Welcome to Hamline Midway

Hamline Midway is a small, but diverse community that prides itself on being walkable and engaged with each other and the community. It's mostly residential with light retail sprinkled alongside the major routes of Snelling and University.

Hamline University is the oldest university in Minnesota. It started in Red Wing, Minnesota, and then moved to Hamline in 1880. It's still a well-respected university today.

Hamline Midway has an eye toward the future in terms of development. A private park was torn out and is being replaced with an affordable housing complex in conjunction with the professional soccer stadium being developed nearby.

Then and Now

Hamline Midway was first Hamline Village 150 years ago. It was surrounded by dirt trails, farms, and wetlands. In 1880, Hamline University came to Hamline Village and over the next twenty years, the natural surroundings were replaced with houses, streets, a fire hall, a post office, and other amenities of the modern world. With that, Hamline Village was gone, and Hamline Midway came into existence.

There's not much known about the history of Hamline Midway, but today, the city is not a big one, and it's diverse in many ways. There is a real feeling of community, and the residents are enthusiastic supporters of the school, the arts, and each other.


Railroad tracks just north of Pierce Butler Route to the north, Lexington Avenue to the east, University Avenue to the south, and Transfer Road to the west.

Bordering Neighborhoods

St. Anthony Park, Merriam Park, Snelling-Hamline, Summit-University, and Como.

Crime Stats

Here are some crime statistics for Hamline Midway.

St. Paul Crime Map


Clayland Park (901 Fairview Ave. N, 651-266-6400) is a small park that has two tennis courts and some open green spaces for relaxing and enjoying a breath of fresh air.

Griggs Park (1188 Hubbard Ave., 651-266-6400) includes a nature-themed play area that was developed when the park was renovated in 2014. The renovation also included landscaping and new walkways. The amenities include a baseball field, a basketball court, a picnic area, the aforementioned playground, and much more.

Hamline Park (1564 Lafond Ave., 651-266-6400) has trails that divide the park into four sections. There is a playground in the northern section, a tennis court in the eastern section, a basketball court and other amenities in the southern section, and there in plenty of green space surrounding it as well. Hamline Park engages in Roaming Rec, a free summer youth program.

Horton Park (1383 Minnehaha Ave. W, 651-266-6400) is the perfect place for a picnic as it was designed with picnicking in mind. It has several benches, picnic tables, and shaded areas. Oh, and trees. It has lots and lots of trees--and a mini-arboretum. It also has Fitness in the Parks, a free outdoor exercise program offered during the summer.

Iris Park (1884 University Ave. W, 651-266-6400) is a cozy neighborhood park with open green spaces and a lovely pond. It's a meditative spot where you can catch your breath for a minute during your busy day. It has a picnic area, and it participates in Fitness in the Parks, a free outdoor exercise summer program.

May Park (816 Clayland St., 651-266-6400) is a small community park that has a playground with a swing beam and monkey bears, a picnic area, and two large oak trees to relax under. The recent renovations have made it an even more enjoyable place to visit.

Newell Park (900 Fairview Ave. N, 651-266-6400) is one of the oldest parks in St. Paul. It was dedicated in 1908, building began in 1927, and the pavilion which still stands today was built in 1929. It's a 10-acre plot filled with rolling hills and magnificent oak trees, so it's the perfect place for a respite on a hot summer day. It has a basketball court, a BBQ grill, a playground, and other amenities.

Tatum Park (1939 W Taylor Ave., 651-266-6400) is known for its small community garden, the Tatum Park Community Garden. Local volunteers keep the garden thriving year-round, and they plant edibles and perennials on a rotating basis.


Black Sea Restaurant (737 Snelling Ave. N, 651-917-8832) is a family-owned restaurant that is committed to offering traditional Turkish & Mediterranean cuisine. It's a casual restaurant with big flavors. They have doner sandwiches, dolma & falafels, and several different kind of kebabs. And, of course, there's baklava and Turkish rice pudding for dessert. They also have a catering menu for your special events.

