06mbr15a5 Reasons to stage a home for sale?

There are several reasons why I recommend staging a home before putting it up for sale. I've listed my top 5 below. Read on.

It's the basis of marketing

Marketing a home starts with the basics. You have to start with a strong foundation and build upon that. Staging is that foundation. A professional stager can take a room and turn it into something inviting, usually with colors, or textures, or visual appeal. The proper staging can draw people in and get them to view the home. Proper staging is the foundation of great photos, which affects what people see on the MLS system, as well as the various broker sites, and all other forms of marketing, both print and online.

Your photos will stand out over the competition

Almost every buyer is now looking on the internet for homes. They are comparing each house they find online with all the other houses, ruling out the ones they don't want to see. You don't want your house to be ruled out based on what they see online. You've got to start with the best in marketing to have your home stand out among the competition. That's why I always recommend staging as the first step in selling a home. This is followed up with professional photography. We can put professional photos online, which can entice a buyer to come and see your home.

Helps buyers visualize the potential of your home

Now that they've chosen to see your home, many buyers cannot visualize living in your home. Staging can help buyers feel at home, and that they can just move right in. This helps them overcome the barrier of how to arrange rooms and how to use rooms. If a buyer can visualize how they can live in the house, they start thinking of how they can make your house, their home.

03dining3Staged homes usually sell faster

Since homes that are staged usually bring in more traffic, this means that they generally sell faster. That is because more traffic means that more buyers are considering your home.  When more buyers consider your home, they think more competitively.

You usually get a higher net sales price

When homes sell faster, they also usually sell for a higher price.  This is usually due to 2 factors. Homes that are selling quickly (short market time) generally have less price flexibility. Most of the time, when a home is new on the market, there is less flexibility in the initial offer price. Plus when it is brand new on the market, there may be competitive offers (multiple offers). In a competitive offer situation, the price usually will go up.

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