Eagan Quick Facts
County: Dakota
Population: 66627
Size: 33.47 sq.mi.
Median Home Price: $455000
Average Rent Price: $1445
Commute to Mpls: 17.3 mi min.
Commute to Stp: 14.9 mi min.
Electricity: Dakota Electric
Garbage / Recycle: multiple
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Eagan Overview
Eagan is Minnesota's eighth largest city with over 67,000 people, and it was ranked #15 (out of 100) in CNNMoney.com's 2010 Best Places to Live list. It is filled with natural wonders such as rolling hills, over a thousand small lakes, ponds, and wetlands, and trees. It is a city that offers an abundance of activities, attractions, and amenities, ranging from the Eagan Art House to the Cascade Bay Waterpark and many others. Eagan is a business-friendly city, as is the home to businesses such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. The Minnesota Vikings (NFL team) has their headquarters and their training facility there as well. People can visit the latter to tour the facility or watch the practices on one of the six live-action cams around the facility. The city also has plenty of sports opportunities for busy adults who want to participate in a sport in their free time. Eagan started as a rural Irish community, and it was known as the Onion Capital of the United States. These days, however, it's a great city filled with thriving neighborhoods. If you are looking for a city that is rich in culture, Eagan just might be the city for you.
Eagan Boundaries
Eagan Then And Now
Eagan was the home to the Black Dog Native American village before it was settled by Patrick Eagan (for whom the city was named) and other people, mostly Irish (including Patrick Eagan). The area had fertile soil and was perfect for farming. In fact, they produced and shipped so many onions between roughly 1840 and 1930, they were called the Onion Capital of the United States. Eagan Township was formed in 1860 and had 567 people. Patrick Eagan was the first Town Board Supervisor. The city is situated south of both Minneapolis and St. Paul, and it's close to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. For this reason, it's considered a commuter city for both Minneapolis and St. Paul. It is also easy to access the airport from the city, and there are many warehouses and distribution centers, which will attest that fact. The largest UPS hub in Minnesota is here, and there are over 1,400 employees. It's a suburb that is consistently ranked in the top twenty of cities to live in Minnesota, and there are many reasons for that. One is all the nature they have (over a thousand lakes), and all the outdoor activities that you can do in all that nature. Sledding, biking, fishing, and ice-skating to name just a few. In addition, it's one of the more diverse cities in Minnesota, and they celebrate the different cultures that make up their community. It has the coziness of a small city with all the culture and amenities of a big city. It's the perfect balance of the two, which is an attractive feature to many who live there.
Eagan Environmental / Green
Eagan is committed to making their community as environmentally friendly as possible. The city has an Energy & Environment Advisory Committee made up of local residents who make recommendations to the city on how to reach their environmental goals. They are part of the Minnesota GreenStep Cities program that has a comprehensive 5-step plan to attain sustainability and quality-of-life goals. They do this based on 29 best practices, and each practice has a few actions that can be taken to achieve that practice at a 1-star, 2-star, or 3-star level. Eagan joined the GreenStep Cities  program in August of 2010, and they were one of seven cities to become a "Step Two" GreenStep City in June of 2011, the highest step achieved at that time. They completed step five in 2018, which is currently the highest step possible. They are proud of what they have accomplished so far, but they are still looking for ways to incorporate more of the best practices from the program.
Eagan Resident's Top Ten Pics
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Market Trends in Eagan, MN
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Eagan Parks
Caponi Art Park - ( 1220 Diffley Rd.,, 651-454-9412, website)

Caponi Art Park is 60 acres of beautiful nature that is made even more beautiful by the art that is displayed there. Sculptures proudly decorate the walking paths, including a winding snake, a red fish standing on its tail, and a variety of other sculptures. It is a sight to behold, and it can refresh your spirit to be walking among such creations. In addition to the art, live music is played in the park for all to enjoy.

