Buying a lake home can be an exciting time. But there are some things that you should ask before making an offer on a lake home.
1. Utilities. Make sure that you know which utilities are available for the property. Never assume that you can just hook up to electric, water, gas, or sewer. Many rural properties will have their own utilities, while lake homes around the metro area may have all the utilities hooked up to public sources.
2. Recreational activites. Find out what kind of recreational activities are permitted on your lake.Each lake will have their own restrictions on what you can or can't do. If you love to waterski, or jetski, be sure the particular lake allows for it.
3. Weed Control. Find out if teh DNR manages the weeds for the lake, or if there is an association that manages it, or if the homeowners are responsible for it themselves. If you are responsible for it, there is a great website that deals specifically with weeds:
4. Water Level. Some lakes fluctuate quite a bit. Find out if the lake you're looking at is usually at a constant level or not.
5. Dock included. Check to see if the dock is included in the sale of the property. Also find out what kind of dock it is, whether it has wheels for removing easily, or if it is on posts.
6. Beach type. Find out whether the beach is sandy, rocky, or full of muck or weeds. A sandy beach is much easier for kids and adults alike, but is harder to find.
7. Neighbors. Talk with the neighbors to find out the inside scoop on what's going on.

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