Minneapolis Spanish House Styles

It's Minna again, and this time I am blogging about my absolute favorite style of house--Spanish Mission.  Well, to be more precise, I will be blogging about the Spanish Revival Style as we do not have many Missions in Minnesota.  Spanish Missions are mainly in California, but we do have some impressive Spanish Colonials and Mediterraneans in Minneapolis.

Common Characteristics of Spanish Style Houses

How do you recognize a Spanish-flavored house?  First of all, the red clay roof is a dead giveaway.  Sometimes the roof is blue or another color, but it is most often a distinctive red.  The Spanish Colonial is an ornate house that has the structure of a Colonial with arched doorways and windows, wrought-iron railings on balconies that overlook the Mediter--er, Lake Harriet, and stately columns that may support an arched entryway.

The Mediterranean, on the other hand, is much less ostentatious, but similarly evocative of romance and European je ne sais quois.  A Mediterranean sports the ubiquitous red clay roof and also incorporates wrought-iron railings, but in a more elegant manner.  Both may have a bell tower or a suggestion of a bell tower as well.

Visit Houses Of Minneapolis .com

If you would like to learn more about the Spanish Revival Style, visit www.HousesofMinneapolis.com where there is plenty of information about this style as well as other character styles.  Hope to see you there.

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