MN Seasons
Most people make fun of us having only 2 seasons:
Winter, and road construction.
But we actually have more than 4 seasons. stay tuned...

Here in minnesota we actually have more than 4 seasons. Let me explain.

Let's start with Road Construction season, or "Summer" as others call it. We have a wonderful summer that lasts about 2 months, July and August.

Then starting after the State Fair, which is at the end of August, beginning of September, we have FALL. Now this is my favorite season, with the exception of hay feaver. And our fall is glorious. Tons of fall colors, leaves, nice brisk evenings, neighbors having backyard fires, nice walks around the beaches, all the wonderful fall things. For a weekend.

Then comes PRE-WINTER
This is just our state's way of getting us ready for the real thing. We'll get a day of 20's, also known as "first frost" or "hay fever celebration day" usually in mid october. And we'll get our first snow around this time. We still haven't raked the leaves up because they haven't all fallen off the trees yet. That'll come at the end of October, unless we get 6 inches of snow.

Of course during pre-winter is... "indian summer", a warmup where we take jackets off, and then freeze the next week again. This shows up sometime in October. It can reach a high of 60, and then drop to 20 that night.

Then comes the real winter which starts in November, and goes through February. Call it for what it is. Winter. We accept it.

But starting in March, like last week, we had 65 degrees. We had shorts sleeves and shorts on. Of course. It's what we call "deceiving spring."

Because following this like today, we have post-winter. It's snowed 4-6 inches yesterday. It's supposed to reach 60 in about a week.

Yes, March is also winter, but confused with Spring. Most of us don't take off the winter tires until April 1st. We know.

Then Spring shows up April 2nd. Or maybe not. Maybe winter is with us for a couple more weeks.

When spring does show up, it lasts about 8-12 weeks, until "road construction" season starts.

Then the cycle starts over again. So, by my count that's 8 seasons.

An overview of the numerous seasons of Minnesota.

00:00 Introduction
00:29 Seasons
00:39 Summer
00:50 Fall
01:11 Pre-Winter
01:52 Winter
02:02 Pre-Spring
02:33 Spring
02:42 Summer

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