Welcome to Longfellow

The neighborhoods in Longfellow are unique for many reasons. One of those reasons is their diversity. It is one of the more diverse areas in Minneapolis, which can be clearly seen throughout the schools in the area. The schools have embraced this and encourage differences as a good thing. The restaurants in the neighborhood also reflect this diversity. The entire community recognizes the differences that make them unique and embraces these qualities, learning from one another and making each other better. This diversity is not only limited to race and culture, but to old and new as well. There are many different businesses and organizations in Longfellow and some are very new and common, while others have been around almost since the neighborhood was given its name. Once again, this is what the community loves about these neighborhoods.
The various neighborhoods are Longfellow, Hiawatha, Cooper, and Howe, which all share a neighborhood organization, the Longfellow Community Council.

Then and Now

The neighborhoods in Longfellow did not become a part of the city of Minneapolis until the early twentieth century. It was named after the poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. He wrote a poem called The Song of Hiawatha, which talks about Minnehaha Falls, which are in close proximity to this neighborhood. The area was most developed between 1906 and 1920 due to the streetcar and it became known as a “streetcar suburb”. It made homes in the area more accessible and therefore more affordable. This brought many foreigners into the neighborhood, especially Scandinavians. The affordability contributes to it being a more diverse neighborhood, even still today. At that time most of the homes that were built in this suburb were bungalows, homes that have no upper floor or if they do it is set into the roof. Many lots were available for $300 and only $5 down, making family homes with a yard affordable for those in the working class. Still today many homes in Longfellow are bungalows that have been redone. Cooper was named after a popular writer at the time named James Fenimore Cooper who wrote books about the frontier and Indian life. Howe was named after Julia Ward Howe, an abolitionist, social activist, author and poet. She fought for the rights of African Americans, foreigners, women and more. Hiawatha was named after the main character in Longfellow’s poem The Song of Hiawatha, a Native American warrior who falls in love with Minnehaha a princess from another tribe. The story ends much like that of Romeo and Juliet. These neighborhoods that make up the Longfellow as a whole are still very diverse and affordable today, much like they were when they developed in the early 1900s.


Midtown Greenway Trail to the north, W River Parkway/Mississippi River to the east, E 54th Street to the south, and Highway 55 to the west.

Bordering Neighborhoods

Seward, Corcoran, Standish, Ericsson, Minnehaha, and East Phillips in Minneapolis. Highland, Macalester-Groveland and Union Park in St. Paul.

Crime Stats

We cannot guarantee the safety of any neighborhood but here are some online sources that speak to the crime levels and statistics:

Raids Online

Trulia Crime Stats

Home Sale Stats / Real Estate

longfellow houses 3The main housing type in Longfellow is the standard bungalow. There are so many that the Longfellow Community Council came up with a Longfellow Planbook as a resource for homeowners to expand their bungalows to gain the needed space for today's lifestyle without having to move out of the neighborhood. These bungalows line many of the streets in Longfellow. There are, of course, other styles as well, such as the Craftsman, some Tudors, and some Colonials along the river.

As of 2015, the average home sales price $229,748 with an average days on market of 57 days. The average year built was 1926 with 2.7 bedrooms, and 1.7 baths with a total finished sqft of 1456. For more up to date information on Longfellow Real Estate, please contact Steven Hong with RE/MAX Results.


brackett parkAdams Triangle (4100 37th Ave. S) is a small section of greenery in the midst of the city. They're a nice way to add a splash of color to the neighborhood.

Brackett Field Park (2728 39th Ave. S, 612-370-4924) is a pretty large park with a rec center, a skate park, pool, grill and picnic area, sporting fields and courts, paths, and a playground. What makes this park unique is that it originally had a rocket ship as a piece of art that has now been converted into a part of the playground. A symbol that the community worked hard to keep, it represents the American role in the ‘Space Race’ and is now the signature of the park.

Hiawatha School Park (4305 E 42nd St., 612-370-4952) is part of the Hiawatha School property, but it also has a lot to offer for the community as well because it is open to the public. The park has an ice rink in the winter, a garden, sport courts and fields, a small pool, a playground, and a picnic area. It’s great for both the school and the community.

