Quick Facts
County: Washington
Population: 27974
Size: 11.31 sq mi
Median Home Price: $374450
Average Rent Price: $1166
Commute to Mpls: 22 minutes
Commute to StP: 9 minutes
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Electricity: Xcel Energy
Natural Gas: Centerpoint Energy
Garbage / Recycle: Varies
Water: City
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Welcome to Oakdale

The City of Oakdale is a suburb of St. Paul and has a population of roughly 28,000. There are two schools that serve Oakdale: Tartan High School (for the southern residents) and North High School (for the northern residents). There are several parks for the community members to enjoy. One of them is the dog park called Oakdale Bark Park, and it's a great place to bring your canine companions to run around and have a great time. Another is the Oakland Nature Preserve which has 200 acres of lush, verdant greenery. It also has the Discovery Center which is a great place to learn about nature. There are plenty of things to do such as the Summer Concert Series and the Oakdale Summerfest Celebration. If you're into theater, then the Tartan Theatre is for you. It affords the students at Tartan High School to engage in their theatrical dreams throughout the year. Restaurants and pubs are to be found as well. You can get pizza, Italian, Mexican, seafood, Chinese, and more. Then, you can head out to a pub to grab a beer and watch your favorite team on TV. It is close to Downtown Saint Paul, while being a cozy residential area in which to live.

Then and Now

The first settler in what's now known as Oakdale settled there in 1848 just before Minnesota Territory was established. Bernard B. "Bun" Cyphers, the settler, built a hotel near Sunfish Lake and called it the Lake House that eventually became a town meeting spot. The town began to steadily build over the next decade or so. The Township of Oakdale was established on October 20th, 1858, and was roughly 36 square miles. The first town meeting was held on November 1st, and Arthur Stephen was elected as Justice of Peace. He came up with the name Oakdale, and his brother, Robert, was elected as Constable. As with many of the townships in Minnesota in the early days, the Township of Oakdale was heavily invested in farming. In the summer, a major part of the economy was ice. Farmers would cut the ice from Tanner's Lake and bring the blocks to ice houses to be stored. That's how the members of the township were able to keep their food cold--with the blocks of ice they bought from the ice houses. In 1926, a section of the township people thought it would be politically better if they split off and formed their own village. They did exactly that and formed Lake Elmo. The Township of Oakdale went through turmoil in the following years because the tension between rural residents and urban residents was high and continuous. The issues could not be settled, so 1951, East Oakdale incorporated. By this point, only 7 of the original 36 sections of the Township of Oakdale remained. In 1960, the Township of Oakdale tried unsuccessfully to incorporate as a city. They persevered for the following seven years, but the Minnesota Municipal Commission kept rejecting them for being too small. They were able to convince the residents of the Township of Northdale and some of the residents of East Oakdale to join them in 1967 and were incorporated as Oakdale on February 20, 1968.


Green / Environmental

The City of Oakdale is committed to sustainability. It has an Environmental Management Commission that meets every third Monday of the month in City Hall. The meetings are streamed if you cannot attend in person. The commission advises on several issues, including energy conservation, composting, recycling, water and air quality, and solid waste. They are on their third-generation Surface Water Management Plan that is aimed at helping the City deal with any surface water-related issues. Additionally, the City pledges to keep the quality of life high by protecting the surface water. Oakdale joined the Minnesota GreenStep Cities program in 2011. The program is voluntary, and it helps cities increase their sustainability through actions and steps. There are 5 steps and 4 to 8 actions per step. There are 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star actions. Oakdale is a category A, Step 5 city. In 2015, Oakdale won the first-ever Sustainable City Award given out by the League of Minnesota Cities and GreenStep Cities. Oakdale also has a webpage dedicated to helping residents consider electric vehicles: https://www.oakdalemn.gov/948/Electric-Vehicles They are also pushing homeowners to help make their homes more energy efficient: https://www.oakdalemn.gov/162/Sustainable-Home

Real Estate

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Crime Stats

Many of the cities around the Twin Cities metro area have their crime data published on the Community Crime Map. This is a great resource for looking at what is going on in various cities. Another great resource is to check with the city's local police department. The have a lot of data available for public use. Community Crime Map
Minneapolis publishes to the Community Crime Map, but also has a couple specific resources that are not on there:
Check out the Minneapolis Police Department website: http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/police/statistics/index.htm
The Shots Fired Map is unique to Minneapolis. They installed a system of microphones that can detect locations of shots fired based on triangulation of the sounds from the microphones.
Edina does not publish to the Community Crime Map (as of 2019) so here is a link to their site: https://www.edinamn.gov/326/Crime-Data-Map


