Mendota Heights Quick Facts
County: Dakota
Population: 11343
Size: 10.05 sq.mi.
Median Home Price: $577500
Average Rent Price: $881
Commute to Mpls: 20 min.
Commute to Stp: 9 min.
Electricity: XCel Energy
Natural Gas: XCel Energy
Garbage / Recycle: Various
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Mendota Heights Overview
Mendota Heights is a first-ring southern suburb of the Twin Cities, and it has just over 11,000 people.  It's filled with river bluffs and woodsy greenery which makes for an idyllic setting. It is very close to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, which is a bonus to many of the residents as well. It has all the amenities of a suburb, and it's an easy drive to St. Paul and Minneapolis, which means it has the best of both worlds. They are also close to the Mall of America for those who are serious about their shopping. Business is booming in Mendota Heights. The business district is growing, and the city is home to the headquarters of Patterson Companies Inc (medical supplies conglomerate) and Mayflower Distributing (balloons). The verdant environments include parks such as Rogers Lake Park. There is also an extensive trail system, including the Big Rivers Regional Trail. Mendota Heights is consistently rated as one of the best cities in Minnesota in which to live.
Mendota Heights Boundaries
Mendota Heights Then And Now
In 1699, Pierre-Charles Le Sueur, a French explorer and fur trader, sailed on the Minnesota River by the bluffs in the area that is now known as Mendota Heights in search of copper. Many French and English explorers/traders followed soon after, and the area where the Mississippi River and the Minnesota River meet up became a popular spot for said fur traders. 'Mendota' stems from the Dakota word for 'meeting place of rivers'. Mendota grew steadily over the next hundred-plus years. It was acquired in 1803 in the Louisiana Purchase. In 1805, Lieutenant Zebulon Pike bought 155,000 acres of land from the Dakota chiefs including more than half of Mendota Heights, and that was where Fort Snelling was built. By the 1820s, there was a ferry connecting Fort Snelling and Mendota over the Mississippi River. The American Fur Company was established in 1825, and they took full advantage of the newly-built ferry system. Henry Sibley arrived in 1834, and the city really took off after that. He hosted many international guests, some of whom were very prominent, so they could experience the beauty of the area. He was very involved in local politics, and he was the one who suggested St. Paul be the capital of Minnesota. Mendota became a part of the Minnesota Territory in 1850. In 1858, Mendota became a part of the newly-formed Mendota Township. Then, in 1887. it voted to going back to incorporate as a village. Things remained as such until 1956 when the Village of Mendota voted to incorporate as the Village of Mendota Heights.
Mendota Heights Environmental / Green
Mendota Heights has a comprehensive plan in which they outline their environmental policies concerning natural resources. They crafted their 2030 Comprehensive Plan in 2010, and in 2019, they drafted the 2040 Comprehensive Plan. The section is called Natural Resources, and in it, they cite their goals and policies. They do not list anything concrete, however, especially in terms of what they want to improve.
Mendota Heights Resident's Top Ten Pics
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Market Trends in Mendota Heights, MN
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Mendota Heights Parks
Fort Snelling State Park - ( 101 Snelling Lake Rd.,, 612-279-3550, website)

Fort Snelling State Park is almost 3,000 acres of floodplain forest, woodlands, and other environmental splendors. It has biking trails and hiking trails, and there are also skiing trails as well. There is the Thomas C. Savage Visitor Center which has interpretive exhibits and is open all year. The park is filled with a diverse assortment of creatures such as turkeys, river otters, and foxes. It is on Lake Snelling, which has a swimming beach on the east shore. There is also a fishing pier for the people who like to fish.

Rogers Lake Park - ( 1000 Wagon Wheel Tr.,, 651-452-1850, website)

Rogers Lake Park is over a hundred acres of natural beauty, and it is a community favorite. The main attraction is Rogers Lake, of course, and it's a great place to fish if you want to catch a bluegill, a Northern pike, or just a bunch of sunnies. If you prefer activities that don't include water, you can play basketball, volleyball, or board in the skate park. There are also walking paths if tromping around in the foliage is more your style. There is a playground area for the kids, too, and there are picnic shelters if you want to have a bite to eat.

