2016 Tesla Model X P90D Signature - For Sale -
Odometer 86500
Pearl white exterior / White Interior

Auto Pilot (AP1, auto lane change, lane keep assist, summon)
White interior with 6 seats vegan leather, all 6 heated, front 2 are also ventilated
Ultra High Fidelity Sound
20" aftermarket wheels with Pirelli Scorpian Verde AS+ tires (silver wheels dipped matte black)
Premium Upgrade Package (ambient lights, self presenting doors, black alcantara ceiling)
Smart Air Suspension
Subzero Weather Package (heated seats, steering wheel, wipers)
Factory Towing Package
Tesla all-weather floor mats up front
Hexamat in the passenger cabin
Homelink transmitter built-in the car
Active spoiler

WARRANTY: 8-year battery/motor warranty thru Dec 31, 2023

INCLUDES: FREE unlimited super charging (SC01)
INCLUDES: FREE unlimited Premium Connectivity
INCLUDES: Second set of All-Weather tires, Nokian WRG3 mounted on factory 20" slipstream wheels (dipped matte black) ($2000)
INCLUDES: chrome delete that was dipped matte black, but is slightly worn
INCLUDES: Red stripe under the doors (dipped)
INCLUDES: ROAV front dash camera ($99)
INCLUDES: MCU2 upgrade, new MCU computer, and both screens replaced. ($1500)
INCLUDES: dual chargers for a maximum of 240V/72A charging at home.

This is a signature car, serial number 254. It was hand-built and very early off the line, delivered in December of 2015. That being said, there were numerous problems when I got the car (used from Tesla CPO) and I had everything taken care of under warranty. I can easily drive it without worrys and it's never left me stranded anywhere. Most of the items were sensors and trim and seals. There are no issues that I know of right now, and the only service I had in the past year was to replace the 12v battery. Nothing else.

I did opt to replace the MCU with the upgraded unit, so the vehicle comes with all the latest games, and netflix, youtube, etc. This replacement allows access to those services FREE for life because the car has free unlimited premium connectivity.

This car has Insane / Insane+ mode. I've timed it at 4.0 seconds in Insane Mode, and have not timed Insane+ mode. In fact, I think I only ever used Insane+ once.

This car is very clean inside and out. I've always hand-washed the car using the 1 bucket method. The chrome has been (plastidip) dipped matte black.

The Pirelli Scorpian tires have one season left of tread on them. They were recently balanced. These tires have a longer life than the OEM Contis that came with the vehicle. They perform well. These are mounted on Turbine knockoffs (dipped black).
The WRG3 tires have lots of tread left on them. I recently had the two rears remounted on the opposite sides so that there is more even wear. These WRG3 are like 80% of a winter tire that can be driven year-round. I used them for only the winters, and swapping them for the Scorpians for the summer. The Scorpians are quieter than the WRG3. The WRG3 are mounted on the factory slipstreams (dipped black).

Current battery capacity is 74.4kwh, which yields an estimate of 223 miles. I have charged to 90% just about the entire time I've owned the vehicle, and that gives me an estimated range of about 200 miles (at 90%). This vehicle started with a normal capacity of about 82kwh (even though it was marketed as 90kwh by tesla's strange marketing), so the range loss is about 9% from original putting it right in line with what one should expect at 6 years old. This past year it lost an estimated 2 miles of range.

My consumption may be heavier than normal, since I tended to "show off" the insane mode quite a bit. I did a lot of car shows and took many people on rides. Overall I would estimate I burned 450wh/mi (lifetime average) which is much higher than the official 379 wh/mi. I could easily achieve 379, and routinely got down to 325wh/mi. In the winter, the X ranges from 70% capacity at 20-30 degrees, to 60% capacity down to -5 degrees, and roughly 50% capacity down to -15 degrees. This means that at 20 degrees, range is 156 miles. At -5 degrees it's 133 miles. Normally I would say that I used 370wh/mi in the summer, and 470 wh/mi in the winter, but keep in mind all those shows.

The dual chargers means this can charge at 240V / 72A, which is 17kw. This means that it can be charged from 0% to 100% in about 4 hours. This will require using a GEN 1/2 wall connector. GEN 3 wall connectors are limited to 240V / 48A which is 11.5kw. This would charge 0-100% in about 6.5 hours. I have a Gen 1 wall charger that I could sell with the car.

The only reason I'm selling is because I "side-graded" to a Model Y for more of the newer technology, and the higher efficiency.

Clean title, ready to go. Asking $66,000 / obo.

If you try to order one today, estimated delivery is March 2023. More than a year away! If you upgrade the base X with some different options, you can get it down to November 2022, one year away.

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