Eastside Park - (1744 Helmo Ave. N,, 651-730-2740) Eastside Park is a neighborhood favorite because it has so many different things to do. If you are into sports, you'll appreciate the amenities such as a baseball/softball diamond, an ice skating rink, pigkleball courts, a soccer field, and a tennis court. There are trails if you'd just like to go for a walk amongst the greenery. There are also picnic areas with shelters if you want to rest a minute or have a bite to eat. There is a playground for the kids to play on as well.
Oakdale Bark Park - (4957 Helena Rd. N,, 651-730-2740) Oakdale Bark Park is a park for dogs, of course. 4.6 acres of open space for you and your canine friend to frolic in. There is a walking trail so you can explore the park, and it's filled with wood chips to crunch. There park is fenced off so it's safe for the dogs and they can feel comfortable running around with abandon. It's a great place for them to make new friends (canine and human alike), and to get some exercise.
Oakdale Nature Preserve - (4444 Hadley Ave. N,, 651-730-2740) Oakdale Nature Preserve is 200 acres of beautiful, lush greenery that is a nice getaway from every day life. The vistas are stunning, and they are a pleasure to walk through. If you're the athletic type, there is plenty for you at this park, including a tennis court, a basketball court, a bike trail, and plenty of open space. There is a playground for the kids to play in, and there is a Discovery Center where you can learn about nature.
Richard Walton Park - (1584 Hadley Ave. N,, 651-730-2740) Richard Walton Park is a local favorite because it's full of diverse things to do, so everyone can have fun here. For the more athletic types, there is a football field, an ice rink, a basketball court, a baseball/softball diamond, tennis courts, and  more. For the younger set, there is a playground area in which to play. There is also a skateboard park if that's more your jam. There are picnic shelters, a bandshell, and benches upon which you can rest. The park hosts events such as Summer Concert Series, Movies in the Park, Farmers Market, and more.
Tanners Lake Park - (Tanners Park Rd.,, 651-730-2740) Tanners Lake Park is a neighborhood favorite and a good way to spend a sunny weekend afternoon. There is tons to do for almost everyone. The amenities include a baseball/softball diamond, a basketball court, pickleball courts, and more for the athletic types. There is a playground for the kids, and there are resting spots, such as the picnic shelters, too.  


Bambu Restaurant - (7061 10th St. N,, 651-735-7306) Bambu Restaurant is an Asian restaurant that features dishes from several countries, including Vietnam, China, Thailand, and Japan. It's owned by Yin Thong, who wanted to bring a taste of her homeland (Vietnam) plus places she's visited on her travels. She takes the classic dishes and does them with a twist for the modern palate. They use fresh ingredients and make their dishes with pride. They feature sushi and other traditional Asian dishes. They have plenty of gluten-free options which are clearly marked on the menu. It includes Shumai, Mi Hoanh Thanh (Egg Noodle Wonton Soup), Happy Bird Nest, Penang Red, and Masaman Seafood Curry. They have plenty of sushi choices, too, so take a look at that menu as well. The restaurant's decor is contemporary and colorful, and the staff is friendly.
Jade 88 - (1181 Geneva Ave. N,, 651-735-5233) Jade 88 is a Chinese restaurant that was opened in 1994. It has many different kinds of Chinese cuisine, including Szechuan, Hunan, Cantonese, and Mandarin. The decor is low-key and the atmosphere is chill. They cater so call them if you'd like Chinese food for your special events. Their menu includes Mongolian Beef, Kung Pao Pork, Mandarin Shrimp, Ta Chien Chiken, and more. They also have vegetarian dishes and Cantonese pan-fried noodles. You're sure to find something you'll like.
Los Comales Taqueria - (3205 Hadley Ave. N,, 612-449-7672) Los Compales Taqueria is a Mexican food truck that is parked outside a Menards. It's a deep green and easy to spot. The food is authentic and made on a daily basis with fresh ingredients. They have tacos, tortas, burritos, quesadillas, and alambres. They will cross off whatever they run out of on the menu on the side of their truck so you know what they have left for the day. They can make it as mild or as spicy as you want. Every mouthful is full of flavor and you'll want to come back for more.
Rocco's Pizza - (1951 Geneva Ave. N,, 651-738-9091) Rocco's Pizza is a Minnesota pizza chain that is known throughout the state. It has a chill atmosphere with cheerful servers who are happy to bring you whatever kind of pie you wish to eat. They have been serving pizza for 30 years over their various local locations since 1998. They offer catering for the important events in your life and need 48 hours for each request. The different kinds of pizza are Chicago style, deep dish, and regular with several toppings you can choose from. The pizzas on their menu are Chicken Bacon Ranch Special, Bob Special, Meat Special, and more.
Taco Libre Oakdale - (8364 3rd St. N,, 651-493-0099) Taco Libre Oakland is part of a local chain of Mexican restaurants. The first restaurant was in West St. Paul, and with its success, the owners expanded to three other locations--including the one in Oakdale. It's located in the Oakdale Village Shopping Center and is focused on delivering fresh and authentic Mexican food. The service is fast and friendly. They are known for their Machete, which is an 18-inch taco that is a crowd pleaser. The menu also includes tortas, flautas, empanadas, and more.