Bolé Ethiopian Cuisine (490 N Syndicate St., 651-917-9332) is named for Bolé, a neighborhood in Addis Ababa, where the two co-founders grew up. They have brought their childhood with them to St. Paul because they want to share their culture and cuisine with as many people as possible. They are known for their tibs and kitfo, which they make with authentic Ethiopian spices, herbs, and other ingredients. They have several vegetarian options as well.

FASIKA (510 Snelling Ave. N, 651-646-4747) is an Ethiopian restaurant that promises to take your palate to a distant land (Ethiopia). Ethiopian fare is simple, tasty, and healthy, and it starts with injera, a spongy pancake-like bread. It is the base upon which the cuisine is built, and it's paired with fresh spices, lean meats, and plenty of vegetables. Try the gored gored, the lamb dulet, or the salmon and rice. They have several vegetarian options as well.

Fortune Wok Chinese Restaurant (1821 University Ave. W, 651-287-1881) is a small neighborhood restaurant that also has takeout and delivery, and you can order online. It's no-frills, gotta-have-it-now Chinese food with all the familiar favorites such as fried rice, lo mein, and chow fun.

Ghebre's Restaurant (512 Snelling Ave. N, 651-493-4324) is a family-owned Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurant with all the intense flavors of those two countries brought to Minnesota. It starts with the ever-present injera, then it continues with spiced lamb or beef (or veggies if you're a vegetarian or simply prefer vegetables). Try the misir, doro, or the lamb alicha. It's lighter fare as they use vegetable oil rather than butter, but they will use butter if asked.

Ginkgo Coffeehouse (721 Snelling Ave. N, 651-645-2647) is a colorful and homey cafe that has a lovely little patio for summer sipping and nibbling. Whether your drink is espresso, tea, or Italian sodas, you can satisfy your thirst here. If you're hungry, try one of their soups, sandwiches, and/or baked goods. They have vegetarian options such as a veggie lasagna as well, and they believe in Fair Trade and in fairer trade (making more money than with Fair Trade), and using organic and local products when possible. They have live music, too.

Groundswell (1340 Thomas Ave., 651-645-6466) is an earthy and natural-feeling hangout space that opened in 2009 to provide members of the community a place in which to gather and collaborate. They expanded in 2013 by adding a kitchen and an in-house bakery along with beer and wine to the menu. They have pastries, cupcakes (including a gluten-free cupcake), pies, and quiches along with sandiwches, hot dogs, and a vegan platter. They have many gluten options as well as vegan fare.

Mirror of Korea (761 Snelling Ave. N, 651-647-9004) is a Korean restaurant with a bright and open atmosphere. It is a second-generation restaurant that has been open where it is now since 1988. The service is friendly, and the food is traditional. If you have a craving for man du, bi bim bop, hwae naeng myun, or red bean ice cream, this is definitely the place to visit. They have some vegetarian options as well.

On's Kitchen Thai Cuisine (1613 University Ave. W, 651-644-1444) is a warm and inviting restaurant that serves traditional and delicious Thai dishes to an eager community. It's a family-owned restaurant, and you can see On herself cooking the food while you're waiting in line to be seated. There's also takeout if you want to enjoy the food at home. Try the stuffed crab cakes to start with, then try the pineapple curry, crispy shrimp or squid with pepper & garlic, or egg noodles & wonton soup as an entree.

Sole Cafe (684 Snelling Ave. N, 651-644-2068) is a cozy and casual Korean restaurant with a very welcoming staff. They are well-respected in the Twin Cities for serving classic Korean fare, and they use all-natural local products whenever possible. They have bulgogi, manduguk, calamari dupbob, and vegetarian options. They have seasonal foods as well, so be sure to check their online menu before you go.