Longfellow Park (3435 36th Ave. S, 612-370-4957) has a rec center, a grill and picnic area, sporting courts and fields, a pool, and paths, in addition to a hockey and ice-skating rink in the winter. Much of the park is new, as it was updated in the early 2000s.

Minnehaha Regional Park (4801 S Minnehaha Dr., 612-230-6400), covering almost 170 acres, is a favorite for many Minnesotans. It is home to the 53-foot high Minnehaha Falls, which has a Native American background and many tales told about it. The well-known Hiawatha Statue is also located within this park. It is a representation of a poem called ‘The Song of Hiawatha’, which was written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the man this neighborhood association was named after. Aside from the falls, the park has many hiking and biking paths throughout, a dog run, and a wading pool. For city residents the park offers a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and venture out into nature.

Mississippi Gorge Regional Park (5114 Mississippi River Blvd. S, 612-230-6400) is located right along the Mississippi River and has trails and picnic shelters. It is pristine and untouched as it was set aside expressly for this purpose, and people enjoy visiting it as a respite from the world around them and their regular lives. This is actually what most people love about it.

Winter Park Highlights Minneapolis

Summer Park Highlights Minneapolis


Birchwood Cafe (3311 E 25th St., 612-722-4474) opened in 1995 with the desire to provide good food to everyone, and it has since become a neighborhood favorite. They locally-source their ingredients because they believe in sustainability, and they have plenty of homemade dishes to offer. They have gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options in addition to the more standard fare, and their menu is seasonal. The menu includes the Birchwood burger, buttermilk fried chicken, and an apple squash sandwich. You can pair it with a cider, and then finish off your meal with a pear ginger crisp.

Gandhi Mahal (3009 27th Ave. S, 612-729-5222) is warm and inviting Indian restaurant with a cozy atmosphere and a great staff. It opened in 2008 and has quickly become one of the favorite Indian restaurants in Minneapolis. They are passionate about sustainability and using quality ingredients (so much so, they grow some of their own food) along with providing a peaceful atmosphere to their customers. They are so committed to sustainability, they have several projects around it such as starting an urban backyard farm and two beehives on their rooftop. Their menu includes tandoori, korma, and curry dishes, and they have seasonal dishes as well. They have a daily lunch buffet as well as catering, too.

Hi-Lo Diner (4020 E Lake St., 612-353-6568) is a 1957 Fodoro Diner that made its way from Pennsylvania to Minnesota to continue dishing up classic American diner food. There's a retro vibe to the place and a cheerful staff. Their specialty is the Hi-Top, which is their signature fried pastry dough topped with a combo of sweet and savory, such as The Minneapolis Bliss. They also have big, beefy burgers, meatloaf, and spicy cheese curds. Try an old-fashioned egg cream as you eat your meal.

Himayalan Restaurant (2910 E Lake St., 612-332-0880) is a Nepalese restaurant that is warm and casual with a personable staff. They serve authentic Himayalan, Tibetan, and Indian cuisine with plenty of vegetarian/vegan options and some gluten-free dishes as well. The menu includes daal, tandoori, biryani, and so much more. You can order online before you go.

International Cuisine Bar & Grill (3508 E Lake St., 612-353-6296) is a counter-top restaurant with a low-key and casual atmosphere. Their Latin-infused food is creatively presented and satisfyingly tasty. Their menu includes ceviche, parrillada mi tierra, and taquiza del chef along with plenty other dishes. You can order online, and they have delivery as well.

Katar River Restaurant & Bakery (2751 Minnehaha Ave., 612-245-0556) is a casual and warm restaurant that serves traditional Ethiopian cuisine. It has a homey atmosphere and offers a wide array of tempting dishes. Their vegetarian options include tikel gomen, shiro, and the vegetarian combination. Their meat options include Team Lammaa (Kitfo and Tibs), minchet abesh, and quanta firfir.

Midori’s Floating World Café (2629 E Lake St., 612-721-3011) is a neighborhood favorite Japanese restaurant. It is a casual spot with bright colors and fun decor, and the staff is very friendly. Their sushi is creative and pleasing to the eye as well as to the taste, and they have other traditional Japanese food such as tempura, donburi, bento boxes, and even sake cocktails.

