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Southeast Minneapolis is, despite it's name, not in the the southeastern part of Minneapolis. It is called that because it is to the south of East Hennepin Avenue and to the east of the Mississippi River. The East Bank Campus of the University of Minnesota is located in this area, which means there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops to frequent. The area has different neighborhoods, including Marcy-Holmes (the oldest neighborhood in Minneapolis), Dinkytown, and Prospect Park. All three have several different places that you'll want to visit if you are in the area. Dinkytown has several notable restaurants. There's Al's Breakfast which is one of the best breakfast places in the city. People wait for long periods of time to be able to nab one of the coveted 14 stools. There's also Shuang Cheng, a Chinese restaurant that has been a staple since the 1990s. Wally's Falafel, Humus and Bakery is a great place to go to grab Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. If you want to visit some notable sites, you'll find several in Marcy-Holmes. There's the Pillsbury A-Mill, which was once the biggest flour mill in the world. There are also The Soap Factory and the Midway Contemporary Arts, which are cultural organizations.
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Southeast Minneapolis Parks
Tower Hill Park - ( 55 Malcolm Ave. SE,, 612-230-6400, website)

Tower Hill Park is a park with lush greenery that feels like a breath of fresh air as you walk through it. It has a walking path upon which you can walk, taking in all the splendor around you as you go. There are  tennis courts if that is more your pace. It is best known fo,r it's 110-foot water tower known as the Witch's Hat water tower because it looks like, well, a witch's hat.

Southeast Minneapolis Restaurants
Al's Breakfast - ( 4131 14th Ave. SE,, 612-331-9991, website)

Al's Breakfast was opened in 1950 by Al Bergstrom and is owned today by Alison Kirwin and Doug Grina. It is a cozy breakfast joint with 14-seats at a counter. The Food is made fresh to order and from scratch. They firmly believe that the best food is homemade and hot. They have been a staple in Dinkeytown for several decades, and there's always a line out the door as people happily wait for a seat at the counter. The menu is seasonal and includes delicious dishes such as Winter Special (special scramble), Poached Eggs on Corned Beef Hash, Dinkytown (omelet), Wally Blues (pancakes), and more.

Black Coffee and Waffle Bar - ( 1500 Como Ave. SE,, 612-436-0719, website)

Black Coffee and Waffle (BCWB) opened its door in Minneapolis in 2014 with the novel idea of a coffee shop that served homemade waffles with a variety of toppings. This idea was so popular, they were able to open shops in three other locations. It's a popular brunch place in the neighborhood, and it's welcoming in atmosphere and staff. The waffles are almost as mouth-watering to look at as they are to eat. The menu includes waffles such as S'More, copy of Loaded Potato, Mudsucker, and more. The waffles are made by hand and from fresh local ingredients. You can also build your own, and they have a gluten-free friendly & vegan waffle batter for $2.

DelSur Empanadas - ( 501 30th Ave. SE,, 952-303-6081, website)

DelSur Emparadas is an Argentinian restaurant owned by Diego Montero and Nicolas Nikolov, both originally from Argentina. This is the second DelSur Empanadas, and it's located in The Market at Malcolm yards. They also have a food truck that serves their delicious empanadas as well. The environment is friendly as is the wait staff. There's a homey feel to the atmosphere, too. Their menu consists of 10 standard empanadas (including a gluten-free one and The Herbivorous Butcher vegan one), and 5 or so that rotate. They have the Argentina favorite 'Lomito' which is made of filet mignon as one of their staples. They also have desserts, salads, and drinks (including beer and wine).

Pho Mai - ( 3191 4th Ave. SE,, 612-236-4538, website)

Pho Mai is a Vietnamese restaurant opened in 2020 by Mai and Michael (who met while attending the U of M decades eariier, and Mai's brother, Peter Do.. Mai is from Vietnam, and the couple have several successful restaurants, one of them award-winning. They bought the iconic Keefer Court Bakery which ithey moved to the Asia Mall in Eden Prairie.

At this restaurant, they source locally and cook from scratch. The decor is minimal and contemporary, and the service is friendly. The menu includes Dac Biet (House Special banh mi), Bun Cha Gio Thin (rice noodle salad), Beef or Chicken & Potatoes, Nem Nuong, Pho Chin (brisket), and more. They also do catering.