Brewing Companies

BlackStack Brewing (755 Prior Ave. N, 612-369-2934) is a recently opened brewing company that has already build up quite a fan base. In addition to their specialty brews and food truck nights, they have game nights and other events. It's a great place to toss back a pint with a couple of friends.

Burning Brothers Brewing (1750 Thomas Ave., 651-444-8882) is brewery that is dedicated to producing the finest gluten-free beer that can be drunk without sacrificing any of the taste (which means no wheat, barley, or rye). Their entire facility is gluten-free so they can accomplish this mission. Visit their taproom and taste the results for yourself.


Buttercream (682 Transfer Rd., 651-642-9400) offers some of the finest wedding cakes (and other special events cakes and desserts) in the Twin Cities. They make tarts, Bundt cakes, pudding parfaits, and more in addition to their showstopping wedding cakes. Try one of their signature cheesecakes or one of their bars, such as a peanut butter bar, while you're there. Their variety is as dizzying as is the explosion of taste in their desserts. They have gluten-free options as well, meaning desserts with gluten-free ingredients, but not gluten-free certified.

Chocolat Celeste (652 Transfer Rd., Suite 16A, 651-644-3823 or 877-644-3823) has been offering handcrafted artisan chocolates for over 15 years. They contain only the finest European chocolates mixed with quality local ingredients to create something exquisite. They do not use preservatives in their chocolates, and they believe in sustainability and fair trade. They focus on taste and design while making their chocolates. You can also order from their online shop.

Ecogarden Supply (800 Transfer Rd., Suite #3, 651-647-1896) is a garden supply store that is so much more than that. They are committed to organic gardening, and they have a friendly and knowledgeable staff who want to make it easy for you to get started (and keep going). If you have gardening needs, you will find your answer here.

Furniture Barn (1389 University Ave. W, 651-644-7122) is a warehouse for furniture, and they have a little bit of everything. Whether you need something for your living room, your bedroom, or your dining room, you can find it here. They have mattresses, recliners, and home entertainment items as well.

Kern Landscape Resources (915 Albert St. N, 651-646-1553) has a wide array of gardening products, including soil blends, mulch, and rocks and sand. They sell in bulk, and they sell organic products. They will take away your yard waste for a reasonable price and recycle it. They also deliver for a nominal fee.

Midway Used & Rare Books (1579 University Ave., 651-644-7605) is cram-packed with books as far as the eyes can see. Whatever you're into, you can probably find it here. They have a wide variety including children's books, sci-fi, fantasy, and much more. They have a very large selection of art books, and they also have a big collection of new and vintage comic books and vintage magazines. They have a knowledgeable staff who is always willing to help you find the perfect book.

Milbern Clothing (1685 University Ave. W, 651-645-2922) is a traditional menswear store that offers made-to-measure tuxes and suits. They have an on-site tailor as well, and you can be assured that you will look your best for that special occasion.

Plush Pumpkin (655 Fairview Ave. N, 612-747-4595) sees the beauty in this humble gourd, and they think you will, too, once you see their products. These sumptuous velvet pumpkins are a feast for the eyes as well as the touch, and each one is handmade with a real pumpkin stem. They opened in 2002, and they have expanded to include other items, such as acorns, mushrooms, spring nests, and more.

Roni's Beauty Supply & Hair-Braiding Salon (1955 University Ave., Suite 203, 651-260-3994) is a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs, especially if you are African American. Hair, makeup, and accessories are all here, along with classes on braiding, weaving, and other techniques. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and they are eager to help you look and feel your best.


Big V's Saloon (1567 University Ave., 651-645-8472) is a no-frills, casual joint with a dance floor, a pool table, free Wi-Fi, and live music. It also has pull-tabs, a pinball machine, and, of course, a full bar. It's a great place to hangout with your friends and relax with a pint and a game of pool.

Half Time Rec (1013 Front Ave., 651-488-8245) is known as the bar featured in Grumpy Old Men and as a great place to take out-of-towners. It's also quite the party on St. Patrick's Day because it's an Irish bar, and you'll want to lift a pint or two while you're here. Give the green chile French fries a go before you try your hand at some bocce ball.