Sea Salt Eatery (4825 Minnehaha Ave., 612-721-8990) is a seafood restaurant located in Minnehaha Park right near Minnehaha Falls with a casual atmosphere. It is only open seasonally from spring through late fall, and it serves many different styles of seafood. The menu includes clam fries, calamari, and a crab-stuffed avocado for starters. For their entrees, they have po'boys, tacos, sandwiches, and something called an oil pan!--whiich is much like a large sampler plate with a side of a pitcher of beer/carafe of wine.

Sonora Grill (3300 E Lake St., 612-722-2500) is an open and inviting restaurant that features Spanish and South American cuisine. Their breakfast menu includes chilaquiles, molletes, and a breakfast burrito, whereas their lunch menu includes Argentinian pork empanadas and bocadillos. They are known for their tacos, which they call carmelos--and they can be filled with many different ingredients. They have several other dishes for dinner as well, and they pride themselves on their carefully-crafted cocktails.

The Riverview Cafe (3753 42nd Ave. S,  612-722-7234) was started in 1998 by Mara & David Bernick, who had always dreamed of owning their own cafe. The cafe is open and airy, and the staff is very welcoming. They have a colorful corner with toys for children as well as shelves of books for adults to read as they enjoy their meal. Their menu includes crab cakes, house-cured duck breast, and pizzas. The cafe is connected to The Riverside Wine Bar, which is also owned by the same couple. They have open mics some nights, and you can bring wine from the wine bar into the cafe to enjoy yourself.


Corazon (4646 E Lake St., 612-276-0198) is an eclectic shop that was opened by a couple, Susan and Gary Zdon, in 2005 in the North Loop before expanding into two shops, one of which is on East Lake Street. They have a collection of items, ranging from art by local artists to home goods to jewelry, books, and clothing. The shop itself is homey and inviting, and it has plenty of heart just as its name suggests.

Dock 6 Pottery (4206 E 34th St., 612-327-0429) was opened by Kerry Brooks because of her love of pottery. She started doing it as a hobby, but it quickly grew into a profession. The store is a gallery/studio, and  it's fascinating to watch the products being made. The staff members are enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and they love sharing both with their customers. The designs are vibrant and earthy, both artistic and pragmatic (for the houseware). You can order online as well, and they have wedding registries, too. They are now offering classes, too.

E’s Emporium (3911 Minnehaha Ave., 612-702-5355) is a vintage shop that is open every first and third weekend of the month. The store is a converted house, and it remains cozy and warm. They focus on the '60s, '70s, and '80s, mostly furniture but other things as well including art, and their stock is ever-changing. They love to chat with their customers about their wares, and they have products from featured artists in addition to their regular items. Visiting is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

ForageForage Modern Workshop (4023 E Lake St., 612-886-3603) is something between slick/chic and charmingly retro. They take vintage items and update them into something contemporary, but still timelessly classic. Their products have a distinctive Midwestern flavor to them, and their variety of artistic talent on display is impressive. Much of their stock are home furnishings, but they also have paper products and gift cards.

Longfellow Designs (Longfellow, 612-644-5318) is an online shop whose owner, Anne Kerling, lives in Longfellow. She finds vintage home furnishing articles and jewelry, and refurbishes them with eco-friendly materials such as Annie Sloan chalk. A few she sells as is, but most of them are revived to bring out their natural shine.

Nostalgia Zone Comic Books (3535 E Lake St., 612-822-2806) is a comic book store that has been around for over 30 years, and they have had an online presence for over 12 years. The staff members are passionate and knowledgeable about comics, and they are eager to share that passion with their customers. The store is overflowing with classic and current comics, and it's a great place to indulge in some nostalgia or find a new favorite.

Repair Lair (3304 E Lake St., 612-729-9095) was opened in 2014 by Nancy Ford, and it has quickly become a community favorite. It is a repair and consignment shop, and they believe in recycling, reusing, and being green at bargain prices. They want everyone outside camping and hiking, and they don't think you should have to pay premium prices for quality gear. The consignment part of the store is for when you have something you simply don't need any longer, but it can still be used by others. It's the circle of outdoors life.

