Greater East Side Quick Facts
County: Ramsey
Population: 308096
Size: 50.20 sq mi
Median Home Price: $210000
Average Rent Price: $948
Commute to Mpls: 20 minutes
Commute to StP: 5 minutes
Electricity: XCel Energy
Natural Gas: XCel Energy
Garbage / Recycle: city
Water: City
Sewer: City
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Market Trends in Greater East Side MN
Single Family
updated: 2021
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Condo / Townhouse
updated: 2021
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Ames Lake Park - (1380 Magnolia Ave. E,, 651-266-6400, website) Ames Lake Park is situated on Ames Lake (of course) that has a pier upon which you can take a nice stroll. There is plenty of flora and fauna to enjoy as you take a peaceful walk. There are benches so you can rest whenever you want. You can easily get to the Bruce Vento Regional Trail and Phalen Regional Park from here if you want more nature in your day.
Beaver Lake County Park - (1050 Edgewater Blvd.,, 651-266-0300, website) Beaver Lake County Park is a neighborhood park that is situated on Beaver Lake. It's not a well-known park, but it's a nice place to go for some peace and quiet. There is a fishing pier if you like to fish and a playing field if you're a more sporty type. There is a picnic shelter with four picnic tables and two grills. Near to the picnic is a playground for the younger set. If you like to walk in a scenic setting, hiking around the lake is roughly a mile.
Frost Lake Park - (1421 Hoyt Ave. E,, 651-266-6400, website) Frost Lake Park is on Frost Lake and has plenty of greenery for you to enjoy as you take a stroll around the park. If you are the athletic type, there is plenty for you to enjoy. there are 3 softball diamonds, a soccer field, a baseball diamond, and a half-court basketball court. There is also a playground for the younger set as well and in the winter, there is a hill  that is fun to sled down, also for the younger set.
Hillcrest Knoll Park - (1672 Hoyt Ave. E,, 651-266-6400, website) Hillcrest Knoll Park is a neighborhood park that offers open space to the community members in which to gather. The knoll absorbs water after a heavy rainfall and the park is filled with lush greenery that is a joy to walk through and to see. It's a great place to stroll about with or without a canine companion and to enjoy a lazy weekend afternoon. There are trails on which to walk.
Prosperity Heights Park - (1632 Ive Ave. E.,, 651-266-6400, website) Prosperity Heights Park and Prosperity Park combine to provide 10 acres of greenery for everyone to enjoy. There is open space to play in as well as many athletic fields if you like team sports. There are bocce ball courts, softball diamonds, a baseball field, and a tennis court. There is a playground for the kids to enjoy and picnic tables if you want to sit and rest a minute.
Angelo's Pizza - (1668 White Bear Ave.,, 651-771-8484, website) Angelo's Pizza is a local pizza joint that is unassuming on the outside and welcoming with its woodsy walls on the inside. The cheerful service adds to the cozy atmosphere as does the seasonal/holiday decorations. The pizza menu includes a few basic pizzas such as the veggie pizza and Angelo's House Special. You can build your own pizza, of course, and the ingredients are quality. The rest of the menu includes other dishes such as hoagies and sandwiches, salads, and sides.
Ari's Best Steak House - (1676 White Bear Ave.,, 651-776-5419, website) Ari's Best Steak House was opened in 1973 by Ari Katras two years after he arrived in Minnesota from the shores of Greece. His goal was to bring delicious steaks to the community at affordable prices, which he has done for nearly 50 years. The decor is wood-heavy and has a homey feel to it. The staff members are friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed. The steaks include porterhouse, sirloin, filet, and more. There are other entrees such as BBQ Ribs, Shrimp Dinner, and Gyros Plate.
El Pariente Food Truck/BEPL - (1570 White Bear Ave. N,, 612-250-6288, website) El Pariente Food Truck offers both traditional and contemporary Mexican cuisine and is a favorite with the community members. It's a great way to grab a burrito on the run when you're in the middle of a busy day. The menu includes Cabeza de Res (burrito), Puerco Salsa Roja (tamale), Tinga de Pollo (taco), and El Pariente (house special).
El Pollo Felix - (1905 Stillwater Ave. E,, 651-222-4992, website) El Pollo Felix is a Mexican restaurant that has rich red walls which creates a welcoming atmosphere. It's a casual place that has a friendly staff and it's a neighborhood favorite. The menu includes several traditional Mexican dishes such as Birria De Res O Chivo (caldo/soup), Alambre Camaron, Torta De Milanesa, and Mojarra Frita (seafood). There are also more familiar Mexican favorites such as tacos, enchiladas, and the titular pollo asada. There are also other items, such as Mex Burger, BBQ ribs, and burritos.
Panaderia y Cafeteria El Quetzal - (1532 White Bear Ave.,, 651-772-6806, website) Panaderia y Cafeteria El Quetzal is a Latin American restaurant and bakery that focuses on authentic cuisine. It has a colorful decor that contributes to a calming yet cheerful atmosphere. The service is friendly and welcoming. The menu is plentiful and full of a wide array of dishes, including Sopes Chorizo, Caldo Mondongo, Pupusas Requeson Loroco, and Gordita Asada. There are so many different items on the menu, you'll want to go back again and again to try them all.
