Hi, I'm Minna, and I'll be your guest blogger for the day--I hope you enjoy your stay.

Today's topic is Frank Lloyd Wright's service station, also called the Lindholm Service Station because it was built for the Lindholm Oil Co., in Cloquet because it's celebrating its 50th anniversary, and I heard it being discussed on MPR on the way to work.

It seems funny to be talking about a Frank Lloyd Wright service station as a gas station doesn't seem compatible with the man who invented the Prairie School Style of architecture.  I mean, what would such a structure look like?  Actually, the service station does have typical Prairie School features such as a cantilevered roof, lots of windows, and projecting eaves.  It was Wright's vision of Utopia and what he dreamed America could one day be.

Here is a slideshow on MPR of the gas station:

Frank Lloyd Wright Gas Station

For the celebration, anyone driving a classic car will get gas at fifties' prices, and the attendants will be wearing fifties' uniforms.  There are a whole array of events which are listed here (HTML rather than PDF):

Frank Lloyd Wright Gala

I wish I had known about this earlier so I could have blogged about it before the day it happened, but if you have a few hours free today, you might want to attend.  Make a comment below if you do go-we'd love to hear about it.

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