilde Performance Center is an outdoor amphitheater surrounded by lush trees. It has a band shell, and it's part of Music in Plymouth. It is the host to a plethora of culture/community events, including Bark in the Park, car shows, musicians, and movies in the park. The center was named in honor of former mayor, Al Hilde, and his wife, Jayne because they donated a million dollars for this purpose. It is a great way to spend a sultry summer night.

Plymouth Arts Council - ( 14800 34th Ave. N,, 763-509-5223, website)

The Plymouth Arts Council was founded in 1995 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing and promoting art in Plymouth. They are housed in the Plymouth Creek Center, and they offer a variety of events including live music, variety shows, and theater. They feature local talent as much as they can, and one of the biggest examples of this is the annual Primavera juried art show. It's a good way to highlight local artists.

Plymouth Creek Center - ( , , website)

The Plymouth Creek Center (PCC) is in Millennium Garden (a park) and has so many activities/spaces it offers. If you're athletic, you'll want to take advantage of the soccer field/fieldhouse. The fieldhouse is perfect for indoor walking/jogging during the cold and snowy Minnesotan winters. They also offer classes, recreational activities, and are the headquarters for the Plymouth Senior Program. In addition, they are well-known for being a fantastic wedding venue. It's a versatile place that will meet a diverse range of needs.

Plymouth Playhouse - ( 2705 Annapolis Ln. N,, 763-553-1600, website)

The Plymouth Playhouse is an intimate theater set in the Ramada Hotel with 211 seats. It opened in 1974, and it has been hosting the best of performance art the community has to offer ever since. From musicals to illusionists and everything in between, it's a fun evening for family and/or friends.

Plymouth Events
FEB: Fire & Ice - ( 15205 County Rd. 6 & Niagara Ln.,, 763-509-5200, website)

Fire & Ice is the annual winter festival and a way to get out of the house during the coldest days of winters. Weather permitting, there is a sledding hill for the young ones to enjoy. There are plenty of activities during the fest, including ice skating, fire dancers and fireworks, hayrides, and a youth ice-fishing contest. Because it will be cold--it's February in Minnesota, after all--there will a bonfire to warm up by, and there will be s'mores and hot chocolate for as long as the supplies last.

APR: Primavera - ( 14800 34th Ave. N,, 763-509-5223, website)

Primavera is an annual art show that is sponsored by the Plymouth Arts Council at the Plymouth Creek Center in mid-April. It features local and regional artists, and it celebrates all the creativity that exists in the community. There is live music playing while people enjoy the art. The event is free and open to the public, and there is also a juried art show which hands out several coveted awards to artists in various categories. There are also art talks on different aspects of the creative fields (dance, painting, theater, etc.).It's a two-day art festival that brings out the best in the art community.

NOV: Plymouth Arts Fair - ( 14800 34th Ave. N,, 763-509-5280, website)

The Plymouth Arts Fair is an annual event scheduled for the end of November. It features more than 30 local and regional artists, and it's a great way to get a jump on your holiday shopping. The art fair has many different mediums on display, including photography, paintings, sculptures, and much more. There will be live music as well as activities for the children. It's a great way to spend the day with family and/or friends.

NOV: Minnesota Bluegrass Fall Jam - ( 3131 Campus Dr.,, 763-509-5223, website)

The Minnesota Bluegrass Fall Jam is an annual music festival in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in November. There are theme jams with a variety of people, including Clawhammer Mike, Eric Platt & Pamela Longtine, and Mable Houle, among others. There are also workshops on techniques such as fiddle bowing, playing the bass, and how to take care of wood instruments. Some of the live acts include The Canote Brothers, The Pale Ales, and Lil Rev. The weekend is a paean to the blues, and it's enjoyable for the whole family.

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