The Town House Bar (1415 University Ave., 651-646-7087) is a jovial bar that wears its Pride proudly on its sleeve. It has entertainment ranging from drag revues to the Aliveness Project bingo to karaoke. They have down-home goodness food such as breaded mushrooms, cream cheese jalapeno poppers, and cheddar breaded cauliflower. Come one, come all, and make sure you're ready for a good time.

Turf Club (1601 University Ave., 651-647-0486) is operated by First Avenue, and has been a place to experience nightly live rock music since the '40s. It's a casual place to chill out with your friends while listening to some kicking music while enjoying the beverage of your choice.

Community Arts & Recreation

Can Can Wonderland (755 Prior Ave. N, Suite #004, 651-925-2261) is more than just a miniature golf course; they are the first arts-based public benefit company in Minnesota. They are passionate about art, and you can see it from the minute you walk into the place. They have murals all over the walls, and several of their staff are artists themselves. They also have a boardwalk arcade plus lots of fancy fair food, including the Duck, Duck, Grey Duck Pizza, gourmet hot dogs, and toasties. They also schedule frequent family fun events to banish the blahs. Have a great time playing miniature golf while supporting the arts (a portion of all sales go to the arts).

Celtic Junction Arts Center (836 Prior Ave., 612-874-8892) celebrates the best of Irish culture with music, dance, arts, and language. They have a library full of the Irish classics, classes for Irish dance, and so much more. They are eager to share their Celtic pride with everyone, so stop in and say hi.

Dreamland Arts (677 Hamline Ave. N, 651-645-5506) is a 40-seat theater that opened in 2006. It is a family-owned and operated business, and the focus of the owners is to use arts to build a strong and healthy community. They provide rental space for poetry readings, film screenings, plays, musical performances, and more.

Eritrean Community Center of Minnesota (1935 University Ave. W, 651-646-2993) is committed to helping Eritreans find the resources they need in Minnesota in order to settle into the community. They also connect Eritreans with each other, and keep them up to date about what's happening in Eritrea. It's a way for Eritreans to feel at home when they are far away from it.

Hamline Midway Library (1558 W Minnehaha Ave., 651-642-0293) sponsors many events such as Evening Storytime, Novels at Night Book Club, and Preschool Storytime in English. They have computers, a meeting room, and Wi-Fi, and are handicapped accessible.

Hancock Recreation Center (1610 Hubbard Ave., 651-298-4393) is a community center that has a little bit of something for everyone. They have educational programs such as Youth Yoga, Archery Camp, and much more. They have a craft room, a gym, and a lounge room as part of their indoor amenities. If you're more the outdoor type, they also have a basketball court (half-court), a soccer field, and two softball fields. They have several different rec programs, too.

Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts (1860 Minnehaha Ave. W, 651-209-3575) opened in 1996, and their mission is to change the perception of disabilities through art. Their vision is to have artists both with and without disability working together to create art that challenges perceptions and inspires participants to transform and grow. They believe in radical inclusion, open and honest dialogue, and social justice.

Mu Performing Arts (755 Prior Ave. N, Suite 107, 651-789-1012) was founded in 1992 as Theater Mu in a time when Asian American theater was very rare. They were respected country-wide, and they added taiko drumming and called the ensemble Mu Daiko. Soon after, thy changed their name to Mu Performing Arts. Today, they are still the only pan-Asian theater in Minnesota, and they are one of the biggest Asian American theaters in  America. They are dedicated to providing a plethora of resources to Asian American artists and in sharing their (multiple) cultures with Minnesotans.