Pappy's Chicago Eatery - (1783 Maryland Ave. E,, 651-771-4500, website) Pappy's Chicago Eatery is a regional chain that originally started in the '90s in, yes, Chicago. It only serves street foods that Chicago is famous for such as Chicago hot dogs. They get most of their ingredients from Chicago, which adds to the authenticity. The decor has a retro feel to it and there's a mural of Chicago on the wall. The service is cheerful and friendly. The menu includes, in addition to the aforementioned Chicago hot dogs, Gyro Cheese Fries, Cheesy Cheddar Beef (sandwich), Maxwell Street Polish (hot dog), Jerk Chicken Rice Bowl, and 1/3 lb. Char Broiled Burger.
Smoke Session BBQ - (1590 White Bear Ave.,, 651-769-7190, website) Smoke Session BBQ is a popular food truck that serves, yes, barbecue. It was opened in 2018 by Houa Vang and has been a mainstay of the neighborhood ever since. Houa Vang has food trucks in his veins as They start serving at eleven and go until they're out of food, so you better get there early. This unassuming truck is packed full of delicious foods, including beef brisket--which is Vang's personal favorite--ribs, Hmong sausages, and egg rolls.
Sumo Egg Rolls - (, 651-431-8192, website) Sumo Egg Rolls was opened in 2016 with one kind of egg roll--veggie. Back then, it was a concession trailer and over the years, they have expanded menu-wise and have moved up to a food truck. In addition, they started a program for youths in the summer of 2020 called Sumo Entrepreneur Program with two focuses: youth employment and outdoor activities. They are a nonprofit organization and are looking to make things better for the youth of the community and for anyone who loves egg rolls. The egg roll menu has a mix of traditional and funky egg rolls, including Mac N Cheese (veggie), Pepperoni Pizza, and the original, pork. They have meals which are Chicken Fried Rice, Noodle Box, and The Sudon.
Cupcake Christie - (1731 Orange Ave. E,, 651-280-7252, website) Cupcake Christie is all about the cupcakes (and cakes!, but mostly cupcakes) and is owned by a woman named, yes, Christie, who wants to make everyone happy with her cupcakes. She's receptive to her customers and their specific needs, and she is willing to do whatever she can to provide the best possible cupcakes to them. The cupcake flavors have included Vanilla Brandy and Irish Whiskey Candied Bacon, Sangria, German Chocolate, and Edible Glam. The cakes include smash cakes, birthday cakes, and birthday smash cakes. Other desserts include whoopie pies, mini lemon bars, and jumbo chocolate chocolate chip muffins.
Gloria's Jewelry - (1660 White Bear Ave.,, 651-771-5670, website) Gloria's Jewelry is a jewelry store that has been in operation for over 40 years. Their tagline is The Vintage Experts and they are passionate about antiques and custom designs. Their stock is vast and they are eager to help each customer find the perfect piece of jewelry. They do have contemporary jewelry as well as antiques. Their stock includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and  more. They provide services in addition to selling products, such as appraisals, purchasing, and repairs. They are truly a one-stop shop when it comes to jewelry.
Multi Anime Universe - (1375 Hazelwood St.,, 612-433-3227, website) Multi Anime Universe is an online shop specializing in anime gear, based in St. Paul. Want an Attack on Titan hoodie? They have them (and other hoodies, too). They have a variety of 3D lights, such as Naruto from Naruto. They also have lanyards, phone straps, wall prints, and snapbacks caps. They ship everywhere in the US for $5 and they have curbside pickup as well.
The Furniture Specialist - (1987 Stillwater Ave. E,, 651-771-5707, website) The Furniture Specialist is a family-owned furniture repair store that opened in 1999. They have thousands of different fabrics and are willing to work with their customers to find the right fabric for each and every customer. They believe in service with a smile and they cover everything (literally) from sofas to automobile seats.
Cups & Cheers - (1626 White Bear Ave. N,, 651-330-8614, website) Cups & Cheers declares itself an international sports bar and restaurant. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual, and the staff members are cheerfully helpful. It's a great place to go with a group of friends to drink a beer, eat some egg rolls, and watch a game on the big screen TVs. The menu has foods from all around Asia including Deep Fried Pork Belly, Papaya Salad, Curry Noodles, and Fish Laab. On the drinks side, they have beer, hard liquor, and wine.
The Cherry Pit Bar & Grill - (735 White Bear Ave.,, 651-776-6676, website) The Cherry Pit Bar & Grill was opened by Nicole Cherry in 2004 with the goal of being the best bar in St. Paul. They want to provide a fun and festive atmosphere along with friendly service, and they have succeeded. It's a neighborhood favorite that has patio dining, weather permitting. The menu includes wings in different quantities, corned beef and Swiss sandwich, cheese curds, and Blue & Bacon (burger). They also have Coconut Shrimp Basket, French Dip (sandwich), and Pit Mess (breakfast), and so much more.
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