Buying a home is more than just a business transaction. Sure, there are large numbers involved in purchasing a home, but there are also many emotions involved. A letter to the seller may help the seller choose your offer over other offers, but be cautious about including things that could be considered "protected classes."

Here are a few pointers that I tell my clients:
1. Introduce yourself and your situation and mention how long you have been looking.
2. Mention that "the moment we walked in, we fell in love with this house", etc.
3. If you are getting married and are planning a backyard wedding, mention that and how this home would help you with that goal.
4. Use descriptive language to paint a picture of how you see yourself in this house or neighborhood.
5. Tell the sellers which features really stand out to you.
6. While in the house, be sure to look around at photos and things around the house. Make note of this and if there are similarities in your life, be sure to point that out. "We noticed that you have a great collection of guitars. I am an aspiring musician", for example.
7. Tell them how you'll take care of the house and remark on how they've taken great care of it so far.
8. Conclude with an appreciation of them and ask for their thoughtful consideration.

Be creative!

The sample letter shown here is written by one of my buyers. They gave me permission to post this with the identifiable information taken out. This letter touches on various aspects of emotion for the seller.

Additional Resources:
'Dear Seller' Letters work for home buyers. This site has some excellent examples.
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