The Hub Bicycle Cooperative (3016 Minnehaha Ave., 612-729-0437) opened in Longfellow in 2002 and has since expanded to include two other locations. They have recently remodeled to have more space for their bikes and their customers. The staff members are friendly and knowledgeable about bikes, and they enjoy sharing that knowledge with their customers. They sell top-quality bikes, and they also have an MTB demo program, a DIY room, and they sell used bikes and parts, too. In addition, they have e-bikes, cargo bikes, and family-friendly bikes. They have something for your bike-related needs, no matter what they are.

Time Bomb Vintage (4008 Minnehaha Ave., 612-724-2662) has the tagline of 'A Minneapolis Retro Collective', and they live up to it. They carry a wide variety of vintage items, and all their vendors have areas of expertise about which they are passionate. Furniture, clothing, toys, industry memorabilia--they have all of this and more.  If you’re looking for a memory from your childhood, your parents’ childhood or even your grandparents’ childhood, this is the place to go.

Mother Earth Gardens (3738 42nd Ave. S, 612-724-2296) is a garden center with a holistic attitude towards gardening. They believe in sustainability, local organic products, and other eco-friendly products. They offer plenty of season/holiday-specific decor, and they have locally handmade jewelry as well. They offer several different gardening services, too. Coaching, maintenance, and garden resources are a few of them.


Du Nord Craft Spirits (2610 E 32nd St., 612-799-9166) is a distillery opened in 2013 by Chris Montana. He and his wife, Shanelle, opened a cocktail room in 2015, the first in the Twin Cities. The cocktail room only serves drinks made on-site from scratch. It has the best cocktails in the cities according to the StarTribune. During the day, the room serves local food and drink and people can take tours of the distillery, but it's during nights and weekends that the place really livens up. It is open late, which is a draw for those who don’t want the party to stop.

Lawless Distillery (2619 28th Ave. S, 612-276-1000) is a festive and inviting cocktail lounge with a laid-back atmosphere and wonderful service. They make small batches of handcrafted cocktails, and they serve them with great care. It's a good place to relax with a few friends.

Longfellow Grill (2990 W River Pkwy., 612-721-2711) is a comfortable and casual hangout spot where you can grab a bite and a beer late at night. It has a low-key atmosphere and a friendly staff. They call themselves an urban diner, and all their food is made from scratch. They have hearty fare such as a breakfast burrito, a farmer's breakfast, and biscuits and gravy. Their drinks include beer, wine, and cocktails, and they have delivery as well.

Merlins Rest Pub (3601 E Lake St., 612-216-2419) is a British Isles-styled pub and has been voted the Best Neighborhood Bar in Minneapolis for several years. It has a homey feel to it with a friendly staff. They are most famous for its authentic fish and chips. The live music and great list of whiskeys easily make it a favorite. Speaking of whiskey, you can schedule a private whiskey tasting. The community loves to come here for an exciting night on the town!

Pepper & Fries (3900 E Lake St., 612-353-6730) was opened in 2014 by a man (Steve and his daughter, Marie) who loved burgers and baseball. The decor is dedicated to their love of baseball, and their staff is welcoming. It's a great place to grab a burger or a burrito (another of Steve's 'b' loves!) while watching a game (baseball or not) and drinking a beer with your friends. They also have sandwiches, hot dogs, and desserts such as the malt cup, which is also beloved at baseball games.

Schooner Tavern (2901 27th Ave. S, 612-729-4365) is a a neighborhood staple with a relaxed atmosphere and personable staff members. It has live music, billiards and two heated patios, but the real draw is the karaoke that brings the whole crowd together. They also have meat raffles, Play Banjo Tuesdays, big screen TVs, and a jukebox. It's a great place to hang out with a group of friends--you just might win a free pizza, cash, or other prizes.

The Blue Door Pub (Longfellow) (3448 42nd Ave. S, 612-315-2470) opened its first (blue) door in St. Paul in 2008, and they've expanded to three other locations including Longfellow since. It's a casual and comfortable place with a cheerful staff. Their specialty is the Jucy Lucy, which they call a Blucy. They also have flaming-hot curds, deep-fried green beans, and sandwiches. They have craft beers and wine to sip on as you eat. You can order online, and they have takeout as well.

