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The East Harriet neighborhood is one of Southwest’s neighborhoods, receiving its name from Lake Harriet, which in turn was named after Henry Leavenworth’s wife. This area is widely park and nature based, with gardens and lakes taking up nearly half of the area. Lake Bde Maka Ska (formerly Lake Calhoun) and Lake Harriet are the two large lakes partially inside the East Harriet Neighborhood, as well as the Lyndale Park Rose Garden--which proudly displays 3,000 plants of over a hundred varieties of roses. Another appreciation of nature is provided in the Thomas Sadler Roberts Bird Sanctuary, which is very close to the rose garden. The sanctuary is the end of the road for migratory birds in the spring; a popular place for warblers to gather. For those who love nature and lush greenery, East Harriet is for you.
Most of the houses in East Harriet are two stories, and they are set back from the road.

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East Harriet Neighborhood

Then and Now:

The East Harriet neighborhood was strongly influenced by Colonel William S. King. The neighborhood began as his summer estate (Lyndale Farmstead) and was later transformed into a park. Parks were very important to Colonel King, and he was an avid player in setting aside land for parks surrounding Lake Harriet.
In 1991, the East Harriet Farmstead Neighborhood Association (EHFNA) was founded to preserve and obtain the neighborhood’s wants and needs. Comprised of neighbors and volunteers, the EHFNA has focused on amping the benefits of the Lyndale Farmstead Park. With more attention shining on the park, more and more people have moved into the area and turned it into a thriving neighborhood.


36th Street to the North, Lyndale Avenue to the East, 46th to the South, and the West is comprised of Lake Harriet and Lakewood Cemetery.

Bordering Neighborhoods:

Linden Hills, Lynnhurst, Tangletown, East Calhoun, Ecco, CARAG, Lyndale, and King Field.

Crime Stats:

Raids Online maps crimes of neighborhoods and is updated daily:

East Harriet

Home Sale Stats / Real Estate:

Since most of the neighborhood was constructed before 1920, the house styles include Bungalows, Prairie-style, Arts and Crafts and other revival styles.

As of 2015, the average home sales price was $262,122 with an average days on market of 34. The average year built was 1920 with 2.9 bedrooms, and 1.7 baths with a total finished sqft of 1513. For more up to date information on Nokomis Real Estate, please contact Steven Hong with RE/MAX Results.


East Harriet has an extreme amount of areas to visit and enjoy nature.
Lyndale Park Rose Garden (4124 Roseway Road 612-230-6400) is the second oldest public rose garden in the country. They have 3,000 different types of plants in 100 varieties, located on a 1.5 acre space. Founded in 1946, the Lyndale Park Rose Garden also features an Italian fountain installed by Frank Heffelfinger in 1947.
Right next to the Lyndale Park Rose Garden is Thomas Sadler Roberts Bird Sanctuary (4124 Roseway Road 612-230-6400). The Sanctuary offers wetland, prairie, and forest habitats across a 33 acre preserve for people to enjoy birdwatching and hiking. With a mission to identify and conserve areas for birds, the Sanctuary wants to help people connect to nature.
Lyndale Farmstead Recreation Center (3900 Bryant Ave S 612-370-4948) is a park that is very family-play friendly. With a biking path; football, soccer, and softball fields; a garden; ice skating rink; tennis court; walking path; and playground; the Lyndale Farmstead Recreation Center is a great place to take kids to goof off outside.
Not only are there parks for people, but there are parks for dogs too. For instance, Lyndale Farmstead Off-Leash Dog Park (3845 Dupont Ave S 612-230-6400) is a completely fenced off park for the safety and enjoyment of dogs. The park does require a permit to bring your dogs to the park, with a $35 annual fee, or a $5 fee for just a day.
Finally, Lakewood Cemetary (3600 Hennepin Ave S 612-822-2171) isn’t neccessarily a park, but has an extrodianry amount of landscape and nature on its grounds. Sticking to the original wishes of the people of the 1800s, Lakewood Cemetery follows the vision of Lakewood being a peaceful and beautiful setting to be memorialized. It is built on a park-like landscape and holds many monuments, art works, architecture, and an expansive greenhouse.