Shuang Cheng Restaurant - ( 1320 4th St. SE,, 612-378-0208, website)

Shuang Cheng Restaurant is a popular neighborhood Chinese restaurant. It was opened in 1990 and is owned by Daniel Lam. They are known for their Cantonese food and for their seafood. The atmosphere is casual, the decor is, well, red, and the service is friendly. The menu includes dishes ssuch as Chicken or Beef with Curry Sauce, Roast Pork Fried Rice, Vegetable Lo Mein, Gai Ding, Gum Loo Wonton, and so much more. They have plenty of vegetable dishes for vegetarians. They have Cantonese specials such as House Crispy Skin Dinner and Roast Duck--Peking Style. They also have hot pots, barbecue, and soups.

Wally's Falafel, Hummus and Bakery - ( 417 14th Awe. SE,, , website)

Wally's Falafel, Hummus and Bakery was opened by Wally Sakallah in 2009 to bring the taste of Gaza, his home city, to Minnesota. The restaurant is run by his two sisters, Amany and Dana, and they do everything they can to authenticate the dishes they ate back home. They import spices from the Middle East and they mash the chickpeas by hand to make their hummus. The decoris woody, yet modern, and the service is friendly. The dishes include Wally's Falafel and Hummus Plate, Chicken Shwarma Sandwich, Spicy Mushab Chicken Plate, Mashawi Feast, Rice Pudding for dessert, and more. They do catering as well.

Southeast Minneapolis Shopping
Claire Steyaert Antiques & Design - ( 3338 University Ave. SE, Suite 270,, 612-339-7396, website)

Claire Steyaert Antiques & Design is found in the Arts & Architecture building. Claire Steyaert has been in the antiques business for three-and-a-half decades, and she opened her store in 2010. She meticulously picks out the antiques and most pieces are accompanied by a card with info as to where and when it came from. She has everything from grandfather clocks to furniture and much more. She is celebrated for her love and knowldege of antiques.

The Book House - ( 1316 4th St. SE, #201,, 612-331-1430, website)

The Book House is a used bookstore that opened in 1976. It moved to Dinkytown in 2014 and remodeled the second floor of the Historic Dinkydale. They offer a cozy in-person experience of reading, meeting up with friends, and several other opportunities. They have a Rare Book Room and they have storytelling events on a monthyl basis. They have over 40,000 books in the store and 40,000 books online. They sell a small, carefully curated collection of vinyls, too. Lastly, they will buy your books so ask them about it.

Southeast Minneapolis Nightlife
Blarney Pub & Grill - ( 412 14th Ave. SE,, 612-331-1527, website)

Blarney Pub and Grill is an Irish bar that prides itself on being friendly and welcoming to everyone. They put their Irish heritage on display and want everyone to have an authentic Irish  experience. This includes Irish beers, whiskeys, and food. The menu includes the Blarney (burger), Bangers N' Mash, Chicken Parm (pizza), Crispy Chicken (sandwich), and more.

Burrito Loco - ( 418 13th Ave. SE,, 612-746-5626, website)

Burrito Loco is a lively bar that features, yes, burritos. It has a casual atmosphere with a friendly wait staff. They have pick up and delivery as well as dine/drink in. It was bought in 2018 by John Park who wants to jazz up the environment and the menu. Currently, the menu includes buffalo chicken nachos, The Loco (burrito), a meat quesadilla, meat soft tacos, and more. They also have vegetarian options such as a veggie quesadilla and The Veggie (burrito). On the drinks side, they have margaritas, beer, tequila, and more.

Kollege Klub Dinkytown - ( 1301 4th St. SE,, 612-808-9820, website)

Kollege Klub Dinkytown opened in 2019 as an offshoot of the popular Kollege Klub near the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. The latter was opened in 1953 and has been kept in the Meier family for four generations. Kollege Klub Dinkytown is three levels, and both the lower level and the third floor are rentable for parties andw gatherings. The lower lever can hold up to 100 people whereas the third floor can hold twice that number. The bar has a festive atmosphere and the wait staff are friendly. The food menu includes spicy cheese curds, Klub burger, fried pickles, a crispy chicken sandwich, and more. The drinks include classics such as Swamp Water and Pink Drink. And, of course, they have plenty of beers on tap. There is both indoor and outdoor seating.