D-Spot - (7129 10th St. N,, 651-730-7768) D-Spot is a bar and grill that has a modern decor and friendly stervice. There are TVs so you can watch your favorite sports,  and their menu focuses on chicken wings. They have several different categories of wings, including Savory, Death Row, Sweet, and more. They have names like Rougarou (Haunted), French Toast (Sweet0, and Twist (Savory). They also have burgers and draft beers, too.
Dukes Pizza, Pub and Grill - (1285 Geneva Ave. N,, 651-264-0340) Dukes Pizza, Pub and Grill is a low-key neighborhood joint that is family-friendly and specializes in pizza. They have happy hour with specials, and they have VINGO (video bingo). They will host your next party for you, assuring that everyone will have a good time. They are known for their pizzas, including The Big Duke, Meat Lovers, and the Veggie. You can also build your own pizza with different ingredients. They also have burger baskets, appetizers, and breakfast. The last has dishes such as Luis' BIG Breakfast Burrito, Joe's BIG Mini Doughnuts, and Breakfast Pizza.
JW's Bierstube - (7121 10th St. N,, 651-751-8381) JW's Biertube is a pub that features a blend of American and German cuisine/drinks. It looks like a traditional pub with the wood and dark colors. The service is friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming. The menu includes traditional German dishes such as Schweine Haxen, A Taste of Deutschland, and Gebratene Leber. They also have burgers/sandwiches, including Bacon Bleu Cheeseburger, Filet Mignon Sandwich, and Pork Loin Sandwich. They also have steak, small plates, sides, and more. And, of course, beer.
Sgt. Peppers Grille & Bar - (939 Helena Ave. N,, 651-738-7052) Sgt. Peppers Grille & Bar is owned by Julie and Rob Kinsky, who considers it a true neighborhood bar. They opened up what used to be called Greenstreets in the early '90s, changing the name to Sgt. Peppers Grille & Bar in 1996. They have been in their current location since 2003, cheerfully serving up good old American food that sticks to your ribs. They have outdoor seating, weather permitting. Their menu includes Tortellini Carbonara, Chipotle Burger, Pickle Pup (sandwich), Walleye Finger Basket, and more. They have daily specials and a gluten-free menu, too. They also can host banquets for your special life events.
Tartan Theatre - (828 Greenway Ave. N,, 651-702-8814) Tartan Theatre is a theater for students in Tartan High School (starting from grade eight through senior year). They have workshops, performances, and other events that will strengthen students' theatrical skills. They can also sign up for tech or audition for roles, or both. They put on musicals as well as plays, and they make sure that everyone is engaged and performing to the best of their ability.
The Burrow - (7053 10th St. N,, 651-204-1900) The Burrow is a gaming center that offers fun for everyone. There are axe-throwing lanes, go-karts, mini-bowling, and so much more. They have a private dining room that you can rent out if you want to have a special event at this venue. They have a full menu which includes tasty dishes such as Dry Rub Tofu, Lumberjack Burger, Smoked Meat Options, Fit for a Feast (platter), Axe Chucker (pizza), and more.
Titans Sports Saloon - (1267 Geneva Ave. N,, 651-444-8488) Titans Sports Saloon is a bar with a laid-back atmosphere. The pale blue walls add to the chill vibe. The staff is friendly and always ready with a beer and a smile. If you want a place where where you can grab a burger and a beer, and watch your favorite team with your friends, this is the place for you. The menu includes the Dorito Burger, Beer Battered Cheese Curds, Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Mac Cheese Burger, and more.
Wild Boar Bar & Grill - (950 Helena Ave.,, 651-414-0903) Wild Boar Bar & Grill is an Oakdale favorite along with its sister bar in Hopkins. It has delivery as well as being able to dine in at the bar. There is patio seating for when the weather is sunny and mild. The atmosphere is cheerful and the staff members are welcoming. The menu includes Boar Double Double Burger, Mango Habanero Shrimp (taco), Wild Boar Ribs--Full Rack, Mac Attack (burger), and more. They have a full bar, too, so you can accompany your food with the perfect spirit.

