West Saint Paul Quick Facts
County: Dakota
Population: 19540
Size: 5.01 sq.mi.
Median Home Price: $310000
Average Rent Price: $1084
Commute to Mpls: 30 min.
Commute to Stp: 12 min.
Electricity: Xcel Energy
Natural Gas: Xcel Energy
Garbage / Recycle: Various
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West Saint Paul Overview
West St. Paul is a city just south of St. Paul proper and has roughly 20,000 people; it is considered a first ring suburb. The city prides itself on its natural surroundings, including two of its most well-known parks, Harmon Park and Thompson County Park.  It also has the Ice Arena and two sports complexes for those who wish to participate in physical activity all year round. On the business side, the Dakota County government and the Independent School District 197 are the two biggest employers. The city has roughly 600 businesses and a light industrial park, and they are easily accessible by both St. Paul and Minneapolis. Housing-wise, the city  is serious about making sure the housing is topnotch and that there is a range of housing available. There is an emphasis on community and ensuring that life in the community is positive for all of its members.
West Saint Paul Boundaries
West Saint Paul Then And Now
West St. Paul is, amusingly, to the south of St. Paul proper and not to the west. It is called West St. Paul because of its placement on the west side of the Mississippi River, which mostly runs north and south. It was part of South St. Paul until it split away from the western half and incorporated as West St. Paul in 1889. The land surrounding it was occupied by the Dakota in villages named Kaposia and Mendota, the latter which is part of the name of a current St. Paul city. The first permanent settlers in what is now West St. Paul was in 1848. There was another West St. Paul prior to this one, but it encountered financial difficulties and was soon dissolved due to bankruptcy. Nowadays, West St. Paul is a cozy neighborhood that places emphasis on their natural beauty, their wide range of housing availability, and community. Ever wonder what's up with the bump on the north side of West Saint Paul? There's a story to it. When Saint Paul was expanding their boundaries in 1874, they were looking to take over from the Mississippi River to Annapolis Street. But a Dakota County superintendent lived at 763 Dodd Road, and wanted to stay in West Saint Paul, and Dakota County. So he convinced legislature to carve out the 40 acre section which included his homestead and farm. You can read more about this in the link below. https://www.minnpost.com/politics-policy/2017/10/what-s-strange-notch-st-paul-s-southern-border/
West Saint Paul Environmental / Green
West St. Paul has a serious commitment to making sure their city is as green and sustainable as possible. They have several programs/policies in place, including an environmental committee that meets every Wednesday in order to plan their strategies for the future and check in on how their current policies/plans are going. On the city's website, they have a whole section dedicated to things that members of their community, both individuals and corporations, can do to reduce waste and improve the health of the environment. They have a green guide that tells residences how to dispose of items in the most environmentally-friendly way as possible, and the guide is composed of resources gathered by Dakota County. They had the West  St. Paul Sustainability Assessment published in 2010 with the help of a consultant, and it is a detailed and comprehensive plan of how they want to approach the issues pertaining to the environment and how they wanted to be proactive in addressing said challenges. West St. Paul is part of the Minnesota GreenStep Cities program, which is free and optional for any Minnesotan city. There are 29 optional best practices, and each practice comprises one or more action on a 1, 2, or 3-star level from a list of 4-8 actions. There are five steps, and each step is well defined. West. St. Paul is currently a Step 2 city.  
West Saint Paul Resident's Top Ten Pics
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Market Trends in West Saint Paul, MN
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West Saint Paul Parks
Garlough Park - ( 1800 Charlton St.,, 651-552-4150, website)

Garlough Park is 23 acres of pristine beauty filled with breathtaking flora and fauna. There is a 9-hole disc golf course, a nature area, and picnic shelters. There is also a walking trail that is shaded by magnificent trees on both sides so you can keep cool as you walk/jog. It's a great place to bring a canine friend along if you want.

Harmon Park - ( 230 Bernard St. W,, 651-552-4150, website)

Harmon Park is West St. Paul's oldest park, and it has been recently renovated to make it look fresh and new. It is 19 acres, and the new renovations include a playground with an adjacent splash pad, five baseball/softball diamonds, an ice skating rink and a boarded hockey rink, and lots of greenery. It's a community favorite because the young ones can play to their hearts' content as the adults chat with each other. It has the Neighborhood Center as well, which is a place where people can gather for different reasons, ranging from meetings to birthday parties.

Haskell Park - ( 975 Sperl St.,, 651-552-4150, website)

Haskell Park is filled with activities for everyone. For the more sporty, there is baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, and tennis. If you would rather be on the ice than on the land, there is both ice skating and hockey. The playground has been recently renovated with new equipment added, so the younger set will have even more fun. There is a climbing wall, a tunnel slide, monkey bars, and much more.

