Now that you are all moved into your new downsized home, it's time to utilize the space you have.

Putting It All Together

A smaller home doesn't mean that we have to feel cramped and crowded. The gorgeous table that seated up to 12 is probably not the best option for the cozier kitchen you now own. Maybe a less plush couch and love seat are needed in the living room? The key is to make the most use out of the space available. We generally have lots of extra pieces in our homes. What do you really love? What no longer works in the space available?

Once your have the furniture you will be using, stage your home. Have you vacationed in a home away from home? Often these cozy stays are well stocked with the essentials and a few decorations, yet they feel like home. Color, textures, and textiles help make smaller spaces feel welcoming. Window treatments that allow the light to come in and smart storage solutions can make your new home feel open and welcoming. Many stagers that I work with will help people stage their homes to live in, rather than to sell. Hiring a stager to help you in this regard doesn't cost an arm and a leg either.

The trick is to keep from accumulating "things". It's easy to do as time goes on, but well, well worth it to have a "one in, one out" policy.  When you purchase something you love, agree to donate or sell something you have at home of equal size. This keeps our wants vs needs in check. If you really love that chair, are you willing to part with the one at home now? If yes, happy shopping to you!

Often the items in storage fall under holiday categories. The best time to take a box and go through holiday decorations is during the summer. During this time, we are not as emotionally attached to any of it since it's hard to be in the mood in sweltering weather and all is green and lush around us. If you have 3 boxes of decorations, make a goal to reduce it to two. Or one if you are really motivated!

The goal, whether reducing furniture, clothing or decorations is to keep what we really  love and release the rest to find it's new home- or place in the dumpster.

It's time to enjoy the lack of stress that living simpler brings. Plus extra cash month to month and less upkeep and maintenance? With all this extra free time why don't you take a drink out to the back porch and do a little relaxing?

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