Central Park - ( 1501 Central Pkwy.,, 651-675-5500, website)

Central Park is a large park, luxurious with vibrant foliage that shades you as you take a casual stroll through the park. It is a neighborhood favorite as it has a variety of amenities that makes it attractive to people of all ages and interests. It's home to the Eagan Community Center which houses the The Blast Indoor Playground. It's a space-themed play area for children between the ages of 18 months and 12 years. It has fun features such as the Space Shuttle Tower and a Milky Way tunnel. The park also has a walking path, festival grounds, a pavilion, a band shell, and a fitness center. There is something to do for everyone.

Patrick Eagan Park - ( 3995 Lexington Ave.,, 651-675-5500, website)

Patrick Eagan Park is named for the founder of the city. It is 114 acres of pristine wetlands, ponds, and other natural elements. It is in a valley, and you are surrounded by lush foliage as you take a stroll through the park. There is a hiking trail along with walking paths, and the amenities also include the Eagan Art House and a nature playground for the kids. It encompasses McCarthy Lake, so you can go for a stroll on the beach if you wish. It has a Zipline for the more adventurous people, and there is a covered picnic area when you want to take a break.

Thomas Lake Park - ( 4425 Pilot Knob Rd.,, 651-675-5500, website)

Thomas Lake Park is an expansive area of greenery that is rich with colors in the spring and summer. There are walking trails, BBQ grills and covered picnic areas, and a fishing dock. You can cross-country ski, play sand volleyball, or rest in the pavilion. It's a great place to walk your dog or have a BBQ picnic with friends and/or family. What a great way to spend a sunny summer day.

Eagan Restaurants
Ansari's Mediterranean Grill & Lounge - ( 1960 Rahncliff Ct.,, 651-452-0999, website)

Ansari's Mediterranean Bar & Grill is a restaurant that serves both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. The decor is colorful and the space is open and airy with a relaxed atmosphere. The service is friendly and knowledgeable about the food. The menu includes shish kabobs, gyros, baba ghanoush, Mediterranean nachos, and spanakopita. They have a nice selection of craft beers. They have plenty of vegetarian options, and they do takeout/delivery as well. You can order online, and they cater, too. They have a Hookah Patio and belly-dancing as entertainment.

Doolittles Woodfire Grill - ( 2140 Cliff Rd.,, 651-452-6627, website)

Doolittles Woodfire Grill is a warm and inviting restaurant that has a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. It was opened in 1989 by Lynn Reiner and John Sheehan, and the focus is on oven-roasted meats. The service is friendly and knowledgeable, eager to answer any questions you might have. The menu includes Jamaican jerk pork tenderloin, rib-eye steak, Parmesan-crusted walleye, and cavatappi with Italian sausage. You can finish your meal with a dessert such as the cherry-white chocolate bread pudding. They have a gluten-free menu, a vegetarian menu, and a wine list as well.

El Parian Mexican Restaurant - ( 1960 Cliff Rd., #117,, 651-454-3234, website)

El Parian Mexican Restaurant has a cheerful and bright decor, and a casual and lively atmosphere. The service is friendly, and the margaritas are plentiful. The menu includes a steak tacos combo, burrito roqueta, huevos con chorizo, and del mar fajitas. You can order online and have your order ready for you when you arrive.

Hiko Sushi - ( 1466 Yankee Doodle Rd.,, 651-452-6888, website)

Hiko Sushi is a restaurant with elegant and contemporary decor, and the service is unobtrusive and smooth. As with most sushi restaurants, the sushi is presented in an attractive manner. They even have sushi boats. They have an extensive menu,  including hand rolls, sashimi, and nigiri. They also have a few Thai dishes such as pad Thai, and lo mein (Chinese). They have tempura, katsu, teriyaki, hibachi, and noodle & rice dishes. Their rolls include the New York roll, an eel avocado roll, a yum naruta roll, and a lobster tempura roll.