Marthaler Park - ( 1625 Humboldt Ave.,, 651-552-4150, website)

Marthaler Park is 34 acres, and it's filled with plenty of fun things to do. There is a playground for the kids to play on. If you're the more active type, there is basketball, tennis, volleyball for you to enjoy. There are picnic shelters when you want to take a break and have a bite to eat. There is also a biking trail, fishing, and a nature area in which you can just walk and marvel at the nature around you.

Thompson County Park - ( 360 Butler Ave. E,, 952-891-7000, website)

Thompson County Park is 57 acres of majestic greenery that instantly calms you as you walk through it. It's on Thompson Lake, and there is a picnic area that overlooks the lake so you can look at it and dine at the same ti me. If you're a hiker, there are miles of trails in the woods; they connect to the River Greenway, which is a system of trails connecting all over the metro and nearby suburbs.  There is also the Dakota Lodge, which can be used from all sorts of events, ranging from business events to weddings. There are play areas for the younger set, too. If you need a moment of respite from your busy life, this is the perfect place for it.

West Saint Paul Restaurants
Beirut Restaurant - ( 1385 Robert St.,, 651-457-4886, website)

Beirut Restaurant is a Lebanese restaurant that was opened in 1984 by Joseph and Rita Khoury and is now run by their son, John, and his wife, Madeleine. The decor is warm and vibrant, and it's reminiscent of the Mediterranean, The service is friendly, and the atmosphere is cozy and welcoming. The food is made from scratch with the freshest of ingredients, and they have plenty of vegetarian/vegan options. The menu includes The Mezza, which is a sampler platter of ten different appetizers, and there is a vegetarian version of it as well. The entrees features dishes such as Byblos, Kibbee Nayee, and Ameer. You might want to finish your dinner with a cup of strong Arabic coffee and homemade baklava. They have delivery and catering as well.

Maudie MacBride's Tea in the Woods - ( 59 Wentworth Ave. W,, 651-200-4460, website)

Maudie McBride's Tea in the Woods is owned by Carole and Todd, and it's named after Todd's grandmother. It was first opened almost two decades ago on Grand Avenue and eventually found its home in its current location. You'll feel like you're in an earlier time as you gaze at the greenery around you before you step into the cottage. Inside, the setting is quaint and tranquil with gentle music playing in the background. They offer a three or four course English tea, complete with scones, delicate finger sandwiches, Devonshire cream, and all the trimmings. They only serve one party at a time, so be sure to make your reservations at least three weeks in advance.

Taco Libre - ( 1221 S Robert St.,, 651-444-8820, website)

Taco Libre is a Mexican restaurant that focuses on creating authentic Mexican cuisine with an American influence, and to that end, they have a chef from Mexico City. The restaurant is open and bright, and the service is fast and friendly. The menu highlights the street taco, and it also  includes Machete, Alambres, and Platanos Fritos for dessert. They have a flat-screen TV tucked against one wall for viewing while waiting for your food.

The Pizza Shop - ( 1037 Dodd Rd.,, 651-457-0777, website)

The Pizza Shop is a family-owned takeout pizza joint that cheerfully dishes up slices to hungry members of the community.  The building is tiny, but the heart is big. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and the service is super friendly. The menu is small so they can create each pie with care. They offer four different kinds of pizzas--super, house, veggie, and cheeseburger. You can build your own pizza from a plethora of ingredients available, including hot pepper rings, artichoke hearts, shrimp, and sausage. They have pizza fries and a pizza sandwich, too.

Tokyo 23 Hibachi Buffet - ( 1201 S Robert St., Suite 17,, 651-455-8880, website)

Tokyo 23 Hibachi Buffet is an Asian buffet, the self-proclaimed biggest in St. Paul, in Signal Hills Shopping Center.  It is an open and inviting space, and the service is friendly and courteous. They have a mix of Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, and American food. They have a sushi bar, a fruit bar, a make-you-own-soup bar along with a hibachi grill. Some of their offerings include Seashell Collection, Pork Ear, Garlic Stir-fry Clam, and Chicken Skewers. They also have a dessert bar if you want to end your meal on a sweet note. They offer catering as well.

West Saint Paul Shopping
A Precious Petals Florist - ( 1438 S Robert St.,, 651-451-2394, website)

A Precious Petals Florist opened in 1988 and has been owned and run by Reba Berge since 2008. She is enthusiastic about flowers, and she has kept up with the changes and trends in the floral industry. All the staff members have many years in the field, and they are eager and willing to help you find/create the perfect arrangement for any occasion. They have arrangements for any occasion, including weddings, funerals, and Christmas. They will also do custom arrangements if that is your preference. They deliver to several cities within the Twin Cities metro area.