St. Paul Ballet (Living Word Church, 655 Fairview Ave. N, 651-690-1588) was established in 2002 with the merger of the St. Anthony School of Dance and the St. Anthony Performing Arts Guild. They restructured in 2012 to become an artist-led organization, and they have being expanding ever since. Their mission is to spread the beauty of ballet to all Minnesotans. Their classes are nurturing and creative, and they are suited to the modern ballet dancer. They recognize the obstacles in taking classes, and they do their best to alleviate said problems. They want everyone to be able to enjoy the art of ballet.

Twin City Railroad Model Museum (668 Transfer Rd., Suite 8, 651-647-9628) rose from its humble beginnings in 1934 when a group of enthusiastic modelers gathered to form the St. Paul Craftsman Club to now where they feature several historically-accurate replicas of Twin Cities' trains. They are committed to keeping alive the rich history of Minnesota railroads. They are excited to welcome The Greater Midwest Lego Train Club to their crew.



There are bus routes that service the Hamline Midway neighborhood, including 16 and 21. You can find the schedules and fares at Metro Transit.

The neighborhood is also served by the METRO Green Line.


AGAPE (1037 University Ave. W, 651-744-7970) stands for Adolescent Girls And Parenting Education, and they are passionate about proving pregnant teens/teen mothers with a secondary education. They are part of the Saint Paul Public School District 625. They have been committed to their mission since they started in 1958, and they provide child care so their students can attend classes without worry. They have a variety of classes, ranging from art to math to parenting, and they provide support for ELL and students with learning disabilities.

Central Lutheran School (775 Lexington Pkwy. N, 651-645-8649) is a private, Christian school and has students from grades pre-k - 8. They believe the foundation of a good education is a strong faith, dedicated teachers, a rigorous curriculum, and more. They offer plenty of after-curricular activities such as sports, theater, and music. They also provide before and after-school childcare, and they have small classes so they can focus on each individual student.

Friends School of Minnesota (1365 Englewood Ave., 651-917-0636) is an independent Quaker school that serves students grades k-8. Their vision is progressive, and their mission is to teach their students that learning is a life-long activity and one to be tackled with creativity, compassion, skill, and community. They also promote the Quaker values of peace, integrity, simplicity, and justice. They believe they are a part of their community and the world, and it is part of their mission to teach their students about activism and social justice.

Galtier Community School (1317 Charles Ave., 651-293-8710) is a small and diverse community school with a staff that cares passionately for their students. They serve students in grades pre-k - 5, and they have recently remodeled their school to be more open so that they can teach to a child's ability, rather than simply to a grade level. They have started a new program called the Makerspace program, and it's to allow students to think like engineers--analyzing, creating, tinkering, etc. They believe in involving the whole community to nurture their students.

Hamline Elementary School (1599 Englewood Ave., 651-293-8715) serves a diverse community, grades k-5, and they have specialists to teach in several subjects such as visual arts and science. They have a unique partnership with Hamline University, allowing their students access to the university campus, starting in kindergarten. They are a full-service school that also includes health and social services, plus integration in the community.

LEAP High School (631 N Albert St., 651-228-7706) in an alternative high school for students in grades 9-12, up to 20 years old. They focus on students who speak a language other than English as their primary language and who might not learn as easily in a more traditional setting. They offer English as a Second Language classes as well as art classes that include art from several different countries. They provide a rich and diverse education while ensuring that their students are able to further their education as well as venture forth into a global community.

Sejong Academy Korean Immersion School (1330 Blair Ave. N, 651-330-6944) is a charter school that provides students with a bilingual education that includes immersion in a second language. They opened in 2014, serving k-6th grade, then expanded to pre-k - 8th grade. In addition to providing a rigorous curriculum, they are preparing their students to be global citizens.

Colleges & Universities

Hamline University (1536 Hewitt Ave., 651-223-2800) was the first university in Minnesota, established in 1854. They are a private liberal arts college, and they passionately believe in social justice, justice, and Methodist values. They offer over 50 areas of study, and they are preparing their students to become a part of a global community by thinking critically and approaching problem-solving in a creative manner. They were the first university in Minnesota to accept women, and they embrace students from all backgrounds.

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