Hovie's Grill - ( 1450 Yankee Doodle Rd.,, 651-452-2753, website)

Hovie's Grill is a family-owned business that is known for their breakfasts. It has the feel of an old-time diner, and fast and friendly service. Their menu includes corned beef hash supreme, omelets such as shredded steak & cheese, pancakes, and plenty of combos. For those who are not big breakfast eaters, they have sandwiches and burgers, too.

The Mason Jar - ( 1565 Cliff Rd., #1,, 651-340-7809, website)

The Mason Jar is a restaurant with a modern twist on comfort food classics. They believe in a 'no fuss, no muss' attitude towards their decor and their food. The one nod to 'fuss' they have added to their restaurant is roughly 500 mason jars hanging from the ceiling (which is the basis for their name). The decor is contemporary and understated, and the service is friendly. Their menu includes pulled pork huevos rancheros, biscuits & gravy, seared scallops, and tater tot hot dish. They also have dessert such as If It Ain't Broke, which is their signature chocolate cake with salted caramel ice cream. They also have delivery and do catering.

ZZQ Smokehouse - ( 3390 Coachman Rd., #204,, 651-452-9900, website)

ZZQ Smokehouse is all about the barbecue. It's a no-frills joint with minimal decor but maximum flavor. The service is fast and friendly, and it's a great place to fill up on BBQ. Their mouthwatering meats include Texas Style Smoked Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, Pork Spare Ribs, and Smoked Chopped Chicken. There have gluten-free options as well, and they offer craft beers. They will also cater your special event.

Eagan Shopping
Central Park Commons - ( 1500 Central Park Commons Dr.,, 612-395-7000, website)

Central Park Commons is an open mall that opened in 2016. It came in with the philosophy of offering something different, so there are very few of the staples of other Twin Cities malls. Instead of a Cub Foods, it has a Hy-Vee Inc.. Instead of a Target, there's a Sierra Trading Post. It also has several casual restaurants, including Naf Naf Grill, R Taco, and a local favorite chain, Punch Pizza. If you're looking for a fresh take on a mall experience, this is the ideal place for you to visit.

Twin Cities Premium Outlets - ( 3965 Eagan Outlets Pkwy.,, 612-235-4343, website)

Twin Cities Premium Outlets is an open mall that has several stores of high quality brands for a mere fraction of the price. Some of the open areas have heaters so you won't freeze in the winters, and it's an inviting space that encourages you to wander around. The stores include Armani, Lindt, and Vera Bradley. There is a food court, and there are restaurants/cafes such as Tii Cup and Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen.

Eagan Nightlife
DoReMi Karaoke - ( 1989 Silver Bell Rd.,, 651-405-9090, website)

DoReMi Karaoke is the place to go if you feel like singing and drinking the night away. The party starts at noon and goes until you call it a night. They have a wide selection of music, and they will bring you food and drinks to your room as you sing. They have over 20,000 songs from many different genres, ranging from pop to hip-hop to country, and everything in between. The food is from Hoban. The full menu is served until 10 p.m., and after that, there's a special late-night menu. A good time will be had by all.

The Volstead House - ( 1278 Lone Oak Rd.,, 651-340-7175, website)

The Volstead House Whiskey Bar & Speakeasy is named for Andrew Volstead, the man who was the force behind Prohibition in the 1920s. It has a contemporary and swank feel to it, yet the atmosphere is low-key and relaxed. Their focus, obviously, is on whiskey, and they have plenty of it. They craft their cocktails by hand, and they have plenty of old-timey drinks to make you feel nostalgic. They also have been and wine. Food-wise, they have small plates such as duck wontons, entrees including Cuban fish tacos, and pizza.

Trail Stop Tavern - ( 525 Diffley Rd.,, 651-493-3035, website)

Trail Stop Tavern has a contemporary rustic decor that is simultaneously homey and inviting. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the food is excellent and plentiful. There are big screen TVs so you and your friends can watch your favorite team play while you toss back a beer or two. The menu includes sliders, Cuban pot roast, pizzas, and the Juicy Lucy's. You can order online. The owners are committed to helping the community and are a community favorite in return.