East Harriet has just a few restaurants that range from cafes to sit down diners.
Sudtio 2 Coffee Shop & Wine Bar (818 W 46th St, 612-444-3460) is a restaurant that uses fresh and local ingredients and food made from scratch. Owners Andrien and David wanted to recreate a cozy and welcoming environment for people to hang out and create memories with their loved ones.They’re one of the healthier places to eat, with a few options like granola and oatmeal for breakfast, soups and sandwiches for lunch, and meatballs for dinner, just to name a few. Of course, they also offer brews, espressos, mochas, teas, and also a variety of wines.
Piccolo (4300 Bryant Ave S, 612-827-8111 ), meaning “little” in Italian, is a quaint restaurant with unique, small dishes and a wine selection. Created by Chef Doug Flicker, Piccolo is “focused on quality over quantity”--meaning that the adventurous dishes they provide are on the smaller side but yet bursting with flavours. The restaurant encourages reservations, and welcomes people from all around for a unique experience.
Harriet’s Inn (4000 Lyndale Ave S, 612-354-3852), a modern pub, holds around 60 lunch and dinner options. The menu ranges from warm, greasy burgers and pot pies to healthier fresh salads and flatbreads. Not only are there many food options at Harriet’s Inn, there is also about 28 types of locally crafted beer and 24 varieties of wines.
Finally, Our Kitchen (813 W 36th Street, 612-315-9824 )is a simple restaurant with American breakfast and lunch, such as omletes, gourmet sandwiches, and soups.


Since East Harriet a neighborhood with a massive amount of greenery and parks, there are only a few shopping places.
Larue’s (4001 Bryant Ave S, 612-827-7317) is a women’s clothing store that sells eccentrically patterned dresses, sweaters, hand warmers, and other vintage items to place around your house.
Farmstead Bikeshop (4001 Bryant Ave S, 612-824-9300)

Night Life:

Night Life
Since East Harriet is peaceful, quiet, and nature based, it doesn’t have that many nightlife options, however Harriet’s Inn (4000 Lyndale Ave S, 612-354-3852) is a pub that offers a promising night of fun.

Community Arts & Music:

Community Arts & Music:
East Harriet has just a few locations for art, such as the Lyndale Park Rose Garden (4124 Roseway Road 612-230-6400), Thomas Sadler Roberts Bird Sanctuary (4124 Roseway Road 612-230-6400), and Lakewood Cemetary (3600 Hennepin Ave S 612-822-2171). Each area has a few sculptures and variety of architecture, with lakes on the side to enhance the outdoor experience.


East Harriet hosts a Sale-O-Rama that takes place in May. The citizens of East Harriet clean out their houses and put their stuff for sale in the event--with a $10 deposit and an encouragement for everyone to participate!
Lake Harriet Park also features a band shell (4135 E Lake Harriet) right next to the lake where musicians and movies are presented. Concerts happen throughout the week, and movies begin 15 minutes after sunset.
Otherwise, East Harriet hosts a series of smaller events such as monthly board meetings, committee work, and EHFNA meetings.


The East Harriet neighborhood has many bikers, as well as vehicle drivers, walkers, and bussers. In East Harriet, bus lines fall to the 4 on Lyndale Ave, the 23 on 38th Street and 36th, and the 114 on 36th Street as well. Busses are a great way to build community and save gas through carpool, with a fare of $2.25 in rush hour and $1.25 during normal hours.
You can find out more about bussing here:
Metro Transit


There aren’t any schools in the East Harriet neighborhood, but

Places of Worship


Getting back to the basics, what everyone needs, at one point or another:



Home Services:

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