Community Arts & Recreation

Aspire Music Academy - (7037 6th St. N,, 651-900-9919) The Aspire Music Academy is for performers who want to strengthen their vocal and dance skills. It is open to people of all ages and abilities. They want to instill a love of all things musical in people at a young age so they can continually improve their musical chops as they get older. For the adult students, they are afforded opportunities to perform and to sharpen their talents. They have programs and groups for students of all ages.  The academy performs all over the Twin Cities.
Discover Center Art Gallery - (4444 Hadley Ave. N,, 651-747-3860) The Discovery Center Art Gallery is located in the Oakdale Discovery Center, which, in itself, is located in the Oakdale Nature Preserve. It is a space that hosts different artists from around the community and is interested in showcasing diverse art and artists. There is a different artist featured every month.
Legacy Dance Studio - (7153 10th St.,, 651-735-9216) Legacy Dance Studio is family-owned by Melissa and Mike Drikakis, and it was opened in 1998. They have ballet techniques as their basis and build up on those. In addition to ballet, they teach hip hop, jazz, lyrical, and more. They believe in core strength so they have Pilate classes and dance conditioning. They offer classes to students from age 2 to age 18 in different categories: recreational, recital, competition, and ballet.
Oakdale Discovery Center - (4444 Hadley Ave. N,, 651-747-3860) The Oakdale Discovery Center is located in the Oakdale Nature Preserve. It has a variety of activities and ways to learn about nature (including books). It's also a place where you can go for a moment of respite of you're feeling overwhelmed as you wander through the preserve. There is also an art gallery, plus a room that can be rented that is 1,152 square feet and can hold up to 120 people.
Spartan Martial Arts - (432 Hayward Ave. N,, 651-210-1631) Spartan Martial Arts was established in 2010 and is headed up by Tom Schmitz, the head coach. He has been practicing several different types of martial arts since 1992 and is eager to share his knowledge with others. The studio teaches Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai (kickboxing) to students of all ages. Their goal is to build confidence in their students as well as improve their martial arts skills.
Summer Concert Series - (1584 Hadley Ave. N,, 651-730-2740) The Summer Concert Series is set in Walton Park on Wednesday evenings in the summer. There is a different act each week, and it's a diverse group of genres, ranging from kids music to rock to a steel drum band. It's free and open to everyone. It's a great way to spend a summer night with friends and/or family.


APR: Oakdale Mystery Egg Hunt - (4444 Hadley Ave. N,) The Oakdale Mystery Egg Hunt is a yearly event hosted by Oakdale, MN Recreation around Easter. It's held in the Oakdale Nature Preserve with the eggs hidden on the trails. It's for kids 10 and under, and when they find an egg, they can turn it in for a prize. If they find a golden egg, they get a special prize. It's a few hours of fun with a brisk walk along the way.
JUN: Oakdale Summerfest Celebration - (1584 Hadley Ave. N,) The Oakdale Summerfest Celebration is an annual festival in June at Richard Walton Park. It is a weekend-long event with several activities to do on each day. Everyone in the family will enjoy the event as they can watch the parade and get candy during it, go to the bandshell and dance to live music, go on a medallion hunt, race in the 5K, and more. There will be food trucks so you will not go hungry. At the end of the weekend,
DEC: Christmas Boutique - (8260 4th St. N,) The Christmas Boutique is an annual event that is hosted by the Guardian Angels Catholic Community in December. It is a two-day event (a weekend), and it's enjoyed by members of the  community. Many artists and crafters apply to be venders every year. There is a bake sale with cookies and other baked goods, hot chocolate, carolers, and Santa Claus.
DEC: Winter Wonderland - (4444 Hadley Ave. N,) Winter Wonderland is an annual event hosted by the City of Oakdale and the Oakdale Recreation Center. It is held at the Oakdale Discovery Center in December, and it is free to all members of the public. There are plenty of activities planned as a way to celebrate winter. These activities include hayrides, a petting zoo, a candy cane hunt, and more. There will be a visit from Santa, too. It's a fun event for everyone in the family.


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