Mendota Heights Restaurants
Axel's River Grille - ( 1318 Sibley Memorial Hwy.,, 651-686-4840, website)

Axel's River Grille is the first of three Axel restaurants opened by Linda Young and Charlie Burroughs who had the idea of hosting customers in traditional Midwest casual steakhouse supper club. The restaurant has a classic feel to it, but with a modern twist. The servers are friendly and knowledgeable, and the atmosphere is relaxed, yet refined. The menu includes their trademark Bull Bites, Land and Lake, Axels Walleye, and New York Strip. Drinks-wise, they have cocktails, beer, and wine.

Haiku Japanese Bistro - ( 754 N Plaza Dr.,, 651-340-1888, website)

Haiku Japanese Bistro is an open and airy sushi and hibachi restaurant that has a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The service is fast and friendly, and the menu is plentiful. The sushi, maki, sashimi, and rolls menu includes Spicy Tuna Tartar, Oshinko Maki, Sweet Potato Tempura Roll, Sweet Heart Roll, and Tri Color Sashimi. They also have several hibachi options, teriyaki, tempura, and udon. Try the mochi or fried ice cream for dessert.

King and I Thai - ( 760 Hwy 110,, 612-332-6928, website)

King and I Thai has been in business for over 30 years and has changed ownership (and locations) twice, and they ended up in Mendota Heights in 2015 with the newest owners, Zeng and Cha, taking over in 2017. It is located in Mendota Plaza, and it is a light and airy restaurant with a casual and relaxed atmosphere and a friendly staff. The menu is filled with crowd-pleasers, ranging from Raad Na to Gaeng Puk, Peanut Sauce with Spinach to Tom Kha Soup. For dessert, try the classic Mango Sticky Rice; it's a great way to end your dinner. They do not use MSG in their foods, and they have takeout.

Teresa's Mexican Restaurant - ( 762 Hwy 110,, 651-688-7232, website)

Teresa's Mexican Restaurant is part of a local chain, and there are six of them all around Minnesota. The decor is colorful and lively, and they are known for their fun atmosphere and friendly service. The menu includes ceviche, Pollo Azteca, Bistec a la Tampiquena, and Camarones a la Diabla. Try the fried ice cream as a sweet treat at the end of your dinner. They have different themes every day, and they cater.

Tommy Chicago's Pizzeria - ( 730 Main St.,, 651-209-7701, website)

Tommy Chicago's Pizzeria was opened in 2008 with the express desire of bringing Chicago-style pizza to Minnesota. The restaurant is bright and airy, and the atmosphere is relaxed and casual. It is located in The Village, a shopping center. The service is friendly, and they make all their pies with the freshest quality ingredients. Their menu includes Chicago-styled deep dish, Cheese Ravioli Marinara, and Tommy's special. They have catering and online ordering as well. They also have a lunch buffet and salad bar along with an actual bar with alcohol. They have a club that gives out nice perks, and they have takeout and delivery. They even have some thin crust pizzas if that's your preference. No matter how you like your pizza, you'll find it here.

Mendota Heights Shopping
3 Kittens Needle Arts - ( 750 Main St., Suite #112-113, 651-457-4969, website)

3 Kittens Needle Arts is located in The Village, and their mission is to provide a convivial gathering place for people who share a passion for all different kinds of needlework. They have a NICE policy, which stands for Newest, Inspiration, Creative, and Educating. They are excited to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with their customers, and the store itself reflects this excitement. It is filled with all sorts of threads, yarns, needles, knitted clothing, and more. They have a needle department and a yarn department, and so much more. They have classes, retreats, and a blog as well.

