With gas prices here in Minneapolis approaching $4.00 per gallon, we all are thinking of ways to save gas. Whether it is buying a hybrid car, or just driving less, saving gas is not only helping the planet, but also our pocketbooks. In real estate, we drive between many houses whether it is with buyers or whether we are just previewing the neighborhood houses. We all need ways to cut down on consumption.

Here is my top 10 list of ways to save gas:

10. Make sure your tires are not low on air pressure. Low pressure increases the rolling resistance of the tires, which in turn uses more gas.

9. Tune up your car. A better running engine uses less gas. That tune-up can actually lower the gas usage.

8. Clean out your car. Take stuff out of the trunk. No sense in hauling extra weight around.

7. Wash and wax. Not sure if this really saves gas, but it sure makes the car look better. And that makes me feel better.

6. Replace the air filter. A clean air filter breathes better. That means the air can reach the engine easier.

5. Lose weight. Less weight in the car is less gas burned.

4. Accelerate more slowly and maintain steady speeds. Acceleration really burns lots of gas. Ease off the accelerator.

3. Drive a smaller vehicle. Smaller vehicles are more fuel efficient than larger vehicles. Take the smaller car to run errands, rather than the SUV or truck.

2. Combine errands together. Go to Target, Home Depot, and Best Buy in 1 trip instead of 3 trips.

1. Drive Less. Carpool, take the bus, bike--or, if feasible, you can even walk.

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