Granny's Donuts - ( 1555 S Robert St.,, 651-451-6132, website)

Granny's Donut is owned by Xuan To and Que Banh, and it has been a favorite of the neighborhood for over three decades. They are open every day up to 16 hours a day, and they are dedicated to providing the community with the tastiest donuts they can. The shop is small and colorful, and the service is friendly and personable. The donuts are classics such as French Crullers and donuts with sprinkles. The prices are more than reasonable, and you'll be tempted to get several dozen.

MICHOACANA pedir de boca - ( 1201 S Robert St., #4A, 651-340-2842, website)

MICHOACANA pedir de boca is an ice cream shop in Signal Hills Shopping Center that highlights the flavors of Michoacan, Mexico. The shop is bright and cheerful, the staff members are friendly, and the atmosphere is lively. They h ave both water-based and cream-based paletas (ice pops), dozens of different kinds of helados (ice cream), and specialties such as the Chocobanana. They also have snacks such as elotes, and they have house-made drinks, including Crema de coco.

Twin Cites Magic & Costume Co. - ( 2044 S Robert St.,, 651-227-7888, website)

Twin Cities Magic & Costume Co. was opened in 1986 and is family owned and operated. The store is packed full of costumes, wigs, makeup, magic, and more. The staff members all have experience in the performing arts, and they are eager to help you find exactly what you're looking for. It doesn't matter if you want to be a vampire, a fire fighter, or a unicorn--they can find the perfect costume for you. Whether you need something for a play, a costume party, or Halloween, they've got you covered.

West Saint Paul Antiques - ( 880 Smith Ave. S,, 651-451-0398, website)

West Saint Paul Antiques was opened in 1998 by Floyd and Linda Ruggles because they wanted to share their passion of antiques with others. They have consistently won awards for their service, and they pride themselves in being able to find that rare item that a client has been seeking out for years. They have what 5 what they call museums and 3 exhibits; one of the museums highlights the St. Paul winter Carnival over the years. The shop is cozy and warm, and the staff members are knowledgeable about the antiques inside. Every corner is crammed with something interesting to see, and the owners are eager to help you find whatever you want/need. The items range from furniture to pottery to instruments, and so much more. They also buy antiques as well.

West Saint Paul Nightlife
5-8 Grill & Tap - ( 1741 S Robert St.,, 651-456-5858, website)

5-8 Grill & Tap is the fourth of the 5-8 family, opening in 2014. The original 5-8 restaurant in Minneapolis is the home of the Juicy Lucy, and all the places have a speakeasy vibe to them. This bar/restaurant is heavily wooded, creating a comfy and cozy atmosphere, and the service is friendly. They have 7 flat-screen TVs on the walls, so it's a great place to watch a game and root on the home team. In addition to the Juicy Lucy, the menu includes the Asian Chicken Salad and the Inside Out Brat. On the drinks side, they have craft beers and other potables. They have patio seating in the summer.

Dunham's Bar and Restaurant - ( 173 Lothenbach Ave.,, 651-451-7431, website)

Dunham's Bar and Restaurant is a neighborhood bar that has all kinds of fun events to keep the customers happy. They have 8 pool tables if you're into billiards, weekly karaoke, and they often have live music as well. They have holiday events such as a costume party for Halloween and a party with live music for Thanksgiving. They have the typical bar food such as wings, burgers, and nachos. Drinks-wise, they have several kinds of beer and wine.

Gallagher's Bar and Grill - ( 888 Ohio St., 651-455-8150, website)

Gallagher's Bar and Grill is a popular neighborhood joint that is a place to go when you want to chill with friends and a pint or two. It has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, and the staff is very friendly. It's a family-owned bar, and they want to make sure you feel a part of the family. They have a patio for when the weather is nice, and they have several TV screens inside for game watching when the weather isn't so great. They serve generous portions of their food so no one will go home hungry, and they have both a breakfast menu and a lunch & dinner menu. The breakfast menu includes breakfast combos such as biscuits & gravy, various platters including the Cajun Breakfast, and sides such as oatmeal. The lunch & dinner menu includes Prime Rib Saturday Night, Walleye Sandwich, and Gallagher's Burger. On the drinks side, they have several different kinds of beer. They also have live music at night so you can enjoy it while you drink.

Tappers Pub - ( 879 Stryker Ave.,, 651-457-6784, website)

Tappers Pub is a neighborhood joint that welcomes members of the community to hang out and get to know each other. It has a sparse, but cozy atmosphere, and the staff is friendly. They have pizzas that are made in-house, including their original 'Coney Island' pizza. The beer menu has a mix of Minnesotan, Wisconsin, Missouri, and New York beers with a few international beers thrown in the mix (Mexico and Ireland). The beers include Bent Paddle, Angry Orchard Crisp Apple, and Murphy's Irish Stout.

