Reading Room

How do people search for a new home?  I am a tech person, so I use technology for almost everything.  However, I realize that many people may not want three different maps of the houses on their wish list, nor want to look through a hundred ‘just for you' houses that really may or may not just be for them.  They think in terms of how a house will support and bolster their way of life, and that is not something that the internet can measure.

If you are passionate about gardening, the backyard of your potential home is going to be very important to you.  If you love to cook, then you most likely want a kitchen that is updated, roomy, and has all the newest gadgets.  Likewise, if you are an inveterate reader, you'd probably like a sun room with plenty of natural light.

This is where I come in.  During our first interview, I sit down with you so we can converse at length as to what you want in a home.  Once you tell me what is and isn't important to you, I can set you up in our automated search system using your specific criteria.  With this system, I can send you targeted homes on a daily basis.  You can leave me notes, and I can respond to them so we are constantly in touch about the status of your search for the perfect house.  If your needs change, you can just post a note, and I will adjust accordingly.  Nothing could be easier, and my clients are raving about it.  It's a great non-tech tech site that just about everybody will love.

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