The Riverview Wine Bar (3747 42nd Ave. S, 612-729-4200) opened in 1995 by Mara & David Bernick and offers an intimate and warm space which is perfect for date night when you want to have a couple glasses of wine. The wine comes from all over the world, and the craft beer is brewed locally. Their food is locally sourced and thoughtfully prepared. They have live music at nights sometimes, too. It's run by the same owners as The Riverview Cafe.

Community Arts & Recreation

Ballare Teatro Performing Arts Center (4259 Minnehaha Ave., 612-721-8619) was opened in 1998 by Ann Williams because she wanted to share her passion for dancing with others. In the twenty years since, she has developed a nurturing environment in which anyone at any age and any skill level can feel comfortable learning. They teach tap, ballet, jazz, modern, and cardio funk to adults. For the little ones, they teach fundamental tap and ballet. They have the Performing Art Program which is for youths who are more serious about their dancing. If you want to learn dancing in a supportive atmosphere, this is the place for you.

Glass Endeavors (2716 E 31st St., 612-721-9553) is the premier art glass (stained, fused, mosaic) in the neighborhood. It opened in 1996 by John and Zoi Sandy, who were enthusiastic about sharing their passion for glass art. In addition to selling glass art supplies, they also provide classes and guidance on projects their customers are attempting. They also have events from time to time that feature glass art. If you have an interest in glass art, this is a must-visit store for you.

Jawaahir Dance Company (3010 Minnehaha Ave., 612-872-6050) is a professional dance company and school that performs and teaches Middle Eastern dance. It was founded by Cassandra Shore in 1989, and she is a world-renowned performer/choreographer of Arab dance. She blends both the traditional and contemporary forms while always respecting the traditional source material. She is a mesmerizing performer and an excellent teacher. She founded The Cassandra School in 1978, and she enjoys teaching belly dancing and other Arab movements to women of all ages and skill level.

LoLa Art Crawl (Longfellow neighborhood, 612-399-6546) is the art crawl hosted by the League of Longfellow artists since 2009. It's one of the best lesser-known art crawls in the Twin Cities, and it's attended by thousands every year. Last year, they had over a hundred artists at more than sixty sites, including businesses and backyards. If you are an art lover, then you have to check it out.

Longfellow Recreation Center (3435 36th Ave. S, 612-370-4957) is a place for the community to gather and to engage in many activities. Some of those include tumbling class, MEA basketball clinic, youth volleyball, and music monkeys. They have a basketball court, a football field, a hockey rink, an ice skating rink, and much more. There is something for everyone here.

Minneapolis Pops Orchestra (2712 41st Ave. S, 612-724-6927) is a local orchestra that started in 1950 with the goal of performing free concerts throughout the Twin Cities for the enjoyment of anyone who wanted to listen. They members are professional musicians, and they get great joy in performing these concerts. They mostly perform in the Lake Harriet Bandshell Park, but they have performances in other venues as well. They sometimes perform with students, and they have free performances for seniors at the Nicollet Island Pavilion every year.

Tapestry Folkdance Center (3748 Minnehaha Ave., 612-722-2914) opened in 1983 with this vision: "To create opportunities for participating in the joys of dance and music from around the world." To that end, they offer classes for a diversity of interests, ranging from zumba and other Latin dances to karate, international dances, and the waltz. They believe in bringing their community together through dance and other customs from around the world.

Ten Thousand Things Theater Company (3153 36th Ave S, 612-203-9502) is a theater with the belief that theater is for everyone. It was started 25 years ago by Michelle Hensley (who has recently left) who was determined to bring theater to those who rarely or never got to see it. With that mission in mind, they don't usually perform in traditional theaters or on a stage. Instead, they perform in a circle of chairs at correctional facilities, homeless shelters, women's shelters, senior care facilities, across rural Minnesota, and anywhere else they feel they can reach people who might need a spark of theater in their lives.

The Hook and Ladder Theater & Lounge (Firehouse Performing Arts Center (PAC), 3010 Minnehaha Ave., 612-345-7166) opened in 2016 to support independent artists. They encourage originality and diversity in their performers. They host music concerts, art shows, outdoor festivals, book signings, and many other events. They also do wedding rentals, community programming, non-profit fundraising and more. They are a partially solar-powered venue, and they are focused on sustainability. They have two indoor stages and the MPLS lounge.

Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre (3012 Minnehaha Ave., 612-234-1653) was opened in 1982 by Susana di Palma who has studied flamenco under several maestros and is a mesmerizing performer to watch. She choreographs vivid, passionate pieces, and she is currently working on a piece called Casita, which focuses on homeless women. She also has a school and teaches beginner's classes as well as advanced. If you want to learn flamenco or see a flamenco performance, this is the place to go.


Annual Chili Cook Off-Fundraiser (Longfellow, 612-722-4529) is an annual event hosted by the Longfellow Community Council (LLC) that invites all the chili cooks in the neighborhood to show their mettle. If you like chili, this is definitely the event for you. There are vegetarian options as well. All the money from the event goes back into the community as the LLC uses the funds for future events. Tickets are reasonable, and children under five eat for free.

EDU Film Festival (612-888-1EDU) is the only film festival for high school students in Minnesota and takes place every year in May. Participants may submit one five-minute video and a winner is selected by a panel of judges. This festival is a great opportunity for students who would like to go into film to make connections with others like them and to get connected to the film industry in Minnesota. They are committed to

LCC Annual Summer Celebration (Fireroast Cafe: Coffee and Wine, 3800 37th Ave. S, 612-724-9895 ) takes place at the end of June every year at the . The event offers free appetizers, a silent auction, and plenty of activities for kids. It’s a fun party that gets the community connected during the hottest days of summer. It's sponsored by the Longfellow Community Council (LCC).

LLC Autumn's Winter Warming Party (LCC office, ABC Construction Building, 2727 26th Ave. S, 612-722-4529) happens every year, though the name may change. It's a good way to get to see what the members of the Longfellow Community Council do behind the scenes, as well as chat with your neighborhoods while sampling tasty holiday treats. It is held by the LLC.

Longfellow Corn Feed (Longfellow Park, 3435 36th Ave. S, 612-370-4957)) takes place every August in Longfellow Park, and it has been doing so for over four decades. There is obviously corn, but there are also food trucks in addition. There are activities for kids planned as well as live entertainment and other festivities. There is a Resource Fair as well.

Neighborhood Garage Sales (Longfellow, 612-722-4529) is sponsored by the Longfellow Community Council (LCC). They put together a map of all the homes that will be putting on a sale and hand them out at businesses in the community prior to the garage sale. It's a fun way to get to know your neighborhoods and maybe find a great bargain at the same time.

Share the River Gorge (35th St. and W River Pkwy., 612-722-4529) has been an annual tradition since 2004, featuring an ice cream social for the whole neighborhood to enjoy. There are free canoe rides, free ice cream, and free tours, enjoyable walks in nature, and other outdoors experiences. It is sponsored by the Longfellow Community Council (LLC) and its River Gorge committee.


There is mostly bus transportation in the Longfellow neighborhood although there is one light rail stop as well. The bus lines #7, 9, 21, 23, 27, 46, 53, 74, 84 and 446 have stops every few blocks throughout the neighborhood. These bus lines can connect to others that can get you pretty much anywhere in Minneapolis. When it comes to the light rail, the blue line goes through the Longfellow neighborhood association at the Lake Street Midtown Station and well as the Hiawatha 46th Street Station and the 50th Street Minnehaha Station. Current fare for both buses and the light rail is $2.25 during rush hour and $1.75 at all other times. On another note, the Midtown Greenway Trail used to be a railroad but has now been turned into a biking and walking trail that connects with other Minneapolis trails that go around the Chain of Lakes. This trail, that runs through Longfellow, is a great way to get around the city and is open for 24 hours a day with lighting at night.


Anishinabe Academy (3100 E 28th St., 612-668-0880) is a public magnet school that focuses on Indigenous culture and language. It is an elementary school, serving students in grades K-5. The staff believe in integrating the Native American culture, traditions, and experiences into teaching to provide a holistic education for their students. They also believe that learning does not happen in a vacuum, and to that end, they involve their students' families and communities in their students' education as well.