The Fireside Lounge Bar & Restaurant - ( 1288 Robert St.,, 651-457-6397, website)

The Fireside Lounge Bar & Restaurant is a chill place for members of the community to gather for drinks, watching a game (on 10 50" screens), and having a bite to eat. The atmosphere is low-key and homey, and the service is friendly. The menu includes homemade foods and each day has a special such as the Prime Rib Melt for Monday dinner. They also have breakfast such as the Breakfast Burger. For dessert, you might want to try a good old root beer float. On the drinks side, they have wine, beer, and a Bloody Mary on the weekends. They also have raffles and bingo.

West Saint Paul Community Arts & Recreation
Ice Arena - ( 60 Emerson Ave. W,, 651-552-4155, website)

The Ice Arena is opened throughout the year, so you can skate whenever the spirit moves you. They have hours for public skating and hours for open hockey as well. You have to be helmeted for the latter. Public skating is $3 a person, and open hockey is $5 per person. You can also rent the rink per hour. It's a good way to spend an afternoon or evening if you want to have fun skating.

West St. Paul Regional Athletics Center - ( 1655 Livingston Ave.,, 651-552-4158, website)

The West St. Paul Regional Athletics Center is a big dome that has several uses. Two of these are specific times for walking/jogging and for Open Dome. It opened in November of 2012, and it is 110,000 square feet in size. There is an 11 x 11 soccer field, three batting cages, and a small training field, all available for rental. The facility is kept up-to-date, and the staff members are friendly and helpful. Open Dome is $5.

West St. Paul Sports Complex - ( 1650 Oakdale Ave.,, 651-552-4152, website)

The West St. Paul Sports Complex is filled with things to do for people who are active. There is a biking trail and a hiking trail for those who like to meander through nature. There are fields/diamonds for soccer, baseball, and softball. There is also a batting cage for those who want to perfect their swing. There is also open terrain for those who just want to enjoy nature, and there is a playground for the children. There are also picnic shelters if you want to take a break from the fun and have a bite to eat. There are also horseshoe pits for a bit of a projectile good time.

West Saint Paul Events
FEB: West St. Paul Winter Fun Fest - ( 230 Bernard St. W,, 651-552-4117, website)

The West St. Paul Winter Fun Fest is a fairly new tradition, but it's already a popular one. It happens in February, and it's a way to brighten the mood for the community near the end of winter. It is held at Harmon Park, and there is plenty to do for all who enjoy winter or are itching for spring to come. There is ice skating, kids rides, and live music with a DJ. There will be food and drinks a;s well as a heated tent and fire pits if your toes get a bit frosty. The event will end with fireworks, and there will be door prizes as well. Everyone in the community is welcome to attend.

MAY: West St. Paul Days - ( PO Box 18070, , website)

West St. Paul Days take place in May every year, and it's a way for the community to celebrate all that is dear to them. There are several activities planned each year, including the Carnival, the Grand Parade, the Harmon Park Festival, and more. It's a week of joyous celebration that is fun for all members of the community, and it's highly anticipated each year.

SEP: Glow Dash - ( 1800 Charlton St.,, 651-552-4154, website)

Glow Dash is a new event that is hosted in Garlough Park in September. It's fun for the whole family, and it's a 1.36 mile 'dash' that you can walk, run, jog, or push a stroller through the lit up path. You'll want to put on your best glow gear as you do the dash, and participants will get a glow swag bag as a nice treat. There will be refreshments after the dash as well.

OCT: Halloween Extravaganza - ( 230 Bernard St. W,, 651-552-4154, website)

The West St. Paul Halloween Extravaganza is an annual event on Halloween, and it is fun for the whole family. It takes place in Harmon Park, and the festivities include a trick-or-treat trail, a costume contest, a photo booth so everyone's creative costumes can be captured on film. The winning of the coloring contest will also be announced, and there are bonfires and free hot dogs. Food donations are accepted.

DEC: Secret Holiday Shop - ( 1200 Stassen Ln.,, 651-552-4154, website)

The Secret Holiday Shop is an annual event in early December to prepare kids for the holidays. It is held in the Dakota Lounge in Thompson Park. Kids are brought by their parents or guardians, and there are volunteers to help the kids while the parents/guardians wait in a nearby area. There are tickets for 50 cents each, and all the items are between 50 cents and $12. The gifts include things like coffee mugs, and they will be wrapped for the kids at the end of the visit.

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