Chaotic Minneapolis Life

This is Minna again, and I'm here to talk about the economy.  No, actually, I'm not.  I know, the economy is dire, and I know that the government has given beaucoup bucks to try to jump-start it, and I know that the sky is falling down, but I would rather not focus on that right now.

I am also not going to talk about the debate, though I hope you watched it.  We need to make an informed choice come November 4th.

Instead, I would like to discuss how in this chaotic world of us we can find some respite.  It's not irresponsible to take a break from the news-it's imperative.  There is only so much a brain can process before declaring, "Enough!  I need chocolate!"

Inner Respite

In times like this, we need our friends and mutually-supportive networks.  However, we need more than that-at least I do.  I have recently started taking tai chi classes, and more often than not my shoulders are in knots from the tensions of the world.  After an hour and a half class each Saturday afternoon, I find a moment of peace that, however fleeting, soothes my soul.  I notice that this moment lasts a bit longer each week.  I am hopeful that in a year or so, it might last a whole hour.

Tai chi is not the only way to take care of your inner-self.  There is church, meditation, yoga, or simply a little nap in the afternoon.

Minneapolis Recreation

Now that your soul is rested, you need to look after your body as well.  Minneapolis is bursting with lakes, parks, creeks, and trails.  Now that the weather is dipping a bit, it's the perfect time to go pick some apples and make cider.  Make sure to get some sun every day (using sunscreen, of course, if you're going to be outside for an appreciable amount of time) and inhale the crisp air as you walk.

When times are tough, as they most definitely are right now, you need to do the little things to maintain a semblance of sanity.

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