General Inspectors

Here are some general inspectors. You are free to choose anyone you wish, and these are not a recommendation on my part, but just for your reference. You can usually get an inspection scheduled in a few days, and usually will consist of something like a 2.5 hour window and have you there for the last hour.  Inspections run about $375-450. Condos and townhouses may be less.

Since Minnesota has no regulations for home inspectors, Inspectors should be American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) certified, or Minnesota Society of Home Inspectors (MSHI) certified.

Also, here is an article that posted about inspectors.

Structure Tech

Heartland Inspections

Todd Hustad

Warren W Schultz
Home Buyer's Inspections, Inc.
Annandale MN 55302

For scheduling, the inspectors usually will schedule the time via bookashowing, the same system we use to schedule showings. Please let me know when you will be at the inspection and I’ll plan on meeting you there.

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RADON Inspectors

Radon has recently become a well-known issue, and there is quite a push to have radon tests done. You can have a radon test done in the home as part of your inspection timeframe. The above inspectors can do a radon test with their inspection, but it takes a minimum of 48 hours for measurement. They usually leave a detector at the house, and come back to pick it up in a couple of days. But keep in mind that this test must be completed within your inspection timeline. Usually they will drop off the radon detector 2 days before your general inspection and the results will be ready at the general inspection.

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More information on radon can be found at:

Radon mitigation costs can vary depending on the house. These costs usually vary between $500 to $2000. I’ve had a few come in at $1400 or so, and would predict this to be the average cost.


Sewer Line Scope Inspection

Also, you may want to consider a sewer scope inspection. This inspection is of the main sewer line using a video camera. They send a camera down the line to check for cracks or damage. The reason this inspection is important is that sewer lines are expensive to fix. I recently had one client that did a scope of a line and found cracks. We ended up asking for a $6000 reduction in the home price so that the buyer could replace the line after they closed.  Scope inspections run about $150-200.

Ron The Sewer Rat

John’s Drains

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Chimney Inspections

If you have a fireplace in your new home, it is also recommended to do a chimney inspection. Chimneys can have various issues from cracks in the liners, to dangerous buildup, to failing masonry. Rebuilding a chimney from the ground up can range around $25,000. But a typical fireplace chimney inspection should be between $200-300.

Jack Pixley Sweeps

2nd Generation Chimneys Inc.


Swimming Pool/Hot Tub Inspection

If you happen to have purchase a home with a hot tub or a pool, you may want to consider an inspection of those systems as well.

Dolphin Pool, Ed
How to resolve inspection issues

Here is a post that I wrote detailing the various ways you can resolve issues that are found during the inspection.

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