There are several different reasons that we may decide it's time to buy a larger home. There will be benefits and possible drawbacks. Here are some things to consider before making a decision.


  1. More space- probably the biggest reason for moving into larger homes is for the extra space. Growing families, needing a home office or wanting more privacy are all popular and valid reasons for moving up. Gaining 1, 2 or more extra bedrooms means not having to move again for many years, if ever.
  2. A better, more preferred layout may be a key feature in a bigger home. An open concept rather than cozy closed off rooms may gain you a larger kitchen.  Perhaps a master bath is what you are after.  Renovating and adding onto a smaller home can be as costly as buying a larger home with the layout we desire.
  3. Possibly gaining a larger yard is a big dream for those with kids, dogs or are avid landscapers. We all want space to run and play.
  4. Larger tax deduction, who doesn't love that?



  1. More space means higher utility bills. Heating and cooling that extra space adds up.
  2. More space  means most improvements or changes may be more expensive. More paint, more flooring, more carpet, more window treatments, more bathrooms, etc.
  3. If a bigger yard comes with your bigger house, there will be more lawn care needed.
  4. Higher property taxes, no one loves this.


When the time comes to move up to a bigger house, it's exciting to consider having a different layout and more space. Check out the "During" page for some considerations to make before putting your current home on the market.


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