Electric Vehicle Options

There are several manufacturers making electric cars that are available today in the United States. The most commonly ones that are currently available as of 2017 are:

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)

These vehicles are generally grouped into 2 classes of cars. The first class is the city car capable of about 100 to 150 miles per charge (summer). These make great city cars but lack infrastructure to drive long distances.

BMW i3 (97 mile range)

Nissan Leaf (150 mile range)

Mitsubishi MiEV (62 mile range)

The second class would be the 200-300 mile per charge vehicles. These allow you to drive local city driving, medium range trips, as well as long distance trips with stops for charging along the way.

Tesla Model S (259 miles to 335 miles)

Tesla Model X (237 to 295 miles)

Tesla Model 3 (220 to 310 miles)

Chevrolet Bolt (237 miles)

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)

The PHEV vehicles are great for every day driving around town. Most of these can drive around 20 to 50 miles per charge. But they have a backup gasoline engine that can generate electricity to keep driving, or some of these can use the gas engine to drive the wheels as well. So once you go past the base range of 20 to 50 miles, you can continue driving on gas for a total range of 300 to 500 miles.

Toyota Prius Prime (25 miles battery only / 640 miles total range)

Chevrolet Volt (53 miles battery only / 420 miles total range)

Chrysler Pacifica PHEV (minivan) (33 miles battery only / 566 miles total range)

BMW i3 REX (range extender) (97 miles battery only / 205 miles total range)


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