Custom Professional Upholstery - ( 758 Hwy. 110,, 651-698-1707, website)

Custom Professional Upholstery has been in business since 1979 upholstering furniture in businesses, residential homes, restaurants, and more across the Twin Cities. Their store is stocked with thousands of fabrics, and the staff members are all professionals who are eager to help you find exactly what you need to make your furniture as attractive as possible. Their services include furniture stripping and refinishing, furniture repair and restoration, and drapery and window treatments. They have complimentary  consultations, and they pick up and deliver for your convenience.

Embellir Gallery of Gems - ( 750 Main St., Suite #111, 651-905-1168, website)

Embellir Gallery of Gems is a jewelry store that was opened over two decades ago by Brenda Machnik. It's located in The Village, a shopping center. Brenda had been in the industry for over a quarter of a century before that, and she has created her signature line, the Brenda B Designs. She and her staff are knowledgeable and friendly, and they work hard with their customers to ensure a quality experience every time. Their jewelry includes rings, pendants, and earrings, and they provide appraisals as well.

OneTen Cycles - ( 1040 Dakota Dr.,, 651-454-2066, website)

OneTen Cycles is a bicycle store that has been serving the community for over 30 years. They are committed to biking because they believe that it can add quality to a person's life. To that end, they want to help their customers find that joy, and they use all their knowledge and listening skills to match each customer with the perfect bike. They sell Trek Bicycles (road and mountain)  along with the KICKR Bike Indoor Smart Bike (and indoor trainers). They also have rentals, and they provide services for your bike, indoor cycling classes, and bike fittings, too. They also provide services for hockey skates as well. You can shop from the convenience of your home on their website.

The Village - ( 750 Main St.,, 612-824-7000, website)

The Village is a classically designed shopping center that has a timeless feel to it.  The architecture is elegant, and the atmosphere is comfortable. The plan includes a lot of natural landscape such as trails and fountains. The stores include Andros MedSpa, Mainstream Boutique, 3 Kittens Needle Arts, and Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Center. There are places you can grab a bite to eat or a drink as well, such as Cold Stone Creamery, Caribou Coffee, and Tommy Chicago's Pizzeria.

Mendota Heights Nightlife
Mendoberri Cafe & Wine Bar - ( 730 Main St.,, 651-209-3270, website)

Mendoberri Cafe & Wine Bar was opened in 2010 by Ann and Robert Ulrich because they wanted to bring a chef-driven cafe with a focus on local sustainable produce and meats to the heart of the suburbs. Robert is the chef, and he is internationally recognized for his skills. He is originally from Austria, and the food is a combination of Austrian and Minnesotan. They have partnerships with local farmers, and they offer several organic dishes. The restaurant itself is casual and contemporary with a relaxed atmosphere. The service is friendly as well. The menu includes Maple Stout Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Chicken Schnitzel, and Lamb Sugo; they are known for their Austrian Apple Strudel. Their beverage menu includes white and red wines, beers, and coffees. They have delivery through BiteSquad.

The Mudd Room - ( 1352 E Hwy. 13,, 651-452-1311, website)

The Mudd Room is the speakeasy in the basement of Lucky's 13 Pub, and it is a faithful representation of speakeasies of yore. The joint is swanky and elegant, and it's dripping with atmosphere. There is live jazz music and craft cocktails, and it's a great place to make a night of it. The menu includes oysters on the half shell, tempura veggies, croque madame, and charcuterie boards. They have several snazzy drinks, such as the Ma Baker, the Dirty Politician, and the classic Old Fashioned. Everyone is guaranteed to have a finger-snappin' good time. It is located in Mendota, which is to the northwest of Mendota Heights.

Mendota Heights Community Arts & Recreation
Awesome Children's Theater--A.C.T. - ( 1897 Delaware Ave.,, 651-403-8313, website)

Awesome Children's Theater, also known as A.C.T, serves three school districts--IGH, SSP, and District 197--in three different cities and has been doing so for over 15 years. It is funded by Northern Dakota County TriDistrict Community Youth Programs, and they the theater produces five full-length productions a year. The environment is a nurturing one in which all the children are encouraged to reach their highest potential. Children between eight and fourteen can participate in many different ways, including acting, being stagehands, and working with the technical aspects. Parents and volunteers help with the backstage stuff, such as costumes, lighting, and sound. It is an enriching experience for everyone involved.

