The "S" word is in the forecast for next week!

That means it's time to get some "S" done to prepare!

Here are a few things that it would behoove us to do before it flies.

  1. Start the snow blower and make sure there are no issues with it. Get the shovels ready. Does it feel too early for that? It may be early, but when that first real snow falls and sticks, you will be so glad that you took care of this before it was horribly cold and awful outside.
  2. Clean your gutters. We need rain and melting snow to be free to flow down and away from our garages and homes.
  3. Most of the leaves are nearly down now. It's possible you need one more round of raking and bagging, but if it's a light covering of leaves, go ahead and mulch it up and leave it. Mulched grass clippings and leaves add important organic matter to your lawn.
  4. Now is the perfect time to have your chimney swept and furnace checked out. Both of these things matter and are very important. ESPECIALLY if you didn't do it last year.  There are few things worse than having either thing go haywire in the dead of winter, and CO2 is a real threat.
  5. Get your caulk out! Seal up around windows and doors. Check your door seals to make sure they are nice and tight. Put storm windows on. Check the attic- does it need more insulating? Heat loss is a huge expense. These things are worth taking care of- your pocketbook will thank you!
  6. Create an emergency winter car kit. We don't plan on accidents or incidents happening but it is far better to be prepared and never need to use it. Include a shovel, extra blankets, some canned food with easy open lids, waters, extra hats and gloves, matches, a flash light with extra batteries, and a cell phone charger. May you never need any of it.


I have a list of professionals who come highly recommended if you would like help with any winterizing projects. Contact me if you'd like me to connect  you.


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