I recently was having a problem with PowerPoint 2007 running very slowly. A switch from slide to slide in the editing view, would take anywhere from 4-20 seconds. Just typing a word would take 5 seconds per word!  This was getting very annoying.

There are several good suggestions from others in the community about loading a local printer driver, changing graphics hardware acceleration, among other things. Here's a list:

Summary of things I've tried:
1. new graphics driver
2. loaded HP LJ4 printer and set to default
3. use hardware acceleration- all settings
4. ppt use hardware acceleration
5. ppt resolution to 640x480 (although that wouldn't change the editing speed)
6. Changed back to my default printer iR5000
7. loaded AV and AS software and scanned. Unloaded AV/AS software.
8. Compress Photos
9. Save as pptx

My machine:
Dell 6400 Inspiron Laptop
1. 1.83Ghz core 2 duo
2. 2GB of RAM
3. ATI x1300 discrete graphics
4. 1680x1050 screen
5. 80GB samsung HDD
6. Vista Business
7. Usually No anti-virus, no anti-spyware running.

The computer should be ample to run powerpoint without delay.

I'll get to the solution in a minute. Here's what I did to solve the problem.  Per Steve Rindsberg, I took all JPG files out of powerpoint. It was still very slow. I deleted the master slide header and now it runs fine, but looks kind of boring, especially since this is a photography training class file. It kind of needs photos.

So I took the header.jpg (only 38kb in size), brought it into photoshop and saved it as a png. Dragged that into PPT and it works fine. Now I played with the options on saving the jpg file in photoshop. Turns out that if I turn off the option to "embed ICC Profiles" from within photoshop, the jpg file works fine in PPT. This option is turned on by default when saving files in Photoshop (I have photoshop cs2).

Now I re-saved all the jpg photos and dropped them back into powerpoint, and powerpoint still retains its speed. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Thanks to Lucy, John, Steve, Echo for all your suggestions. Feel free to put this solution on your websites, and someone, Please pass this on to microsoft as a bug. There should be no reason that ICC profiles ruins powerpoint performance.

This post is a summary of the following forum, where I posted the original problem:


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