My Commitment:
My commitment to you is simple: Learn about you and your interests, and help you figure out what home would be best for you. To see how I work, we can arrange a brief, no-strings-attached meeting and see if we are a good fit for each other.

My renewable specialty: GREEN certified. I am a sustainable / environmentalist at heart and have committed to solar (on my house) and windsource power for my energy needs. Plus I drive an electric car (Tesla) which is powered by the above renewable energies. 

My old home specialty: OLD HOME CERTIFIED. I know old homes. I live in an old home. Combine this with the GREEN and I can talk your ear off about how to make old homes more efficient. 

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Purchase Agreement

Loan Approval and Closing

Association Specific Information

Figure out your needs Looking at homes Making an offer that counts Closing Costs Explained Condo or Townhouse Concept
Monthly cost of owning a home Types of homes The Purchase Agreement Title Work High Rise vs Low Rise Condo
Ideal Neighborhood Single Family Homes Buyer Letter to Seller Appraisals Purpose of the Homeowners Association
Mortgages Town Homes Inspections: Why get one? Underwriting Professional management vs Self Managed
The FHA Mortgage Condominium Radon Testing Utility Bills Association Dues
The Conventional Mortgage Twin Homes Sewer Line Scope Inspection Preparing for the Closing Why Association Dues Vary
The Adjustable Rate Mortgage Multi-Family Homes Fireplace Chimney Inspection The Closing Reserve Funds
Department Of Veterans Affairs Mortgage Types of sellers / Trad. / SS / FC Mechanicals Questions for the Association
Pre-Qualified vs Pre-Approval Researching A Home's Public Information Monthly cost of owning a home

Selling 101 - Learn more... Our in-depth eClass.




Purchase Agreement


Deciding To Sell Initial Impressions Count Letter To Buyer Purchase Agreement Closing Costs Explained
Do I Need an Agent? Basic Repairs and Maintenance Marketing What are Sellers Concesssions Title Work
Cost of Selling Mini Remodel Projects Professional Photography What are Contingencies Appraisals/Underwriting
When is the best time to Sell Staging and Decorating What To Expect While On Market Buyer's Inspection Utility Billing
What do I need to disclose Pricing Your Home Factors For Buyers Preparing For Closing
What Do I Need To Disclose Utility Bills Showings / Previews The Closing
Buy Or Sell First Pre-Sale Inspections

Minneapolis Neighborhoods

South Minneapolis
Nokomis - Hale Page Diamond Lake
Nokomis - NENA
Nokomis - Field Regina Northrop
Nokomis - Standish Ericsson
South - Longfellow
Southwest - Linden Hills
Southwest - Kingfield
Southwest - East Harriet Farmstead
Southwest - Tangletown
Southwest - Lynnhurst
Southwest - Fulton
Southwest - Armatage
Southwest - Kenny
Southwest - Windom
Southeast - Seward

St Paul Neighborhoods

Western Region - Hamline-Midway
Western Region - Merriam Park
Western Region - Lexington-Hamline
Western Region - Macalestar-Groveland
Western Region - Highland Park
Northern Region - St. Anthony Park
Northern Region - Como
Northern Region - North End
Northern Region - Thomas-Dale (Frogtown)
Eastern Region - Greater East Side
Eastern Region - Payne-Phalen
Eastern Region - Dayton's Bluff
Eastern Region - Battle Creek-Highwood
Central Region - Summit-University
Central Region - Summit Hill
Central Region - West Seventh
Central Region - Downtown
Central Region - West Side
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