Wildcats Bar & Grill - ( 1448 Yankee Doodle Rd.,, 651-452-2475, website)

Wildcats Bar & Grill is a family-owned sports bar that opened in 2010. The decor is colorful and bright, and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. The menu includes gyro nachos, deep-fried battered pickles, adult mac 'n cheese, and a Mediterranean combo. They also have sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, and baskets. It's a great place to watch a game with family and/or friends.

Eagan Community Arts & Recreation
Art Works - ( 3795 Pilot Knob Rd.,, 651-330-4242, website)

Art Works started in 2016 as Art Works Eagan, and while they are still proud of their Eagan roots, they wanted people from other communities to feel welcomed as well. They are active about supporting artists, and they have artist studios to serve that purpose. They have a fine arts gallery and an experimental performance hall in which they bring avant-garde artists who do out-of-the-box performances. They have a makerspace in which local artists can creatively brainstorm and invent to their hearts' content. They welcome artists, their families, and the entire community to meet and hang out.

Caponi Art Park - ( 1220 Diffley Rd.,, 651-454-9412, website)

Caponi Art Park is 60 acres of beautiful nature that is made even more beautiful by the art that is displayed there. Sculptures proudly decorate the walking paths, including a winding snake, a red fish standing on its tail, and a variety of other sculptures. It is a sight to behold, and it can refresh your spirit to be walking among such creations. In addition to the art, live music is played in the park for all to enjoy.

Eagan Art House - ( 3981 Lexington Ave. S,, 651-675-5500, website)

The Eagan Art House is geared towards bringing out the creativity in everyone. They offer art classes and workshops in several different media including pottery, watercolor, and fused glass for people with all different levels of skill and talent. They also stage free exhibits for local arts in locations all around the neighborhood. They host creative birthday parties and have plenty of themes from which you can choose.

Eagan Community Center - ( 1501 Central Pkwy.,, 651-675-5550, website)

Eagan Community Center is located in Central Park, and it's a gathering place for the entire community. They have a space for weddings, a modern fitness center, and an indoor playground for the kids called The Blast Indoor Playground. It has suspension bridges and two Apollo Rocket Propulsion Launchers, and kids have a blast playing on it. They also have the Lone Oak Room, which is a happening place for the senior citizens with health and wellness classes, cards, and social gatherings. There is also a gazebo and a Rotary band shell as the center is located in Central Park.

Eagan Events
MAY: Holz Farm Spring Festival - ( 4665 Manor Dr.,, 651-675-5500, website)

The Holz Farm Spring Festival is a yearly event celebrating the glories of spring. It's a great way to have some old-timey fun. You can churn butter, frolic with the barnyard animals, and grind up some corn. You can view the vintage equipment, bake some bread, and learn about honeybees. There are toy tractors for the kids and farm challenges for the teens (with prizes). It is held, naturally, at the Holz Farm.

JUN: Eagan Art Festival - ( 1501 Central Pkwy.,, 651-269-2787, website)

The Eagan Art Festival has been around for 25 years, and it has a different theme every year. All artists are invited to submit an application, and a jury will select up to 100 artists from all over the country (but mostly the Midwest) to participate. They encourage artists from all different media to apply, and the finished products are an amalgamation of crafts, jewelry, paintings, pottery, sculptures, and so much more. At the festival itself, there will be live performers, art for sale, and the Children's Activity Tent. There will be music at the bandshell, and plenty of food to snack on as you enjoy all the arts. It takes place in Central Park.

JUL: Minnesota Scottish Fair & Highland Games - ( 1501 Central Pkwy.,, 952-994-8355, website)

The Minnesota Scottish Fair & Highland Games is an annual event that celebrates all thing Scottish. There will be plenty to do for everyone, including heavy games such as sheaf tossing, highland dance, pipe bands, and much more. There is a Clan Row that represents many of the various Scottish clans, and it includes a parade to display the tartans of the different clans. There will be live Celtic music and a children's activity tent. The festivities will be held in Central Park.

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