There are many things that people can do to get their house ready to sell.

1. Declutter is the #1 item to do on the list. This means putting away most of the personal items, and cleaning off the counters.

2. Clean and dust everywhere. And I mean everywhere. This includes the top of the refrigerator, the top of the doorways, window sills the top of the water heater, everywhere. Also wash the face of each cabinet door, especially the kitchen cabinets. It's amazing how fingerprints accumulate over time.

3. Paint. Painting is something that most people feel they can do. Touch-up painting is a great way to freshen up a home. When painting, be sure to thoroughly mix up the paint in the paint can first. This will help the color match better. Also when painting, if you are touching up a small area, say around nail holes, be sure to paint most of that section of wall. Little spots using a brush usually will show up easily, especially if the paint's sheen is anything other than "flat"  (eggshell, semi-gloss, etc.).

4. New appliances. New appliances may not be as inexpensive as the other items on this list, but having a home sell because of a new dishwasher and stove is better than not selling at all. If the old stove is too dirty to get it sparkling clean, consider replacing it. Same for the dishwasher. If the dishwasher isn't working properly, or is stained or noisy, consider replacing it. A new stove can run $400 and a new dishwasher also around $400.

5. Repair minor things. Any faucet that is dripping must be fixed. It can be a simple fix such as a gasket or even replace the faucet. Faucets can run as low as $50 or less for an entry level faucet, but I would spend just a little more, around $75 for a basic faucet. This usually ensures better quality.

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