Otter's Saloon - ( 617 Central Ave. SE,, 612-331-4169, website)

Otter's Saloon is a neighborhood favorite and recently named 'Best Dive Karaoke Bar' in Minnesota Monthly. They have karaoke all the time, and their customers really enjoy belting out a song or seven while quaffing down a pint with their friends. They host a variety of events, including giving away ham, having a costume contest on Halloween, and just encouraging fun in general. They have a full slate of drinsk from which to choose, including beer, cocktails, and liquors.

Sally's Saloon - ( 700 Washington Ave. SE,, 612-208-1388, website)

Sally's Saloon is a staple near the campus, and it's very popular with the students. It has a convival atmosphere and friendly servers. It's a place to gather whether you're celebrating a team win or another important life event. The menu includes Veggie Quesadillas, Sally's Award-Winning Cream of Chicken Wild Rice Soup, Havana Griller (sandwich), Blackened Mahi Mahi, and more. Drinks-wise, they have beer, wine, and cocktails.

Stub and Herbs - ( 227 SE Oak St.,, 612-379-0555, website)

Stub and Herbs was opened in 1939 by two brothers, Stub and Herb Lewis. It's been a campus staple throughout the years, and it was sold to two other brothers, Josh and Justin in the late 2000s. They have owned it ever since, and it's still a favorite watering hole for students, grads, and family alike. The atmosphere is lively, and the staff members are friendly. The food menu is vast and it includes all the favorites such as wings, burgers, and wraps. Some dishes that are off the beaten track include Chicken Hummus Wrap, Stub's Signature (burger), and Bacon Cheese Fries or Tots. On the drinks side, they have a full slate of beers to choose from.

Southeast Minneapolis Community Arts & Recreation
Luxton Recreation Center - ( 112 Williams Ave. SE,, 612-370-4925, website)

Luxton Recreation Center is located in Luxton Park. It has many amenities that makes it a great place to go to, including a gym, air condition, a multipurpose, a meeting room, a teen room, and more. There are activities planned, such as Luxton learners, Game Night, MPIS Snack Program, Storytelling, and more.

Prospect Park Station Public Art - ( 319 29th Ave. SE,, 612-373-3333, website)

The Prospect Park Station Public Art is a piece called Memory Imprint by local artist, Janet Lofquist. This station is close to the where there used to be grain elevators storing linseed. Linseed oil helps dry oil-based varnishes and paints. This art installation incorporates the flax flower and the linseed in its design. The paint colors are similar to colors that were prevalent in the early 1900s. In addition, the installation is reminiscent of the Witch's Hat Tower, which is in Tower Hill Park close by.

Prospect Park United Methodist Church Concert Series - ( 22 Orlin Ave. SE,, 612-378-2380, website)

The Prospect Park United Methodist Church Concert Series has events throughout the year. They are very popular with the commuinty, and a great way to come together to celebrate. They sponsor several concertsthat benefit Habitat for Humanity and other charities. They are free to attend, and a freewill offering is happily accepted. They have raised over $60,000 for various charities. Some of the concerts offered are: Timber Junction (Habitat for Humanity); VocalEssence of this Age (Center for Victims of Torture); and Friend s of Arthur Maud (Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light).

Southeast Minneapolis Events
FEB: Fire & Ice Festival - ( 112 SE Williams Ave., 612-314-8678, website)

The Fire & Ice Festival is an annual event that usually takes place the first Saturaday in February at Luxton Park. It's a popular event in the neighborhood that is fun for the whole family. the first one occurred in 1995, and the tradition is to have a bonfire that is made of dried-up trees and wreaths from the past holiday as the focus point.

In addition to the bonfire, there are other activities such as horse-drawn hayrides, music, food and drinks, and a book exchange/sale. It's a way to gather in the dead of winter that will take the edge off the cold while interacting with other members of the community.

JUN: Prospect Park Garden Walk & Plant Sale - ( 66 SE Malcolm Ave.,, , website)

The Prospect Park Garden Walk & Plant Sale is an annual event that happens throughout the neighborhood. It's usually the third Saturday in June, and it's a way to highlight different gardens within the community. These gardens are private and public, and they include vegetable, pollinator, and therapeutic gardens. The Prospect Park Garden Club has a raute for all the gardens that can be visited and organizes them in a way that they can be seen in one afternoon.

The plant sale is at the Pratt Community Center as is the information about the walk itlef. All proceeds from the sale will help with future neighborhood plantings.

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