Research Before Buying a House

Hi, it's Minna again, and I am back!  This time, I am blogging about how to sell your house in this tough market.  Many people think they have to totally rehaul their house in order to sell it, but that's not true.  All it takes is a little bit of ingenuity to make your home stand out from the rest.

Let me give you a hypothetical.  Let's pretend that I am a first-time homebuyer looking for a house in the Powderhorn area.  What is the first thing I'm going to do?  Most likely, I am going to go online and research the area.  How?  Why, I'd go to, of course, and use his search engine.  I'd put in the price range and other specs I had in mind (such as year of house built, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, etc.), and I'd see what I came up with.

Once I got my results, I would immediately discard any listing without pictures or a description of the house.  With this being a buyer's market, I can afford to be even pickier than I normally would be.  Then, I would look through the pics of the remaining houses and see what immediately catches my eye.  Anything that didn't elicit a, "That's cute" or, "I like that one" or even an, "Interesting" gets deleted.  I would go from there.

How to Make Your Minneapolis Home More Attractive

This brings me to my point.  When I look at pictures of houses, the first thing I notice is color.  Maybe I'm unique in that, but I don't want rooms that are all white or all monochromatic.  A maroon room or a sage-green room alone would be enough to get a second look, if not a third.  Empty rooms are not inviting, either.  A little bit of staging with, say, a vase of fresh gladiola immediately perks up an otherwise arid room.

The changes don't need to be overarching and on a grand scale.  A few little touches here and there can increase your house's saleability, and they are a lot easier on your wallet, too.

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