Aurora Charter School (2101 E 26th St., 612-722-1999) opened in 2000, expanded to add a middle school in 2007, and combined both schools in one building in 2013. They serve students in grades pre-K through 8, and they celebrate Latino culture within their curriculum. They have lessons in both English and Spanish, and they provide a nurturing and supportive environment in which their students can learn to their highest capabilities. They place a strong emphasis on literacy as well.

Banaadir Academy Math & Science (2872 26th Ave. S (Door B), 612-722-3294) is a public charter school and part of the Minnesota Transition Charter School (MTSC) academic community. They opened in 2017, serving students in grades 7-8. eventually expanding to grades 7-12. They have a heavy emphasis on sciences and math, including STEM courses. They have extracurricular activities and athletics to create more well-rounded students. Banaadir North and Banaadir South are both feeder schools for Banaadir Math & Science. They are located in the same building with MTS Secondary and the General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy.

Dowling Urban Environmental  School (3900 W River Pkwy., 612-668-4410) is a magnet school that serves students K-5. They use a curriculum heavily geared towards E-STEAM (environmental, science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) and GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design). They are surrounded by a lot of land, which they put to good use for the environmental part of their teachings. The school opened in 1924 to help students with disabilities, especially with the aid of the therapeutic pool. The staff believes in delivering a quality education that will serve their students well throughout life.

General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy (2872 26th Ave. S, 612-724-4754) is a public charter school and part of the Minnesota Transition Charter School (MTSC) academic community. They are a military academy, but they do not train their cadets for military service. Rather, their goal is to prepare their cadets to go into post-secondary education and continue learning all their lives. Their curriculum is STEM-based, and they are committed to providing a quality education to their cadets. They foster confidence, discipline, and leadership in their cadets--three qualities that will be assets to the cadets once they graduate.

Jardin Spanish Immersion Academy (Longfellow) (3836 Minnehaha Ave., 612-360-3196) is a private early care/preschool that teaches Spanish from the early age of six weeks in an immersive environment. They have four sites across the Twin Cities, and they're adding another center in East Longfellow in 2019. The teachers are bilingual and the school is passionate about creating lifelong learners, while living a healthy lifestyle and caring for our planet. They provide organic meals as well as cloth diapers and other eco-friendly products.

Longfellow Alternative High School (3017 E 31st St., 612-668-4700) is a school for pregnant or parenting teens. It works with students individually to find out how they learn best and how to work with their schedule in order to complete their high school education. The school even provides childcare though TAPP (Teen Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting Program). The staff knows that it takes a village to raise a child, and they include the community and families in order to ensure the best education for their students.

Minnehaha Academy, Lower & Middle School (4200 W River Pkwy., 612-721-3359) is a private Christian school that serves students in grades pre-k through 8. Their goal is to provide a high level of education that is Christ-centered in a nurturing and supportive environment. They have small classes, and they believe in hands-on educational experiences. They have strong academics and several extra-curricular opportunities for their students.

MTS Secondary (2872 26th Ave. S (Door D), 612-722-9013) is a public charter school and part of the Minnesota Transition Charter School (MTSC) academic community. They serve students in grades 7-12, and they believe in allowing their students to learn at their own pace. This includes a focus on blended learning through technology and classroom instruction. Their extracurricular activities include theater, digital music, robotics, soccer, and so much more. They share the same building with two other MTSC schools, the General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy and Banadir Math & Science.

Sanford Middle School (3524 42nd Ave. S, 612-668-4900) has been serving students in grades 6-8 for ninety years. They are an International Baccalaureate World School, and they offer their students a strong education. Each student is on a Team that remains together throughout their three years at the school, thereby creating strong bonds among the members of the Teams. They believe in a holistic approach to teaching, helping their students grow emotionally, mentally, intellectually, and physically.






Hiawatha Community School, Hiawatha Campus and Howe Campus (4201 42nd Ave. S, 612-668-4610). Each are great schools that are also very diverse. This district is growing so much that Hiawatha Community School recently opened a second campus to better serve the educational needs of the children in this area. Each of these schools are very unique and cater to areas of education that many public schools do not. There are other trade schools and educational facilities in the Longfellow neighborhood, as well as childcare.



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