West Seventh Quick Facts
County: Ramsey
Population: 12921
Size: 2.77 sq mi
Median Home Price: $262,500
Average Rent Price: $1337
Commute to Mpls: 20 minutes
Commute to StP: 5 minutes
Electricity: XCel Energy
Natural Gas: XCel Energy
Garbage / Recycle: city
Water: City
Sewer: City
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West Seventh Overview
West Seventh is also known fondly as the West End, and it's a neighborhood in St. Paul.  It's mostly residential and commercial, though it used to be a big transportation hub and industrial area. The buildings are an interesting mix of old and new, and there is much of historic value in this neighborhood.
West Seventh History
The first settlement in West Seventh was known as Pig's Eye, and it was founded in 1838 by Pierre Parrantin. The settlement was destroyed in 1939 by the soldiers at Fort Snelling because they were expanding their boundaries. The settlement eventually landed in the hands of John R. Irvine who started selling firewood as fuel. It quickly became a commercial steamboat dock amid warehouses known as the Upper Landing. West Seventh has always been a welcoming home to immigrants, starting with the Germans. Next came the Poles and Czechs, followed by Scandinavians and Italians. This neighborhood has always prided itself on its transportation capacity, too. It started with the aforementioned river traveling, and then branched out into a horse-drawn streetcar, which was converted to being electric in 1891. The neighborhood now is an integral part of the highway system in St. Paul, and they're eyeing the chance to be part of the LRT system as well. West Seventh has flown under the radar for most of its existence, but it has steadily and quietly been improving the quality of life factor in the past decade or so. There has been an influx of artists who want to spruce up the neighborhood in a creative way, and there are plenty of restaurants in this neighborhood that are can't-misses. There is an area dubbed 'Little Bohemia' in a nod to the Czech roots that is working hard to overcome the hits it took during the 2008 housing bubble crash. It has an eclectic collection of art studios and coffeehouses, and it's a reflection of what the neighborhood in general is doing to improve itself. (rev. 1/30/21)
Green / Environmental
Saint Paul has very little in environmental policies. Introduced in 2020, they are asking large buildings to monitor water and energy usage for benchmarking purposes. That's about it.
Real Estate
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Market Trends in West Seventh MN
Single Family
updated: 2021
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Condo / Townhouse
updated: 2021
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Community Arts & Recreation
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