Brighter Minds Music - ( 770 N Plaza Dr.,, 651-263-9475, website)

Brighter Minds Music is a local music school that has just recently expanded into Mendota Heights by Emily Ireland because she saw a need in the area and was eager to fill it. All their teachers have degrees in music so you can be confident that you will get the best experience when you take lessons here. They offer several different kinds of lessons, including singing and voice lessons, drum lessons, ukulele lessons, and more. They have lessons for both children and adults. They believe that music enriches our lives, and they want to pass that along to their students.

Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Center - ( 750 Main St., Suite #100,, 651-319-9525, website)

Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Center is a local chain and is found in The Village. It was the second opened in the chain, and it was established in 2011. The center itself is open and airy, and there is an atmosphere of calm and relaxation to it. The staff members are friendly, compassionate, and knowledgeable. They have many different kinds of yoga classes and are welcoming to practitioners of all levels and abilities. In addition to yoga, they offer a full slate of services, including different styles of massage, acupuncture, and an infrared sauna. They also have a variety of therapies they offer in addition to life coaching and alternative practices such as intuitive readings.

Mendota Heights Par 3 Golf Course - ( 1695 Dodd Rd.,, 651-454-9822, website)

Mendota Heights Par 3 Golf Course is a city-run golf course that has 9 holes and is a par-27 course. It's a course that is welcoming to golfers of all skills and ages, and it's a relaxing course to play. They have leagues for both adults and children, and they rent out the facilities for events such as reunions, birthday parties, and employee parties. The Recreation Program Coordinator is the person to contact if you want to plan one of these events at the golf course at 651-255-1354. The golf course is closed for the winter.

Sotto Voce Institute - ( 2401 Pilot Knob Rd., Suite #102A, 651-313-5872, website)

Sotto Voce Institute was opened in 2016 by Shanna Steinback because she wanted to share her passion for music with everyone. The mission is to teach piano, voice, guitar, and bass in a way that meshes with each client. They offer private lessons and teach in the classical way. Music reading, music theory, and a wide variety of musical genres. They have optional recitals in the winter and the spring in which the students can perform.

Mendota Heights Events
APR: Twin Cities Teen Lit Con - ( 1897 Delaware Ave.,, , website)

The annual Twin Cities Teen Lit Con is held at Henry Sibley High School in April, and the goal is to gather teens and their favorite authors in one fun-filled event. It is a free event open to everyone, and the activities are focused on teens. The aim is for teens to discover more about the writing world, learning about everything from writing skills to what happens in the publishing world. There will be concessions and books available for purchase onsite. Some of the events include Bingo for Books (teens only), Graphic Storytelling, and Hogwarts Hall of Quizardry. There will be authors presenting as well, and it's a jam-packed day of literature and literature-related activities.

JUN: Officer Scott Patrick Memorial 5K - ( intersection of Main St. & Market Sq.,, 651-452-1850, website)

The Officer Scott Patrick Memorial 5K is hosted by the City, and the proceeds benefit the Special Olympics of Minnesota by supporting their training and competition. It starts at the intersection of Main Street and Market Square (by The Village), and everyone is welcome to register and participate. Each participant will receive a t-shirt, and there will be awards for different age categories. There will also be prizes that can be won at the conclusion of the race.

OCT: Halloween Bonfire - ( 750 Hwy. 110,, 651-452-1850, website)

The annual Halloween Bonfire is hosted by the City in October, and it is held in the vacant lot behind Mendota Plaza. It is free to the public, and it's a fun way to catch up with the neighbors around a roaring fire. There will be hot dogs and pop available, and the City will provide oak pallets for building the fire. Participants should not bring brush for this purpose.

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